Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Lady Issues, Not A Woman, Sportlandia At 4pm, DUBLIN DOWN, Sex Hawk, Vampires, Bathroom Ice Cream Cone, Bathroom Explosion, Kenny B Facebook Update, Conundrum, SPORTLANDIA, World Of Crazy, Chickishaw, Bathroom Stripper, Water Bottle Love, Breast Milk, Fecal Mouth, HR BLOCK, Nerd Facts, Hair And Sadness

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Clocking, Slow, Snow, Meteorologists, Blazers Game, Jackass, DUBLIN DOWN, Trough, Sportlandia, Ball Talk, Kobe Ladies, Melo La La, Mexicutioner, Cam Newton, HRBLOCK, Romancing The Spammer Sample

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Almost There, Snow Not, Lakers, Kyra Mouth, Fridge Dreams, Cold Water, Cat Lady And Bartholemew, Ball Talk, Deron Williams Soap Opera, Melo Sandwich, Naked Sledging, Stalkers, HR BLOCK, World Of Crazy, Florida With Trees, Stolen Condoms, Many Wives, Cult Billboard, Girl Sout Cookies, DUBLIN DOWN

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Hot Water, No Shower, Film Dream, Personal UFO, Bugs Kitchen, ANTS!, DUBLIN DOWN PINUP CONTEST, HR BLOCK, Awesome Tax Guy, Flaily, Ball Talk, Carmelo Traded, Armon, MMA Fight Club, Poop Dugout, Alcohol Energy, World Of Crazy, Facebook Name, Sexting, Jesse James, Bad Yogurt

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Bus Rides, Magnets, Sportlandia Debut, Pennies Are Awesome, Thanks Tyler, HRBLOCK.COM, Ball Dropped, TUGGY, Loch Doors, Relationships, Men and Women, Getting Serious, Ball Talk, All Star, Lakers, Carmelo, Moving Teams, Fishing Pays, Vikings Party, Screechily Annoying Women, Sarah Fight, Therapy

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Putting Face On, Blazer Stuff, Thrown To The Fire, Technotards, BIG JIM, Mary J Dispense, Ball Talk, Hijacked, Fancy Grillz, Larry Magic, Auburn Fan, Wesley Matthews, Obama In Town

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Mummy, Cold Still, Surreal, Blazers HQ, Terry Porter Awesome, Burgerville Makeout Couple, Crazy Dreams, Dead Birds, Freezer Cats, Flying, Dream In A Dream, Ball Talk, Blazers Hot, Sissy Wrestler, Do You Know Who I Am, Vick Out, Auburn Trees, AUDIBLE.COM, World Of Crazy, Uncle Leo, Britney Song, Drunk Jail, Android Baby, Ear, Kenny B's Epic Poem

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Where Am I, Plague, Blazers Rule, Excited, Jobs, New Computer, Cable Issues, Snow, Ball Talk, Blazers Hornets, Pujols, Polish Cyclist Bounce, Exercises, World Of Crazy, Kourtney Kardashian, J-Lo Stabbing, Jeopardy, Crosseyed Cat, Free Condoms, Cockroaches From Crystal

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Coughing, Fever Dreams, Pole Position, Hooker High Low, Blazers Meetings, Ball Talk, LaMarcus, Haynesworth Class Act, Vick On Oprah, World Of Crazy, Mormons, Miner Porn, 30 Items In Rectum

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Valentine's Day, Rolling Solo, 90210 Night, Paula The Gilf, Romancing The Spammer CD, AARON DURAN from GEEK IN THE CITY, Interview With The Vampire, Quotes, Nerds, Gifts, Beef Sticks, Aaron's Moms, Tuggy Drinks, Hair, TUGGY, Captain Of The High Seas, Ball Talk, Blazers, LeBron, Pizza, World Of Crazy, Wedding Stabbing, Finish Pick Up Line, Tuggy Date, Dating Ad

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Free Candy, Crazy Bus, Fast Walker, Magwi V ET, Kids These Days, Romancing The Spammer Album, Social Network, Kenny Is Insane, Broken Tooth, Jessica Memorial Benefit Concert, RAWK, Ball Talk, B Roy, Sloan, Lose Off, Jay Cutler, Ball Talk Writing Staff, Lock Of Hair, Cat Lady, World Of Crazy, Hatchet Man, Cockroach Lover, Bubble Butt Bonanza 17, BDay Troy And Lord, Hair

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GUEST: TIG NOTARO, Not There, Bowling 200, Clark Kent Lap Dance, Kenny B Speaks, TIG NOTARO and ANDY WOOD, Awkward Silence, Sexual Harrasment, Weird Poems

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No Prep, So Excited, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, Scared For Bowling, Sarah Ringtone 3, Ball Talk, Carmelo, Eaters, JEN LANE OF BARFLY FAME, Ring, Valentines Day, Soup Guy, Fainting, St. Patricks Bus, Listener Shirt, World Of Crazy, Five Two 400, Butt Implant Update, Happy Birthdays

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Valentines Cards, Blazers Game Party Suite, Fun Atmosphere, Cult Leaders, Secrets Revealed, Ball Talk, Blazer Game, Aldridge Rules, Cleveland Sucks, Hockey, MLS, Timbers, Worst National Anthems, World Of Crazy, Bag Of Underwear, Lip Biting, Soap Eater

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Double Rainbow, Tugs Night Out, Greg Is Apparently A Thug, MNV Show, Karaoke, Strip Club Super Bowl, AARON DURAN FROM GEEK IN THE CITY, Fun Insanity, Loko, Plays, Drama Nerds Ball Talk, Super Bowl Talk

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300th Episode, Longest Podcast Ever, Pig Face Man Boy Opera

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Podcast, Craziness, Shell Of Sarah, Bowling, Pig Face Man Boy The Musical, 299, Gregs Head, Ball Talk, Blazers, Allstars, Cleveland Bad, Boo Bieber, Signing Day, Mom Signs, Steelers Reward, World Of Warcraft Nerd Reading Of Azeroth

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Professionals, Bathroom Etiquette, Bus Crazies, RAY GORDON.COM, Photographer Extraordinaire, Ray Rules, Photo Shoots, Jamaica, Ball Talk, Blazers Are Awesome, Dan Gilbert, Vikings, No Cheerleaders, Free Tattoos For Drinks, Art Show Tomorrow 

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Phones, Cold, Organize, 90210, Egypt Craziness, WoW, Ball Talk, Blazers Spurs, Cleveland Sucks, Cutler Walk, Porn Sunday, Gary, World Of Crazy, Bad Yogurt, Door Pee, Heidi The Cross-eyed Opossum

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Saracuda, Scrubbing, Portland Music Awards, Certain Behavior, Karaoke Big Bottom, Punching Bag, Clubhouse, Sunday Excursion, AUDIBLE.COM, RICK EMERSON and DAWN TAYLOR, Slurping, Bathroom Talk, Ball Talk, Blazers, KG Sucks, Colin Cowherd Sitcom, Big NFL Fans, Californication, Timothy Olyphant

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