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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

GUEST: AARON DURAN. Today we are joined by the fantastic Mr. Aaron Duran of Geek In The City and the Author of The Forgotten Tyrs Book 1 and....well you'll have to listen to find out! Also, Sarah worked an Eastern European wedding, Greg has neighbor updates an we debut a new segment called #LameConfessions. 

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GUESTS: JEREMIAH COUGHLAN and SUSAN RICE. After a whirlwind trip to Seattle, we recount the adventure that was the Neil Diamond concert. From "Rhonda" to wearing the same shirt, to suddenly becoming "internet famous" because of a picture, there is a lot to tell. We are also joined by Jeremiah and Susan! They have a show on Monday, that is going to be fantastic!

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One more birthday present awaits Greg, as Sarah purchased him a ticket to see Neil Diamond in Seattle, with the VonDylans. There is information on Diamond, how many cougars will be encountered and a debate of whether Greg should wear the shirt Sarah made. Plus in WOC: Felony Pink Beer; Ball Talk: Lucky Whitehead; Kyrie Irving. Squatchwatch. Big thanks to BIKE GALLERY!

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It turns out that attending an Irish wedding is...amazing! Today, we'll recap what happened, what we learned about Irish traditions, some feats of strength and then get to the mystery of Sarah and her secret baby. Yup. You'll find out a lot on this one! Also, in Ball Talk: Kyrie Irving; Draymond/McGregor. Thanks everyone!

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Everything keeps coming up Sarah, as she is celebrating National Hot Dog Day, covering all of the conspiracies of her second favorite food. Also, we discuss some of our shameful purchases and some interesting ways to keep yourself from buying them. Let's just say that 82nd Avenue comes up a lot. Also, in Ball Talk, OJ may be getting out. Big thanks to our sponsors, BIKE GALLERY and NEXT ADVENTURE!!

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Sarah is attempting to consult a list to determine if she is "ladylike". Also, Greg has received two more pieces of mail and a VIP invite to something that he should probably not go to. In World of Crazy: Florida Men; Suicidal Robot; Sawing Wood. In Ball Talk: Tebow; Minor League Names; Larry The Snail.

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Sarah has an incredible responsibility ahead of her, as a major part of an upcoming wedding. Today we'll go through what she'll need to do, as Greg tries to provide the proper advice to make it all work...terribly. Also, a big thank you to everyone that came out to the FER Experience and FER Bingo at the Landmark Saloon yesterday, including ELYSIAN BREWING and MONKEY SHOULDER SCOTCH.

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Apparently Greg still has a punchy face and Sarah is more than happy to let him know why winning at Cornhole has exacerbated it. Also, Dennis writes in regarding airplane etiquette and bet is debated. In World of Crazy: Cards Against Humanity; House Fire; Honey House; Slime Eels. Ball Talk: Wimbledon Underwear; Mayweather v. McGregor. Big thanks to ELYSIAN BREWING and MONKEY SHOULDER SCOTCH for this weekends FER EXPERIENCE and FER BINGO DAY at LANDMARK SALOON!

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GUEST: BILLY WAYNE DAVIS. Sarah was given a golden gift for her apartment complex, but Greg is convinced it's more of a trap. We are also joined by our friend Billy Wayne Davis! Billy is in Vancouver, WA tonight and is all around awesome. He shares some good advice about Sarah's terrifying situation. Big thanks to BIKE GALLERY!

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Thank you to everyone who voted, because Funemployment Radio was just named the Best Local Podcast by Willamette Week for 2017! This is our second year winning and we're sure that Russians were involved in some sort of hacking attempt, but nonetheless, THANK YOU! Also, a new issue has arisen on Greg's street, we have new E-Bikes from BIKE GALLERY and don't forget FER Sunday Bingo at LANDMARK SALOON on 7/16/17 with ELYSIAN BREWING and MONKEY SHOULDER SCOTCH! Thank you everyone!

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The thing is back in Greg's dreams and now it's starting to get a little weird. However, GLOP (trademark Funemployment Radio) is still on and getting even better! With the original characters being flushed out, new members have joined the cast! Kami-kaze and the Italian Stallion are ready to join up. In World of Crazy: 711 Day; Umbrellas; Pizza; Florida Woman. Ball Talk: Aaron Judge. Be sure to come to the FER Experience and Bingo Afternoon on 7/16/17 at Landmark Saloon! Sponsors ELYSIAN BREWING and MONKEY SHOULDER SCOTCH!

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There is a problem in Greg's life that has reared it's ugly head again and he has decided it's time to come clean. Once it happens in the middle of the night, it's an issue. Plus, a huge Bike Ride with our BIKE GALLERY bikes (use "funemployment" as a discount code online, or in store). In WoC: Bear Bite; spicy food; McDonald's gross; Star Wars/Star Trek. Make a choice. Ball Talk: Tour de France; Rally Granny; Ichiro.

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This is the exclusive recording of the first ever FER Experience, on 06/18/17 at the Landmark Saloon! With a live studio audience, Greg and Sarah discuss the neighbor issues, sweat a lot, live Ball Talk and live World of Crazy, among other things. Including an interview with Nick from Landmark, plus Kielen and Sean from The Pretyorians!

Guests: The Preytorians

Recorded live at the Landmark Saloon

Sponsors: Small Town Brewery and Monkey Shoulder Scotch

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Greg takes inspiration from the amazing series GLOW and comes up with his own version called GLOP, Gorgeous Ladies of Portland, for a new female wrestling league. The star heel: Sarah "Bremelo" Dylan, along with Miss Canada, The Flight Attendant and America's Sweetheart. Yes, it's glorious. In WOC: Bad Injections. Ball Talk: Bad Tipper. Big thanks to ELYSIAN BREWING and MONKEY SHOULDER SCOTCH, the sponsors of the FER EXPERIENCE!

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GUESTS: CAITLIN WEIERHAUSER & JASON LAMB. There is BIG ANNOUNCEMENT in this episode.... After a break for Greg's birthday and 4th of July, we are back in action! We recount what happened (big thank you to BIKE GALLERY) and why everyone is now officially over his birthday. Corbett is a small town in Oregon, where much shenanigans ensued, including a visit to the local bar. Then we are joined by Caitlin and Jason! They are putting on Lez Stand Up on Friday, July 7th and they are fantastic! In World of Crazy: Cocoa Loco; Cheeto Pigs; Bee Fireworks. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE for being awesome!

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