Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

The Tea Incident, Greg Is Clumsy, Wet From Thigh On Up, Making An Announcement, WoC, Corpse Flower, Breadstick-gate, Time Travel, Already Married, Secret Shopper, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk Chip Kelly

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Greg Is Slippin, New Present Selfie Sticking, Lemmy From Motorhead, Metal Is Getting Older, Pantera CJ, WoC, Camera In Air BnB, Bad Bank Robber, Buckets Of U, D.LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, Lifetime Movie Recap Social Nightmare, BuddyMe

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Greg Gets Hacked, Holidays, Let Sarah Talk, Teen Swag, G & T's Old Portland Tour, Historical, Lady Bartender, WoC, Portland P**per Update, Owl Capone, Chickens Loose, Florida Woman, Best Day Ever, Meadowlark Lemon, Globetrotters, Peyton Loves Tom, NEXT ADVENTURE

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Holiday Traditions, The Church Singing Guy, Sarah Brings It Down, Pajamas, Walnut, WoC, Festivus, Star Wars Primer For Sarah, Planet With Ewoks, Who Fights The Force 

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Not A Grinch Nibler, Rules Of Xmas Shopping, No Touching, Short Shopper In A tall World, Bremerton Traditions, WoC, Flame Saber, Rich Bus Boy, Port St. Lucie, Stoner Sloth, Ball Talk, Groing Groin, Frisco Roughriders, Cam Newton, NEXT ADVENTURE

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Rich People Food, Drink A Lot Of Fancy Wine, Sommelier, Samples, Sarah Knows Wines, Xmas In The NW, WoC, Darth Vader, Last Xmas, Steve Harvey, Driver's Ed, Candace Hill, Sepp Blatter, Predictions, D LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY

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No Spoilers About Star Wars, The Barter System, Crack Or Meth, Air Freshener, Selling Chopsticks, WoC, Sarah's Audition, Popcorn & Werewolves, Crystal Palace, Mad Friday, Bieber Obsession, Ball Talk, Predictions, NEXT ADVENTURE

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STAR WARS DAY (no spoilers!), Greg Is Beyond Excited, Growing Up With It, Nerd Shaming, The Force, Explaining To Sarah, Space Ninjas, Space Pirate and a Bigfoot, WoC, Florida, Flakka, Bottled Air Genius, D.LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, MC Chris

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Read The Martian, Space Expert, New Mixing Board Day, Mr. Kevin Buttons, NASA Opens Up Astronaut Applications, Space Quiz, WoC, Florida Man, Reindeer Beer, Peeping Tom, Squatch Watch, Cheetos, Squatcheeto, D.LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY

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Raffle Winner, Holiday Party, Feeling Great, The Gambler, Crashing, Cater Waiter, Portland's Grinch, WoC, Port St. Lucie, Black Eye, Star Wars Everywhere, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk, Free Headphones, James Naismith Interview, Band Vs. Jimmy Stewart

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Real Portland, Touring Felony Flats, Sequined Suit, Vick Is Angry, Sting, Bathroom Key, WoC, Albuquerque Stew, Santa Nordic Obituary, Hipster Santa, GSW 24-0, Serena Cheats

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GUEST: KIELEN KING, Star Pilot, Nervous Guy, Thank You SMALL TOWN BREWERY, How To Be Cool, I'm A Boss, Sweaty, STAR PILOT'S DEMESNE, Album Release, Box Set, Event At Bridge City Comics, NEXT ADVENTURE

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GUEST: ORNY ADAMS, Easter Bunny, Lodging Some Complaints, Wardrobe, ORNY ADAMS, Gluton, So Edgy, Changing The Channel, Paleo, Comedy, Teen Wolf, Flying To LA, Helium Comedy Club, FER Bingo, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, ASYLUM

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GUEST: TODD ARMSTRONG, A Couple And Few, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Bingo, ASYLUM, The Dollar Store Shopping Experience, Eye Contact, Neighbors Are Weird, TODD ARMSTRONG, Helium Comedy, Boy Hole Covers, Clumsy, Hawaii, Caves, Tacoma

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Typecast, Who Is Trolling Greg, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, FER Bingo Night, D.LEONIDAS, Jon Snow, The Bane Off Finally Happens, A Bet, Close Vote, Barely Won, WoC, Major In Pizza, Stolen Wings, GPS, Tent, Ball Talk, Timbers, Manziel, ASYLUM

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Acting Debut, No Intimidation, Improv, Cater Waiter, Two Furs, Oops, I Split My Pants, WoC, Bud Wieser, Camper Van, Shoes, Ball Talk, CFP, Portland Timbers Champions Of MLS, SMALL TOWN BREWERY

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The Big Audition, Don't Mess Up, Glare At People, Head Shot, Slate, Squatch Watch, Woc, Lesser Intelligence, Inspirational Quotes, Port St. Lucie, Angry Squirrel, Ball Talk, Sad Lions And Browns, Coldplay, Bad Water, Battle Frog, SMALL TOWN BREWERY

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Update On The Finger Debacle, Oversharing, Silence, Finger Therapist, Greg Hit His Head A Lot, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Bingo Night With FER, The Crazy Dream, Zombies, Bears, Wolves, Old Lady Rollies, Callistos, WoC, Dating Site For Disney, Chips Dating

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GUESTS: NATHAN BRANNON, ED BLACK, JASON LAMB, Sarah's Broken Finger, One Of Us, The Stares, Need A Cool Story, Star Wars Opening Night, Fitting In, NATHAN, JASON, ED, Special Guest Rowan, Mics, BLACK LAUGHS MATTER BENEFIT, Gentrification, New Orleans Native, Portland White People

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GUEST: LONNIE BRUHN, Orange Sarah, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Betting, Bingo Landmark Saloon, Portland Jon Snow, Rules of Xmas, Gas Pumping Rules, LONNIE BRUHN, 25 Years In Standup at Harvey's Comedy Club, Life Lessons, Lonnie Is Awesome, WoC, 12 Days, Ghost Town, That Guy

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Eat Pizza And Stare, Cyber Mall, Bremelos In Bremerton, Malt Liquor Tradition, Garbage Can Deal, Jon Snow Pictures, Game Of Thrones, Spoiler, D. LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, WoC, Buy Nothing, Ball Talk, Tyson, Timbers, Kobe

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