Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Contacting HR, Leap Year, Sarah's Leap Year Facts, Worst Day In Ireland, Greg Is Caesar, RIP Davey Jones, Ball Talk, Nuggets, Special Fighting Video, Bad Wrestling Move, Yoga Moves, Tiger Seal, World Of Crazy, B Plug, Colt 45, Tape For Shoes, Gasoline Shirt, Sponge Girl

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Pulling Out The Chord, Sharky Is Dead, Psychic Video Game, Bandanna Man, Hippie Bullies, Ball Talk, SQUIRES ELECTRIC, Kobe Nose, Ruth Jersey, Locker Cam, World Of Crazy, Flasher Taxes, Sharky Lives, Sharky Love Advice, SOREL'S

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Tall Bikes, Bert Show, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARON DURAN, Cartoon Versions, Geek Parties, Toblero, Broken Shot Glasses, Spooning, Shooting, NBA All Star Game, J, TAJ aka TCJ, Oscars, Floor Hair, Reading, SUBSCRIPTION ONLY SEGMENT, Birthdays, Secrets Of Dragon Con

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Sarah Split Personality, Fighting On The Bus, Big Head Tiny Hat, Small Guys Start Fights, Bad Girl, Haircut Dream, Ball Talk, Ryan Braun, Lin Rookie Card, Roids, Weird Al, Pat Knight, Jimmy Song Jeremy, World Of Crazy, 40 Gun, Stephen Hawking Sexing It Up, Brits Afraid, Leg Lengthening

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GUEST: BERT KREISCHER, Live Is Awesome, Todd Margaret, Sarah Likes Joey's Scoring Log, Ball Talk, Linsanity, Miami Manning, Not Incredible, Kenny Powers Car, SQUIRES, World Of Crazy, Identity Theft, Craigslist Girlfriend, Naked Bleeding Man, Man To Man With Officer, Animal Noises, Street Veteran Fighting, BERT KREISCHER INTERVIEW

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Shame Food, Willow, Serial Killers, Yay Tech Difficulties, B-182, Markus Eagle Scout, Girl Scout Facts, Selling Door To Door, Ball Talk, Breaking News Przybilla, A-Rod Food, Foreign Chicks, LeBron Dunk, SOREL'S, World Of Crazy, Drive Through Ash, Bucket List, Wheel Chair Robbery, SQUIRES ELECTRIC, Anniversary

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Stretches, Media Bowling, Sarah's Boyfriend, Shame Chips, Stripper Soup, SORELS, Ball Talk, LeBron Steak, AI Soccer, Fish Tank, SQUIRES, World Of Crazy, 911 Taxi, Jazz Porn, Hot Nurses, Orangutan BC, Shredded, GUEST: CODY AUSTIN, Blaphuphmous Radio

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Peeling Skin, Hanging With Globetrotters, GUEST: AARON DURAN, Missing Classes, Greg Is Old, Life's Too Short, Sarah Is A Never Nude, Bike Riding, Chess By Mail, Celebrity Tunes, Ball Talk, Kobe Love, LeBron Payment, LinSanity, World Of Crazy, Naked Man, Vandalizing 7 Floors, Monkey Blood, NoMoPhobia, Greg Without Phone

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Sarah Offends, New Phone, Three Shows, Sportlandia, Kenny Dates A Reality Star, Twilight, ANNOUNCEMENT, Ball Talk, Gary Carter 1926-2012, Chris Hansen In Seattle, Jordan B-Day, Lin Songs, World Of Crazy, Obesity Theme, Naked And Tazed, Florida Flashers, Fattest Woman In UK, The Oregonian Movie, Nerd Facts

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Record, Apartments, Cleaning The Mess, Spandex Shorts, Hit And Run, Greg's Rules Of The Road, SORELS, Ball Talk, Lin Dunk, Piggyback Bandit, SQUIRES, Santorum Statement

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Exotic Fruits, Picky Eater, Sea Captain Dating, WilsonThaBaller, Greg Dating Inmates, Ball Talk, Lin Yearbook, Jayhawks Hater, AI Money, TCU Problems, SQUIRES ELECTRIC, World Of Crazy, C Brown Sucks, Crack In Mouth, Smurfs, Portland Valentines

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GUEST: AMY SCHUMER, Amy Rocks, Oregon BDay, Valentine's Day, PFMB, Bowling League, Stolen Tags, Meth Hovel, AMY SCHUMER, Back Again, Big Star, Sheen, Carrel, Fun Times, Ball Talk, Facebook Postings, Lin, Hockey Idiot, Tebow Date, Angry Sarah Valentines Reading, Craigslist Dates, Chester Seeks Companion, Courtney Or Sarah

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Guess What, Whitney Houston Death, Who Is Paul, Grammies, Kids These Days, C Brown, Soccer Wives, Thigh Hugging, Heart Pizza, Titanic, Ball Talk, Jeremy Lin, Mexican Baseball, Doping, Soccer Predictions, SQUIRES ELECTRIC, World Of Crazy, Houston, Hotels, Facebook Arrest, Eating Nothing But Pizza

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GUESTS: GARFUNKEL AND OATES, Issues Of Respect, AWESOME INTERVIEW, Sex With Ducks Live, Wallet Chain

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SCOTT DALLY Joins Us In Funemployment, Freedom, Scary Exes, Sara, Baby, Offenders, World Of Crazy, Fish Kids, Caffeine Air, Baby Weights, Sexy Suspender Panties, Uplifting News, Floyd Talk, PUNK SHOW PREMIERS TONIGHT

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Red Greg, Gym, Short, Lifts Cheat, Country Karate, The River, Lost, Nick's Hat, Greg D, Ball Talk, Gisele Shut Up, Golf Stabbing, Bradying, Bad DJ, Ronnie And Sammi

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Sarah Is Creepy, Awesome Blazer Game, How To Be Single, Forever Lazies, Bad Texts, Doing Your Own Commercials, SQUIRES, World Of Crazy, Good Karma, Pedestrian Under The Influence, Smelly Jeans, Gamer Over, Sorrority Stories

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Traffic, Seattle, Singles House, Horse Drawn Carriages, AARON DURAN AND KIELEN KING, Flatlanders, GITC Recap, Coffee Alcohol, Cheaters, Sarah Helps The Homeless, Ball Talk, Gisele Curses, Big Winnings, Puppy Bowl Recap, SQUIRES

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Coffee, Sun, Stew, Sisters, Gym Shower, Ghost Tears, Kenny B's Plumbing, Proposals, Whore Clothes, Ball Talk, Lots Of Prostitutes, Big Game Facts, Puppy Bowl News, World Of Crazy, Fingered, Boobs, Appalled, Worm In Juice, Superhero Fight, Sportlandia, Darth Blazer, KENNY'S NERD FACTS

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GUEST: REX NAVARETTE, Groundhog Day, Tagalog, 50 points, Butters OK, Larry Sanders, Sneaking Out, REX NAVARETTE, Scuba Diving, Comedy, Rex In The City, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, Ball Talk, Big Game, Brady Song, Gisele Email, Moves Like Welker, World Of Crazy, Paper Clips, Cannibals, Curling Iron

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Misspillins, SOREL'S, Dog Problems, Shame Chips, TB, Screening, Hookers In Bridgeport, Trunk Whiskey, Homemade Segway, Meth Cart, Solutions, Balltalk, Statistically Correct, Big Game Entertainment, MIA, Gronk, Boxing Judge, SQUIRES ELECTRIC, World Of Crazy, Rooster Attack, Bank, Drinking Lemonade, Pliers, Sarah Or Courtney

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