Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

GUEST: CAITLIN WEIERHAUSER, Nervous, Hodor!, D. LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, Modeling, Out Of His League, Seattle, WoC, Viral Internet, Black Friday Brawls, Adopting Animals, Ruin Thanksgiving, CAITLIN WEIERHAUSER, Weed Shopping, The Comedy Bull at Helium Comedy Club, Video Game Bullies, Bane, Johnny Benched

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No That's Not Going To Work, The Dream, Shirtless Greg, Sim City, North Or South, WoC, Sneeve, Bug, Pants, Cat Music, Doo Doo The Clown, Darth Vader Robbery, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, FER BINGO NIGHT 2, Ball Talk, Johnny Football Blues, Oliva Munn Off Market, Tom Brady Rex Ryan, The Texans

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Mystery Box, D.LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, Roommate Treasures, Purge of '15, Whose Shoes, Eraser Collections, WoC, Living In Internet Cafe, Silly Cops, Gold Kit Kat, Taco Bell Valet, Ball Talk, Celebrity QB, JR Swish, Cam Newton Furry, Australian Boy

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Burrito Olympics, Opposite Day, Not A Competition, Sarah's Mac Attack, WoC, Phone Case, Emojis, Grease Dumpster, Harry Potter Part, Ball Talk, Concerned Mother, Cam Newton, Predictions, NEXT ADVENTURE

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Shame Letter, Bumper Stumper Part 2, Bad Driver, Face Cream Survey, Shannon The Liar, Lab Rat, Sandwiches, WoC, Walmart In Florida, Pillow Flirt, Silverware Throwing, Ball Talk, Beer Mile, Olivia Munn, NEXT ADVENTURE

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Leaving A Note, Bumper Hit, Sleuthy Sarah & Country PI, Bumper Stumper, Mystery, WoC, Carly Simon, Selfie Stamps, Keep The Chickens Warm, D.LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, Rousey, Red Ryder, Seahawks Decline

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Watching TV In The Bathroom, Thank You, Rich Living, Sarah Mystery House, Oregon Coast, WoC, Ladies, Tantalizing Storage Facility, Ball Talk, Peyton, Herniated

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GUEST: STEVE RANNAZZISI, Bingo Night Recap, Serious Business, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, NEXT ADVENTURE, LANDMARK, Pregnant Pause, STEVE RANNAZZISI The League, Helium Comedy Club, Nyquil Donuts, WoC, Friday The 13th, Selfie Defense, Ball Talk, Bills, Predictions, Loopy

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Sarah On SNL Dream, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Monologue, Gibberish, Bingo Night, WoC, Russian Bathroom Cafe, Radio, W.O.L.D., Face Cream, Cut Up Money, Coffee Cup, Ball Talk, Russel Wilson Ciara Scandal, NEXT ADVENTURE

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Pilgrims For When, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Super Secret Guest Aaron Duran, Bingo Trinkets, Serious Business, Corduroy, Pilgrim Costume, WoC, Portland Break-In, Hi There, Shoplifting, Luck Touchdown Truck, Swashbuckler's Ball

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Jesus Had An Eagle, Bus Ride Crazy Pete and Mitchell, 4-6 Foot Wings, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, WoC, Chained To A Water Park, Man Buns, Chinese Dolls, Rumbler, Storm Drain, BT, Star Wars Jersey, D LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, Greg Records Himself Sleeping, You're Not Real

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Connection, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Bingo Night, Announcing, Sarah's Bingo Jokes, Free Space, Talking To A Wall, Dream Update, Bears, Wolves, Recording, WoC, Hillsboro Snow White, Starbucks Cup, Toothy Sea Creature, Stealing Candy, Cam Newton Packers Sign

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The Strange Man, Dreams, Grey Suit, Bibby, Sorority Of Lies, WoC, Xmas Lights, Snake, Withdrawal Slip, Teen Slang, Hip, Sorority, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Ball Talk, Coingate, Chinese Snoring, Panthers 6-1, NEXT ADVENTURE, Dr. Science Audition National Geographic

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GUEST: MYQ KAPLAN, 6 Years Of Funemployment Radio, Thank You Everyone, Remembering, Judy, Romancing, PC, MYQ KAPLAN, America's Got Talent, Bossanova, Clown Bus, Audience, Drugs

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Turn Them Into Entertainment, NEXT ADVENTURE, Working Events, The Game, Business Events, Bobs, Steves, Caroles, The Big Dog, Affairs, WoC, Zombies, Guinness Bladders, Toilet Paper, Gold Mine, Seahawks Petition, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Wedding Parties

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Soup Guy, Confusing Joke, Dentist Chatter, WoC, Saved By The Bell, I'm so excited, I'm so scared, Caffeine Pills, Kurt Cobain's Sweater, FER BINGO NIGHT, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Ball Talk, Protesters, Exciting Golf, Squatch Watch Education

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Winning Costume, FER BINGO SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Jon Snow, Phyllis Nefler, The 7th Wave Movie, WoC, Free Sandwiches, Petting Tiger, Toilet Paper, Ketchup Dance, Beaverton Superhero, The Rattler, White Lightning, Ball Talk, KC Royals, Fantasy Jinx

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