Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

GUEST: SAM MORRIL, The Great Fry Debate, Sarah and Greg state their cases regarding spillage fries, Sneaky Sarah, Greedy Greg, SAM MORRIL at Helium Comedy Club, America's Got Talent, Knicks, Ball Talk, Halftime Performer, Predictions

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You'll have to change the party, Greg wants a drone, legal peeping, Sarah consults for Birthday Rules, Housewarming Party, World of Crazy, Florida Man, Self-driving chair, Ricky the Rooster, Creepy Clowns, Ball Talk, Cubs

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Greg's strange dream, Shopping during this election season, Really skinny person with a pet, "Hello", Marmot Cat, What is a Marmot, World of Crazy: Scary Creeper Peeper, Witch Doctor, Enchilda Ear, Dinosaur Erotica, Big Papi

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GUEST: DAVE from ELYSIAN BREWING, PPAP, What Is It? Viral Songs, WoC, Greasy Jersey, Hospital Robot, Don't Do Drugs, DAVE FROM ELYSIAN, Pumpkin Beers, Wonderful Brewery, The Great Pimpkin, Gary Laser Eyes, Dayglo

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Greg returns from Ricketsfest, Full of bug bites, Nicknames, Sarah and the coffee ordeal, Walking around Seattle, Getting hit on by the old men, Bremerton Hot, The Bremelos, Hotter than you are, Ball Talk, Jose Fernandez

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Sarah's CaterWaitor tales expand to the story of Mama Bear, Mary and Linda. Cape Cods and Mary pours unite for the most awkward company event ever! Plus, in World of Crazy; No new Zodiac signs, Hamdog, Cuddling Kittens, Spider Car Crash, Golden Puck. Plus NEXT ADVENTURE!!

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Sarah may or may not be in distress, The saga of the ripped pants, The K Word, The B Word and The T Word, Trying it out, Sarah X Dylan's City Bike, Birthday Rules explained.

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GUEST: GABE DINGER, FER Brewer's Cup Recap, Thanks Ninkasi, BridgePort, Worthy, Elysian, BTU, Reverend Nat's, A Change in the Zodiac, No Longer Skittely, GABE DINGER, Last Portland Show at Secret Society, Changing Portland, Paranormal Pals, Berzerk!, Ball Talk, Inspiring Speech

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Making A Musical, FER BREWER'S CUP THIS SUNDAY, Naming The Brackets, World Of Crazy: Don't Kiss The Damn Chickens, Catfish From The Sky, Tearing Up A Wendies, Strong Smells in Japan, Ball Talk, Drone Racing, Tom Brady Scandal, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE EXPLAINED

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GUEST: DANIEL T WEBER, Need to get out of the country, Federal phone calls, Sarah never checks messages, Greg is STILL obsessed with Eyes Wide Shut parties, DAN WEBER, Dan is leaving Portland for Chicago!, There are parties like that here, Bar of the Gods, Back patio comedy, Dan is AWESOME

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Sarah is a poor sport that needs to pay up on bets, Alternative choices, Skanking for 5 minutes, Tales from cater waitering, Rich person speed-dating, Eyes Wide Shut parties, Throwing up in a Vase, Ball Talk: Paralympics Medals, Big Papi, NEXT ADVENTURE, Squatch Watch: Skamania  County

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GUESTS: NICK and SAM from BRIDGEPORT BREWING, The Master of Ceremonies, FER BREWER'S CUP FINALE, Fire and Horses, Flaming Bow & Arrow, Olympic Opening Ceremonies, Noon 30, NICK AND SAM, Totem, Getting Started, Radio Voices, Morning Show, Ball Talk, Greatest Call Ever, Ceremony Auditions

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GUEST: RICK NICKERSON from WORTHY BREWING, Greg found a secret in the thicket, FER BREWER'S CUP FINALE, The House in SE Portland, No Man's Land, The Compound, The Thicket, A Weapon, Something Metal, RICK from WORTHY BREWING, History of the Beer, Pre-Funk, KarmaCitrus, Landmark Saloon, Golfing, WoC, Stealing Fries, Fake Clowns, New Italy Rule, Australian Standoff, Country PI

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GUEST: ALEX FALCONE, Greg tries to bring back Swass, Alex Falcone enters the last season of Late Nite Action and you should totally go!, World Of Crazy; Drivin' Truck, Coffee Throws Coffee, Clown on Clown Economic Shambles, Old Slang terms are being taken away and need to be brought back.

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GUESTS: Daniel Falconer & Warren Dion Smith from Weta Workshop; Greg is nervous about his costume, semi-Loki, Favorite Costume ever, Greg's G.I. Joe Character, World of Crazy: Super Troopers 2, Portland Skiing, Exercise and Alcohol, ROSE CITY COMIC CON

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GUEST: SHANE TORRES, Sarah concurs the Twin Peaks, Being the Cool Kid, Starting up a rip-off tour, World of Crazy: Warning About The Ball-Eating Chair, Burning Cars, Going to Jail; Shane Torres, Life in NY, Returning to Portland, Bikini Baristas, The Liquor Store

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GUEST: ADAM CONOVER; Today we are joined by special guest, Adam Conover, of Adam Ruins Everything on TruTV. Sarah is also nervous about her first meet up with a Twin Peaks group, worrying about what they are called and if she's too nervous to do it. In World of Crazy we find out about; Florida Man, Wolf Boy, Karate Bear, 1000 pounds and Ghost Busty. For Ball Talk, Greg makes his first prediction.

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Cedric's Last Stand, Greg needs his dreams analyzed, The Crazy One with Molly Shannon, The invisible man doesn't like you, World of Crazy: Monk Lottery, Taco Truck on Every Corner, Potato Shooter, Sexy News, Stolen Candy, Ball Talk: Kaepernick

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Sarah has a new roommate, Cedric says hello, Get the stuff with bleach, Fun facts about her new friend, WoC: Vladimir Putin, Holla Man, Pokemon Go, Snorlax, Flamin' Hot Cheetos Fire, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk; Cricket Dog, Kaepernick, Lochte Dancing

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