Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Madness, Costumes, Kenny Pig, AARON DURAN FROM GEEK IN THE CITY, Sangria, Ball Talk, Heat, NFL, Bret Favre, World Of Crazy, Pery Brand, Awkward, Worst Radio Play Ever

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GUEST: NICK KROLL, Eyes, Mail, Breast, Wiseau Liners, Dreams Of Jay-Z, Costumes, Whiskey, Nerd Facts With Kenny B, NICK KROLL, Ball Talk, Blazers, Cavs, SF Weed, Predictions, Butters Is Nuts, World Of Crazy, Drinks And Blood, New Monkey, What Kind Of Costume Do You Have

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New Website, Blazer Game, Club Seats, Rude Woman, Binocs, Dancers, Bozyk Awesome, Alec Baldwin Alien, Greg Dragons, Ball Talk, NBA, SF Weed, Notre Dame Lose, Paul The Octopus Conspiracies, AUDIBLE, World Of Crazy, Tila, Drunk Mailman, 28 Days Later, Library Ejac, Balloon Boy Dad Bear Scratch

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Smelly, Apologies, CASSIDY'S, Routers, Butters, Costumes, BUY COSTUMES.COM, Ball Talk, Cleveland Hates LeBron, Heat Bet, Ocho Deion, WSU, BCS Talk, Paul The Octopus Farewell, World Of Crazy, Testie Tear, Chen Marriage, Malik Seeks Love

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Eyes, Makeup, Auditions, Pizza, Warehouse, Mall Sucks, Stood Up, Rick Contest Winner, Happy Birthday, AARON DURAN, Ghost Investigation Recap, Creepy Sounds, Ball Talk, Bayless, Predictions, Penis

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Fight, POW, Satyricon, Drink Dumping, Old Cabbie, Weird Dreams, Phone Number, Teeth Falling Out, Ball Talk, Pistons, Colts, Pac-12, Caning, ASU Theives, Ochocinco, Bret Puppetry, Ducks, VO Audition, World Of Crazy, Stealing Food, Mullet Fest, Rick Contest, Butt Muscle

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Photo Shoot, Cornhole Off, Costumes, BUYCOSTUMES.COM, Obama, Bar Dude And Girl, POW, Rick Contest, DYLAN SUMMERS, MY LIFE IN BLACK AND WHITE, Ball Talk, Kicked Out Of Concerts, Poppin Pals, Shoes, Sonics, Diaz, OSU, Eyesight, Drunk Shirtless, Hard Hits, TO Celibate, Sarah Zodiac, World Of Crazy, Mel Gibson

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Recap, Historical Fun, Dexter, Photo Shoot, Hair Talk, Attack Ships On Fire Song, Rick Emerson Contest, Ball Talk, LeBron Poetry, Maverick Kidnapping, Manchester Ladies, Helmet To Helmet, Painted Fields, Duke Rap, Sarah Clips, World Of Crazy, Bieber No Autotune, Cheeto Thief, DARE Lecture

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Paranormal investigation at Oyster Bar, History Stories, Aaron Duran, Ball Talk, Predictions Mildly Incorrect, Lincecum, Ghostly Portland, Paranormal updates

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Cold Beer, Paranormal Activity, Mystery Sound, Happy Bday Kelsey and Luke, Wine Tasting, Bike Fixing, Butt Muscle, Ball Talk, Arenas Irony, Aussie Washer, Brady Bieber, Predictions, Nerd Facts With Kenny B, World Of Crazy, Oregon Hillsboro, Lap Dances, Top Gun, Naked Knife Toter

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Bus Rides, Scratch Fights, Bloody Knuckles, OCD, Weird Traditions, Church Talk, Mary's Daughters, Ball Talk, Blazers, Fantasy Basketball, Rebel Black Bear, BCS Lesson, World Of Crazy, Greg Picks A Story, McNuptials, AUDIBLE

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Sarah Anger, Ladies With Strollers, Greg Project, Miners, Listener Emails, Copper, Ball Talk, Ron Artest Day, Arena Injury, Cleveland Calendar, Drunk Rangers, NCAA Scandal, Jwoww TNA, Crying Kid, World Of Crazy, Ohio Labor, Donut Steal, Battery And Vodka, Rwandan Hip Hop, Skin Buns, BUYCOSTUMES.COM

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Trucks, Creepy Night, Internets Out, Mafia Quiz, Ball Talk, Oden, Maloof, Allen Iverson, Rodman, 500, Pac-12, Rodgers, Wazzu Weed, Commonwealth Cobras, World Of Crazy, Celeb Breakups, Arquette, Eating Crackpipe, Penis Cutting, One-legged Goose, BUYCOSTUMES.COM

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Hearing, Birthday Talk, Boardwalk, AARON DURAN, Saturday, Shy, Investigation Plan, Ball Talk, Pryzbilla, Georgia, Hokies Pinky, OSU, UO, PREDICTIONS, Favre Dong, World Of Crazy, Coker Cox, Batman Secret, Mushroom Kisses, Secret Closet Spy, Investigations, Weird Noises On Show

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Sarah's Birthday!!, Kenny B, Kelsey, Presents, Shirt, Computer Problems, Ball Talk, Randomness, Sarahs Twentysomething Advice, HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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GUEST: NICK THUNE, Bike Challenge, Cheap Apts, AUDIBLE, Talking Dolls Dream, Alien Invasion, Karaoke To Live, NICK THUNE, Ball Talk, No-Hitter, Ochocinco, Artest, Alomar SEx, Tiger Sex Tape, Bret Favre Dong, World Of Crazy, Chelsea 50, Fat Sex, Public Masturbation, Naked Man Police Station, Florida Justin Bieber

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Sarah Hair, New Beverage, Commercial Work, Set Screwups, HEATHER, Manicures, Ball Talk, Randy Moss, Danica Comic, Tiger Sex, Three Kings, Rudy Scoop, Peeper, World Of Crazy, Demi Threesome, Weezer, Blondes, Heather And Sarah Easter

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 Sarah Hair, New Beverage, Commercial Work, Set Screwups, HEATHER, Manicures, Ball Talk, Randy Moss, Danica Comic, Tiger Sex, Three Kings, Rudy Scoop, Peeper, World Of Crazy, Demi Threesome, Weezer, Blondes, Heather And Sarah Holiday

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Black Keys, CASSIDYS, Awesome, Domesticated, Weird Dreams, Britney, Clinton, Odd Conversations, Ball Talk, Blazers, The Bird, Hit In The Head, Hockey Shot, World Of Crazy, Chelsea 50, Clown For President, Girlfriend Rats Boyfriend, Naked With Mud, Courtney Love Gaga

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Twin Bums, Aussie Football, Camping Creepiness, Hot Gun, AARON DURAN, Mead, Thanks Jason, Ball Talk, Boozer Hand, Bad Bets, Ahmad, Tiger Vids, Predictions, Return Of The Quack, Sarah Car Story, World Of Crazy, Boy Vending Machine, Penis Pictures, Harry Potter, Greatest Plan Ever


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Dirty Sink, Glee, Hot, Cooking, Tile, Stripper Soup, Aussies, Arcade Fire, Pint Of Vodka, Good Shows, BIG JIM, Sunny D And Rum, Ball Talk, Nate, Rudy, Twins, Reds Smoking, Predictions, McNabb, Big Ben Hit, BIG JIM, World Of Crazy, Sister Wives, Naked Cop, Strip Club Arrest, Cocaine Pooper

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