Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Video Game Emergency, AMAZON, Deer Hunter 2014, Fake Tigers, Breaking Another Phone, Being Caught, In The Middle Of Something, METRO PCS, Bathroom Incident, World of Crazy, Jasmine Tridevil, Fake Kidnapping, Black Eye, Summers At Large

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Spiral, Taking Lilly Home, Ice Skating, Aaron, Master P, Uhhh, Scooter Returned, Screech Stabbing, Chicken Fight, Eggnog Chugging, Crazy Meat, Ball Talk, Johnny Football, Temecula Twitter Fight, Snottie Drippen, SONIC SKETCHES

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Xmas Time In The NW, Sarah Traditions, OCD, Ringing Of The Bells, Someone Else's Dog, World OF Crazy, Steak Pants, Ball Talk Predictions, Chrstimas Rapping, Sponsors

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Powers Are Gone, ASYLUM, Self Doubt, Dog Bite, KARI, Date Night With Roger, Babbling About Wine, I Like Turtles, Elvis, Elf On A Shelf, Santa Claus, THANK YOU, Ball Talk, JSmoove, Nice Raider, Marshawn Thanks For Aksing, SONIC SKETCHES

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Floor War Champs, Sinbad?, The Update, Air BnB Neighbors, Pretend To Be Crazy, World Of Crazy, Faking It, Grandma Facebook, Dog Shot, KIELEN and KENDA, Sinbad?, Ball Talk, Mariota OSU, Bo Pelini, Bears Song, SONIC SKETCHES

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Chicken Strip Tizzy, AMAZON, Twitter Sinbad, Peanut M&Ms, Squatch Hair, Update, World Of Crazy World Trip, Sarah 2 Minute Recap Perfect Sisters, Squatch Watch Idaho State, ASYLUM

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GUEST: MAHK THE BRIT, Kids Snack Pack, Greg Is A Man, Juicy Juice, MAHK THE BRIT, Snowballs And Laughs, British Off, The Queen, Marrying Into Royalty, Nibs And Pips, Crackers, Snacking, Shame Chips, Worst UK Songs, METRO PCS

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GUEST: RYAN WHITE, Hole In Jeans, Mixing With Fancy Folks, Free Samples, Finding My People, RYAN WHITE Author of SPRINGSTEEN: ALBUM BY ALBUM, Writing An Incredibly Heavy Amazing Piece Of Artwork, Writing The Book, Bruce Stories, Ryan Rocks

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Greg Is Out, Aaron Duran Is In, Fancy Boats, Pirate Band, Samples, Vending Machines, Darwin Awards, MIT, Curling, World Of Warcraft, Scooter

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The Clapper, World Record Holder Greg, TV Watching, Longest Broadcast Ever, World Of Crazy, No Couples Allowed, Kilt Thief, Jon The Pervert, Victorias Secret Ad, Ball Talk, Hernandez, Texans Fans Plane Tickets, Johnny Football, NEXT ADVENTURE

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Still Awkward, The Lyrics And The Poem, FER Comedy Showcase, The Battle In Greg's Head, Pantaylor, Taylor Swift, World Of Crazy, Port St. Lucie, Drunk Rascal, Beer Battered Fish, Madison Bumgarner v Madison Bumgarner, SONIC SKETCHES

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A Band Called Super Douche, FER Comedy Showcase, The Secret Society, The Parrot From Aladdin, Iago, Horsecancered by Emily, Sorority Sisters Watching, World Of Crazy, The Other Sara X, The Creamers, Liquid Meth, New Words, Old Timey

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GUESTS: ZAK TOSCANI, MATT FROM THE SECRET SOCIETY, Mandalay Bay, Socks And Sandles, ZAK TOSCANI, Hair Dye, Catholic School, Comedy In Portland, Nibler or Nibbler, Shane The Bully, MATT from THE SECRET SOCIETY, Hot Dog Dylan, 7 in 5, Derby, The Bella Fayes, Oh Darling, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE

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GUEST: STEVEN WILBER, Forgettable Greg FER COMEDY SHOWCASE at THE SECRET SOCIETY, Santacon, Craig, Hector In North Portland, STEVEN WILBER, Cats and Rabbits, Portland's Funniest Person, Comedy, World Of Crazy, METRO PCS

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GUEST: GREG PROOPS, Santa Sarah, Xmas In The NW, Santacon, Hip With The Kids, Lingo Test, Fleek, GREG PROOPS, Proopcast, Smartest Man In The World, All Around Hilarious, Entertaining and Awesome, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB, Squatch Watch Britain, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk Predictions, THANK YOU

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GUEST: ADAM PASI, Eat The Hot Dog, Greatest Day Ever For Sarah, Bubba Gumping Hot Dogs, There She Goes, One Day Left Food, ADAM PASI, Cheesy Announcing, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE AT SECRET SOCIETY, Adam Equals Hilarious And Awesome,  LANDMARK SALOON

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Duped By The Internet, Faux Death Rumor, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE at THE SECRET SOCIETY, Journal Agreement, Greg's Crappy Lyrics, Horse Cancered, World Of Crazy, Santa Arrested, Chicken Sandwich, Booby Trap, METRO PCS

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Greg Is Ok, Still A Little Jumpy, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE SECRET SOCIETY, Houseboy, Journal, World Of Crazy, Thanksgiving Stabbing, Barbie Fight, Rascal Stealing, Hidden Tongue, SONIC SKETCHES

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The Journal, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE, Dang Beaver, The Epic Thanksgiving, A Terrible Bar, Bremelos, Sarah Dylan Journal, Ani DiFranco, World Of Crazy, CAH Bull, Driving In Circles, Bogota, Chocolate Smell, Sausage Thief, Sorority Of Lies

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