Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.
Funemployment Radio Episode 56

Blah, PMAs, Daniel Baldwin, Jello Shots, Whiskey, Parking Lots, Amadan, Bathroom, Ball Talk, Brandon Roy, Arrests And Beatings, Entertainment News, Chicken Lover, Beard Shaving, TABOR SPACE, The Gambler Karaoke

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Funemployment Radio Episode 55

Sarah's Dress, Blazer Game, Stealing Chicken, Heights, Hiking, Ball Talk, Cops And Molesters, Bad Bet, Entertainment News, John Edwards, Jay Leno, Deaths, Fame, Daniel Baldwin Talk, American Grizzly, Bear Bars

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Funemployment Radio Episode 54

Unabomber, Sarah In The WWeek, Apple Announcement, Blazer Game What To Wear, Dwarves SLC, Ball Talk, MMA, Crappy Contest, UofO Football, Blazers Game, DongGate, Dr. Dre, Entertainment News, Brangelina, Tila Tequila, Dustin Diamond, Da Vinci, Art Talk, Tabor Space, Firehole, Courage, Fur Fire, Now You're A Man Karaoke

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Funemployment Radio Episode 53 Greg Oden Story, Phone Problems, Beards, PMA, Voting, Lady GaGa, Ball Talk, Uno Uno, Ducks In Trouble, Tim Tebow, Bode Miller, Brett Favre, B-SIDE SPONSOR, Entertainment News, Jwow, Tila Tequila, Pregnant Man, Lady Gaga Bad Romance
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Funemployment Radio Episode 52 Recovering, Zombie Ball, Outlook Portland, Battlestar, Dead Like Me, Aaron Duran From Geek In The City, Ball Talk, NBA, Arrests, Lane Kiffen, Flip Cup, Superbowl, Entertainment News, Gary Coleman, Andy Dick, Tiger's Wife, Pi Phi, TABOR SPACE, Fat Story, Karaoke Fat Bottom Girls
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Funemployment Radio Episode 51 Break Up, Photo Shoot, Sarah ‘Is Awesome, Exes, Ball Talk, Whatever We Talked Up, Warped Tour, Puke Talk, Shit Show News, Dublin Down Rocks!, Karaoke Second Chance
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Funemployment Radio Episode 50 Out Of Shape, Laser Tag, Bowling, Strip Clubs, Kicked Out Of Bars, Drunk Josh, Ball Talk, Sheed, Big Baby, Grabbing Junk, Dublin Down, Special Surprise, Entertainment News, Two And Half Men, Heidi Montag, Chicken Licker, Sarah Hosting PMA, John Denver Karaoke, Kermit Karaoke
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Funemployment Radio Episode 49 Calling In Sick, Hoarders, Collectors, Sunglasses, Dan Marino, Type O, TABOR SPACE, Ball Talk, Midgets Vs. Mascots, Nudity, Entertainment News, Sawing Off Appendages, Freaky Fingers, DUBLIN DOWN ZOMBIE BALL, Megadeth Quiz, Big Ass Sandwiches
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Funemployment Radio Episode 48 Construction, Noise Complaints, Creepy Tunnels, Mole People, My Chemical Romance, Big Ass Sandwiches, Ball Talk, Weirdness, Sex Rehab, Lady GaGa, Entertainment News, Size H Boobs, Kami From Missoula, Dublin Down Zombie Ball
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Funemployment Radio Episode 47 Weekend Excursions, Punk Show, Fighting, Jersey Shore, Aaron Duran from Geek In The City, Hairy Baby, Ouija Boards, Creepy Talk, Entertainment News, Breastfeeding Cats, DUBLIN DOWN
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Funemployment Radio Episode 46 Obsessed With 21 Jump Street, Jersey Shore, Spray Tan and G-Train, Listener Pics, Tabor Space, Turbonegro, Ball Talk, Blazers, Gilbert Arenas, Shaqtus, Facebook Posting, Entertainment News, Ke$ha, Jimmy Kimmel, Dublin Down, Zombie PeeWee, Zombie Jersey Shore
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Funemployment Radio Episode 45 Schnitzels, Listener E-mails, Smell Yo, Sarahs Sister Heather, Wilson Phillips, Ball Talk,Ke$ha, Entertainment News, Tim Oakley, Betty Moyer, Movies, Props, Drinking, Ages, Dirty Obsessive, whips, Dublin Down, Karaoke, Neil Diamond, Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon
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Funemployment Radio Episode 44 Weather, Earthquakes, Geeks, Trivia, Bob Johnson, Ball Talk, Lane Kiffen, Shaq-Gate, Big Dong, RICK EMERSON, Billie Starship, Twitter, Weird News, Face Falling Off, Vaseline, Facebook Question, Snowball Pet, Public Chat
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Funemployment Radio Episode 43 Butters And Chocolate, Animals, Shootin Stuff, What Is A Hick, Hunting, Henry's Child, Ball Talk, Mark McGwire, Gilbert Arenas, Shaq, Haunted Knicks, Ghost Rape, Band Names, Wizard Rock, Hipsters, Shameful Past, Entertainment News, Condom Arrests, 90210 Soundtrack, Color Me Bad, Beautiful People, Big Donger, Dublin Down Zombie Ball
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Funemployment Radio Episode 42 Scary Places, Tamales, Battlestar, CNN Avatar, Aaron Duran, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Castles, Travel Stories, Ball Talk, USC, NFL Predictions, NBA, Lebron, McGwire, Sexting, Woods, Entertainment News, Tila Tequila, Boobs
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Funemployment Radio Episode 41 Jersey Shore, MTV, Sopranos, Greek, Sororities, Fraternities, Hazing, TABOR SPACE, Mac, Ball Talk, BCS, Playoff Predictions, Soccer Shootings, Cold, Iguanas Dying, Entertainment Talk, Katy Perry, Word Of The Day, Pet Semetary, Vampires, Soundgarden Reunion, Mr. T, Club Sesso Giveaway, Pearl Jam Karaoke Jeremy
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Funemployment Radio Episode 40 Beautiful People, Awkward Exes, Tabor Space, Brandon And Tommy From Dublin Down, Strippers, Ball Talk, Red Sox Wine, Gilbert Arenas, Crazy Wilson Phillips, Ass, Entertainment News, Brain Shipment, Karaoke, Bon Jovi Wanted Dead Or Alive
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Funemployment Radio Episode 39 Crazy Day, TV, Dirty Shirt, Outlook Portland, Giant Joey Head, Free Stuff, Ball Talk, Gilbert Arenas, LA Bills, Entertainment News, Gary Coleman, Mariah Carey, Tabor Space, Beautiful, Greg Persona, Hit On Stories, Amber Destiny
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Funemployment Radio Episode 38 Casey Johnson, Weird, Bars, Nail Clippings, Vegas, Muggings, Alex Trebek, Ball Talk, Blazers, Gilbert Arenas, Shotgun, Boise State, FSU, ESPN 3D, Mike Tyson Audio, Entertainment News, Casey, Tila Sucks, Hair Cutting, Beautiful People, Greg Is Obsessed, Bob Johnson, We're Out
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Funemployment Radio Episode 37 Happy New Year, Twilight Zone, New Years Happenings, Rosebowl, Bagdad, Karaoke, Shopping, Shuffleboard, Tabor Space, Ball Talk, Pat White, Hayden Penne-something, Ben Longstreth from, Entertainment News, Tattooed Children, Warren Beatty, McDonalds Chick, Tila Tequila, Pantera, Megadeth, BlackToothedGrin, Woman Woes, Karaoke Cher If I Could Turn Back Time
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Funemployment Radio Episode 36 Past New Years, Millennium, Plans, Parents, Brother Coming, Ball Talk, Decade Of Sports, Entertainment News, Dead Parade, Arrival Of Brother Jeff, Tequila, Ghosts, Shit Shows, Karaoke, Second Chance, Thanks For Everything!
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