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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

GUEST: WENDY WEISS. Sarah has a big problem on her hands with a new development at her apartment complex. She may have accidentally made.....friends! Then our friend Wendy Weiss joins us! We discuss her comedy, apartment living and a ton of other things. Her show is at Bossanova Ballroom on March 5th! Finally in World of Crazy: Pizza Shoes, Fake Nurse, Barcelona.

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Greg and Sarah are back from Kauai, with tales to tell! Sarah had a secret about her Facebook video; Greg fell creates a Coconut friend, Waimea Canyon, Tsunami Warning to Winter Warning, Spilling Hamburger juice, Exotic fruit stand, Rambutans, Snorkeling etiquette, Going into caves of Ke'e. Don't forget FER Bingo Night is 12/15/16 at Landmark Saloon! Sponsors are WORTHY BREWING and BALVENIE SCOTCH with prizes from ASYLUM!

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Today: Greg is going to play a dad in a commerical and at what point did he change into the commercial dad type, Hawaii is coming up soon and we are going to be doing video from there, punishment by Nickelback, Cards Against Humanity and the giant hole, noodles for drivers, and happy birthday Rick! Have a great day all!

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Sarah and Greg are officiating another wedding and they need to be classy! Accents are a must, but how do they maintain the classiness when in front of the crowd? Monologues and singing of course. Then in WOC: Walmart Stuffed Animal, Millions of Juggalos, Rodent Skirt, Coprolite Collection.

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Greg totally screws up the intro to today's show, but we eventually get back on track. We have a recap of FER Bingo night, say goodbye to Leonard Cohen and then hear about Greg's latest bizarre dream. Who dreams of Solange Knowles?! In World of Crazy: Gumball Machine, Legos, Ebay Swede, Silly Sausage. Thanks again to LANDMARK SALOON, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, TULLAMORE DEW AND ASYLUM!

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The Cubs won the World Series! Which means....Greg's pre-season prediction was true. We will never hear the end of it. In World of Crazy: Chocolate body parts, Toe Eating, Stealing Pizza. Don't forget the FER BINGO NIGHT with SMALL TOWN BREWERY and TULLAMORE DEW is November 10th at LANDMARK SALOON.

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Sarah has an amazing Halloween costume, but there is possibility she could be confused for Barb. This does NOT make her happy! Plus, Greg reveals his costume. Then we are joined by Jamie Lee! Jamie is wonderful, has a new book called Weddiculous and will be at Helium Comedy Club this weekend! In Ball Talk, we hit the 20-year-old playing kids football, The Russell Westbrook fan fight and Greg's Predictions. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE for being our fine sponsor!

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Lavell is hilarious and at Helium Comedy Club this weekend! You know him from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (Landslide), Workaholics, a little show called Breaking Bad (where he was Huell), among many other things. He's great!

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We had our buddy Dan Cummins in studio, to talk about anything and everything! From American Horror Story, Deadwood, 1932's Freak, Playboy Radio, Rose Festival, Trailer Park Boys, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB.

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Today we have the one and only Myq Kaplan on the show! We talk about everything form Cranberries, to Comedy, to Friends! Myq is one of our favorites and he is at Revolution Hall PDX Tonight!

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GUESTS: DANNY and MADDY from PORTLAND BEARDSMEN, The Ultimate Bus Experience, Greg In The Hinterlands, Large Marge, Bubbles/Varys, Tyron Biggums, Caballero, Camo Man, M-Team, BEARDS AND ROSES, Mothers Day Rose Delivery, Bearded People In Tutus, ELYSIAN and WORTHY

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The Email Scandal, HR BLOCK, Sarah Is In The Middle, From Jane To Robert, To Be Or Not To BCC, Next Door App, Fog Park, Damn Raccoon, WoC, Port St. Lucie, Caricature Woman, Spanish Fight, Hug Chair, NEXT ADVENTURE

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Pee-Wee Bandwagon, I Got A Guy, The New Movie, Burlesque Feelings, WoC, Beer Battered Fish, Saved By The Bell, Peach Pit, Espresso Self, Alligator In Window, HR BLOCK, GILBERT, Taxes 2016, ACA, Ball Talk, $15 Beer, Fifa Pro

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Not Much Sleep, Stumbling, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, The Motion Sensor, Light Coming On, The Creep In The Apartment, WoC, Not A Loser, Gum Stealing, Guy Fi, Ball Talk, Lebron James, Mozzarella Sticks, Tennis Scandal

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Greg's New Girlfriend, She's A Model, Saying Goodbye To Some Things 2015, Hello Scientists, Holodeck, WoC, Head Cold, Gutter Belt, Overused Words, Monkeys Driving Car, Stealing Mail, TCU, Football Predictions

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Mentoring Babies, Messing With Sarah, Lil Greg, Greg Nibler Life Shepard, Solving Problems, Cereals, No Mayo, WoC, Wheaties Beer, Clown Big Mac Fight, Ferarri, Online Strippers, More Advice

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GUEST: TOMMY JOHNAGIN, Wedding Dresses, To Swing Or Not, TOMMY JOHNAGIN INTERVIEW, Helium Comedy Club, Tommy Is Awesome, Ball Talk, Botox Eye, Alberta Squatch Watch, World Of Crazy, Kesha, Brother Kisser, Purple Hash, Phone App, Science Facts, Wet Paper, How To Be A Doctor Dr., SQUARESPACE

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Tarp City Mystery, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE, Lunkhead & Gorilla, AARON DURAN, BC Sounds, The Blurp, Science Mysteries,  World Of Crazy, Shampoo On A Bus, Man Smearer, Crack Pipes, Money Crevice, Ball Talk, Alouettes, Tebow Band, T-Shirt Gun, Danes Only, Costas Rap

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Sarah Tron, Jealousy, Grab A Couple Of Those, To Mars And Back, Space Companions, Fame And Fortune, World Of Crazy, Soda Machine Malt Liquor, Pope Or Space Person, Space Pope It Is

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Stone A Comin', Courage Practice, Fake Tall Shoes, Accentuate The Butt, Sacramone, Creepy Emails To Sarah, Stashing Pictures In Other Items, World Of Crazy, Talk Like A Pirate, Twilight Reunion, Chunk Of Member, Bathroom Baby Test, Special Kind Of Cook

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Montana Rocks, Drinks Poker And Guns, Ring The Bell, Frank Rocks, Screaming Kid, Butters Destroys Kitchen, Skinny Summer, Thanks And Awesome Offer, Ball Talk, Artest Sucks, Bad Hockey Fans, Jose Rocks, Franchise Rap, World Of Crazy, Fake Cop, Sun Diet, Facebook Fight, Vigorous Love, Hail

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Sometimes Offend, The Story That Wasn't Told, Car Accident, Fighting In The Streets, Dukes Up, Ball Talk, Memphis, Dwight Don't Go, Benny, Tampa Arrests, Rodman Retired, World Of Crazy, Arnold Single, Whitney Crack, Open Plane Door, Handcuffs, Snoop Charlie Song, HALE MEDNICK, Director of MESSIAH COMPLEX

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Out Of Tacos, Sportlandia, Sarah's Scream Review, Hello Sydney, Muppet Mouth, Skynet, Ball Talk, Blazers Mavs, Mr. Khloe, Robot Pitcher, Real Madrid Trophy Drop, AUDIBLE, World Of Crazy, Blood Perfume, Facebook Robbery, Mommy Juice

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Steady As She Goes, Stripped Down, Sugar Bush Squirrel, Bus Anarchist, Beat Boxer, Shelly Long, Korean Chicken Balls, Ball Talk, Blazers Lakers, LeBron Mom, Allen Iverson, Grant Hill Spitting, Kickball Dude, Romancing The Spammer, World Of Crazy, Gay Paintings, Vacuum Laundary, Beer Better Than Water, Big Ass Sandwich!!!

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Smelly, Lincoln City, Death Trap Car, Hitting Deer, Room Of Ladies, Woodstock, Yellers, Bus People, KENNY B, Costa Rica, Pregnancy Rumors, JAY PHOTOGRAPHER, Courage Photos, Ball Talk, Blazers New Orleans, LeBron Entitled, Supercross Cops, Longoria AK-47, Purdue Scolding, VCU Shaka, Romancing The Spammer Album

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Crazy Radio News, KUFO, Industry Stuff, Heritage, Beck, Ballroom Dancing, Ball Talk, Ref Sues Reporter, NFL Lockout, Def Jef, HR BLOCK, World Of Crazy, Sex Book, Gilbert, Smell Like Latex, Sniff My Knickers, Boy Urine

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Local Dealer, PDX, Drug Dealers Like Greg, Water Aerobics, Old Pimp, Coffee, Kenny B, Conondrum, Payoff, Ball Talk, Blazers Ouch, Palmer, Congrats OSU, BYU, British, Aussie, Sad Good News, Cascadia, Sarah Is Mad At Greg, World Of Crazy WINNING, Co-Worker Letter, COURAGE!!!

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Thank You Everybody, Cool Presents, Beer Thief, Little People, Yammering, AUSTIN RICH, CODY AUSTIN CODY, KPSU, Gifts From Cody, Radio Programming, Talkin Radio, The Nibler Show, Secrets, Brian, Ball Talk, Blazers Rule, Kings Hero, Shaq, UofO, Vick, Seattle Fans, World Of Crazy, Jem Earings, Ransom Lady, Big Gals, April, Strippers, Kenny B's Nerd Facts,

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Honored, Thank You Listeners,, David Walker's Movie, Awesomeness, Butts, Cock Rings, Santa Con, Dan Cummins, Bar Fly, Jon and Kathleen Baker, Ducks, Longtime Listeners, Ball Talk, Boss Wife, Apple Cup, Civil War, Kenny B, Roomates, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, COURAGE

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Starting, The Show, Jell-o, Salad, VIP, Falling, Bees, Tuggy Recap, Ball Talk, Reggie, Pittsburgh Drunk, UO, Azteca Ines, Shaq, Pushups, World Of Crazy, Casey, Joaquin, Drunk Woman Pigs Feet, Kim K, Porn Assembly, Joaquin Rap, Ronnie And Sammi True Blood

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MuuMuu, Laundry Stories, Microwave, Soapbox Derby, Camping, Suggestions, Ball Talk, Wife Beating, King James, Beckham, Randy Johnson, Father-in-law Beating, Pete Rose, AUDIBLE.COM, World Of Crazy, George Michael, Semen Squirter, Donald Duck Groper, Toad Kissing

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Anita, Bus, Traffic, Indian Food, Tanning Guy, Boot People, Greg Quotes, Sarah Karaoke Clip, Ball Talk, Nets, Rabbi, Lawn Bowling Penis, True Blood, Baseball Fight, CASSIDYS, KELLY CLARKE OF WILLAMETTE WEEK, World Of Crazy, Tila News, Pees In Lungs

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Mexican Casserole, Breakfast, Coffee, Chicken Crowns, BumbleBee Nest, Video Game People, True Blood, Ball Talk, Sheed, Little Bitches, Internet People, MC Hammer, World Of Crazy, Train Makes Crazy, Stripper Church, Nugget Madness, County Law

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Coffee Girl, Free Samples, Martini Lunch, Creepy Dude, Audition, Kenny B, Double Rainbow, Kielan, Alex From SF, Mexican Cheetos, Pablo, Cabbie, Ball Talk, Tiger, Lance, Loki, A-Rod, USC Fight, World Of Crazy, Debauchery


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