Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

GUEST: DANNY FELTS, Brat Diet, Withering Away, Movie Remakes, Ruining Sarahs Day, SCIENCE FACTS, Viruses, Pop Rocks, Curly Hair, DANNY FELTS, LARK at Funhouse Lounge, Denny Farts, Bumbershoot

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Greg May Be Giving Birth, Gregnog, Monkey Pox, Speculation of Ghost STDs, World Of Crazy, Java Jugz, Pricing Structure, The Liquid Stream, Live Television Awesomeness

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GUEST: JAMES LOUGH, Kenny Thinks Greg Is Special, Cat Fighting, Party House, Pete And Pete, 2nd Pete Is Better, Sarah Lords Health Over All, How Do Blenders Work, JAMES LOUGH, Author of Chelsea Hotel Book, Ball Talk, Boston Relaxes, Aaron Hernandez Is An Idiot At The Least

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85 Percent, Breaking The Law, The Room Re Entry, Lock And Key, Vermiculite, Don't Forget To Breathe, Ball Talk, No Tippen Pippen, Sporting News, Andrew Shaw Blackhawks, Jose Canseco Scientist, World Of Crazy, Michael Jackson Anni, Independence Day 2, Finger For Smoke, Bad Shrooms

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A Dark Cell For Greg, Return Of The Sick One, BIKE GALLERY, Did Sarah Poison Greg, Crack Is Whack, Elves Stabbing Stomach, Fever Dreams, What Not To Watch, Sweaty Guy, Attic Room Is Entered, Door Floors, 1963, Waking The Beast, Ball Talk, Spurs Win, Serena vs. Maria, New Zealand Australians

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GUESTS: HENRY PHILLIPS & AUGGIE SMITH, Dead Or In Jail, Scott And Aaron Replace Greg, World Of Crazy, Alien Child, HENRY PHILLIPS, Ball Talk With Scott Dally, AUGGIE SMITH, Portland Legend

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Greg May Be Going To Jail, A Special Find, An Arrest, Utensils Are Discovered, A Shocking Revalation, Making The Call To The Authorities, Uh-Oh, Never Look Anyone In The Eyes, Greg Is Going To Jail

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Jumping From A Plane, Sarah Is Old, Comfy Shoes, World Of Crazy, Courtney Modification, Special Implants, Stan Lee Cologne, Chainsaw, Zipperer Mac, World Of Crazy, Johnny Footballs Rough Life, Science Facts, Copper, Stinky People, Blue Skies

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Lobster Belly, BIKE GALLERY, AARON DURAN, Put Your Dukes Up, Teen Talk, Spare Change, Metal Parts, Seat Partners, Angry Woman, A Discovery On The Train, Sarah's Stash, Park Ouija Boards, Knocking On The Wall

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GUEST: MICHAEL MCDONALD, Greg Is Out, Angry Day Marathon, FER Comedy Showcase, Hippy Hipster, Lisa Wood Ball Talk Version, Blood Rock For Greg, Kenny B, MICHAEL MCDONALD, Portland, Helium Comedy Club

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GUEST: JEN ALLEN, Pick Up Greg, FER Comedy Showcase, Bike Challenge, Meth Mercedes, World Of Crazy, Eye Worming, Two Faced Kitten, Slushy Eyes, JEN ALLEN, Theater And Standup, Jen Is Awesome, THE SECRET SOCIETY

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GUEST: MATT from SECRET SOCIETY, ANTHONY LOPEZ, Speaking Russian, Mementos, World Of Crazy, Megabus Man, Daquiri Robbery, Finger Snipping, Ball Talk, Tebow Time, Ochoslappo, MATT, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE, Kentucky Mule, 5th Year Anniversary, Awesomeness, ANTHONY, Allergies, Look Them In The Eyes, Extra Lights

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GUEST: SHANE TORRES, Bike Gallery Challenge Update, AARON DURAN, Methheads, The New Batch, Younger Ones, Field Guide To Meth Heads, Reconaissance, The Secret Room, B&E, Merlot Mysteries, Freindzia, SHANE TORRES, Portland's Funniest Person 2013, Don't Look Him In The Eyes, Secret Society Comedy Showcase

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A-Team of Bands, Hoarse Voice, KJ Debacle, Courage Reunion, Ball Talk, J-Kidd, Cruz Salsa, Heat Fan Soundboard, World Of Crazy, Battery Man, Plastic Surgery Mishap, No Nose, Boooooo

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Humble, Bringer Of Wine, Storm, KENNY B, B&E, Kenny As A Kid, Abandoned House, Bring A Weapon, Law Books, Love Chairs, Passive Agressive Pushover, Shirtless People, ASMR, SCIENCE FACTS, Insects, Islands, Blackholes

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GUEST: STORM LARGE, FER Network Exclusive audio from Play Anything with Lisa Wood

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GUEST: NATHAN BRANNON, Greg Will Win That, All Rolled Into One, Audition For The Bachelor, The Finger Story, World Of Crazy, Picture Guy, Bremerton Prom, Great Father, Adventures Of Walter Episode 4, NATHAN BRANNON, Making It Big, Recording A CD, FER Comedy Showcase

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GUEST: KELLY from THE BIKE GALLERY, Neighbors Outdone, Storm Large on Play Anything, The Tank Top Cape, I'm Judge Judy, Sarah's Secret Room, Return To The Scene, Destroy The Evidence, BIKE GALLERY ROCKS, History In PDX, Wine Tasting Bike Tour, The Bike Challenge Begins

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No Spoilers, AARON DURAN, A Secret Revealed, The Hidden Rooms, Sheets On The Wall, Paintings of The Sight, She Left A Note, The Epic Debate, Crusher vs. Troi, Mother Figure vs. Foreign Exchange Chick, Sarah Is Frightened

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