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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

GUEST: BECKY BRAUNSTEIN. Today Greg reveals his newest nightmare-dream of being a Stand Up Comedian and the ridiculous amount of confidence he appeared to have going into it. We are then joined by an ACTUAL Comedian, Becky Braunstein! We discuss comedy, Alaska, her show at HELIUM COMEDY CLUB, opening for PAULY SHORE and much more! In Ball Talk: Khloe; Catfish. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE and WORTHY BREWING!

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With the great Mexico Trip about a month away, Greg has decided he wants to start taking more Parasailing. This is a bad idea given his luck. Also, free sample guilt. In World of Crazy: Florida Woman; Auction; Robot Priest. Ball Talk: Tiger Woods; Beavers Baseball. Don't forget to vote for FER for Best Portland Podcast!

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GUESTS: KIELEN AND HARVEY KING. Greg wants to dredge up the Country P.I. and it's still not working, Kielen and his dad Harvey joined us to hang out, Steve Sanders vs. Ferris Bueller, robot cops are coming for you, preacher can call God on his cellphone, Seahawk bad talk, and more - have a great afternoon friends!

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GUEST: ADAM PASI. Greg finds joy in watching terrible television commercials, by terrible people and discovered something miraculous. By sending off for a letter from a televangelist, gold was struck and an onslaught of unintentional blessings ensue! Then we are joined by our buddy Adam Pasi, who is at Helium Comedy Club tonight for Funny Humans vs. The Wheel! A one-of-a-kind musical number closes out the show! Big thanks to WORTHY BREWING for the Green Room Sponsorship!

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On today's episode, we turn to our live chat for some crowd-sourcing and to answer listener questions. The results: Greg wants to become a Ringmaster with his own People Circus, Sarah is obsessed with Party of Five and a shocking physical detail is revealed. In World of Crazy: Swimming Pool Issues; Moon Dust; Titanic Thief; Ball Talk: Nashville Predators. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

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GUEST: JEREMY ELI. Greg has the grand finale of the Van Saga, where are they now, what actually happened, comedian Jeremy Eli joined us to talk about his show happening this Friday at the Hollywood Theatre, strange smells and more; also - Sarah and her love for Twin Peaks (no spoilers), liking what you like, and have a great day everyone! BIG THANKS TO WORTHY BREWING for the GREEN ROOM SPONSORSHIP!

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Almost unbelievably, but stranger than fiction, the saga continues in front of Greg's house. Dogs, charging crack ladies, Police and more as his new neighbors continue to multiply. It's a tale for the ages. In World of Crazy that's not Greg's life: Nacho Cheese; Detachable Pants; Rat Cafe. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE, also!!

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Sarah is going wedding dress shopping (not for herself) and finds herself in the middle ground of too old and too young. Also, apparently too poor. Plus, Greg has spent the entire morning walking around with shame, not realizing it. In World of Crazy: Target Ball; Spilled Milk; Clumsy Shoplifter; Lighters.

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Video Games have long been an issue for Greg, but never more so than going to the used game store and looking like a creep. Shocking confessions abound, as he describes the resurgence of his controller throwing. World of Crazy: Suing Over Movie; DC Station; Phone Charger; Romphim. Ball Talk: Lonzo Ball Shoes; Snitch Ticket to Giselle. BIG THANKS TO NEXT ADVENTURE

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GUEST: SEAN JORDAN. The neighbor story goes to the next level, as Greg has an addition to the post-Methhead Group. We don't know his name, we don't know what he looks like, but his presence has been made known. The Van holds a secret! Also, in World of Crazy: Taco Bell Bribe; Port St. Lucie. Ball Talk: Shark-gate Update

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Greg has yet again found a way to awkwardly post on Social Media and this time, he accidentally calls a star musician a....well, you'll have to listen to know. Sarah was fortunate to hear a rarity in radio, live on the air over this last weekend! It lasted for a while and it was...amazing. In World of Crazy: Cheddar Biscuits; Angry at Portland. In Ball Talk: Brady curse?; Marlins Man. Squatch Watch correction.

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GUEST: BRAD WILLIAMS. Today: We were joined by Brad Williams today and he was great! We talked about everything from podcasting to politics (light), plus he does an unnerving impression that freaked Sarah out; also - don't look at your phone first thing in the morning, guests on podcasts, and more - he'll be at Helium Comedy Club all weekend so be sure to check him out! Have a great weekend all!

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It's the FER Bingo Night with BridgePort Brewing and Milagro Tequila and Greg has decided to make a pitch. In order to fully commit to the Tequila lifestyle, he wants to become a new version of the most interesting man in the world... Plus we discuss ninjas. In World of Crazy: Bow Wow Challenge; Swallowing Pens; Cranking. In Ball Talk: Caffeine.

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Greg booked a place for a bunch of friends for his birthday in June. Adults Only, all inclusive....not really thinking that he basically booked everyone into a SWINGERS CLUB. Oh boy. Also, the neighbor war is heating up. In World of Crazy: Potato Chips; Marker Tags; Deodorant; KFC Romance Novel. Ball Talk: Sharkgate. FER BINGO NIGHT is MAY 11th at LANDMARK SALOON with BRIDGEPORT BREWING and MILAGRO TEQUILA! Happy Birthday to our buddy Ace!

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Sarah discovered a record and uncovered a possible secret Origin Story for Greg's nickname of "Nibs". Seriously, it goes back to the 18th century and involves someone with inflated delusions of grandeur... In World of Crazy: Cheese Stickers; Gummy Bear Attack; Florida Man. Ball Talk: NBA Playoffs; Isaiah Thomas; Ray Allen Drama; D-Gate. FER Bingo Night is MAY 11th at LANDMARK SALOON with BRIDGEPORT BREWING and MILAGRO TEQUILA!

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GUESTS: PORTLAND BEARDSMEN. There has been a new development, or escalation in Greg's neighborhood, leaving him full of confusion on what to do. Does he join the gang? Should he get a track suit? So many questions. Then we are joined by the PORTLAND BEARDSMEN, who are promoting BEARDS AND ROSES for Mother's Day! In World of Crazy: Espresso Bagel; Pre-destroyed shoes; Cheese Pizza. Thank you to NEXT ADVENTURE and don't forget FER BINGO NIGHT is May 11th at LANDMARK SALOON with BRIDGEPORT BREWING & MILAGRO TEQUILA!

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GUEST: BARON VAUGHN. For our final in-studio interview of the day we were joined by the multi-talented and hilarious Baron Vaughn! We chatted with him about Mystery Science Theater 3000, touring the country, Babyface (yes, that one), secret rappers, strange anime themes, and he sings Sarah a wonderful song he made up for her on the spot - it's amazing. Thanks everyone, and be sure to say hi to us if you see us out and about this weekend! Have a wonderful day!

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GUEST: CAITLIN WEIERHAUSER. Comedian Caitlin Weierhauser joined us to talk about her amazing schedule for this year's Bridgetown Comedy Festival, how to pick out what the heck to wear, dance-offs and comedy, and more - be sure to go and check out their shows and have a great weekend all!

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GUEST: BILLY WAYNE DAVIS. We were joined by comedian Billy Wayne Davis to talk about Bridgetown, but then we mostly ended up talking about Greg and his impending mental unraveling; from weird dreams to slight politics to yoga, it's a strange and fun show - we hope you enjoy! Have a great day, and be sure to catch Billy Wayne performing this weekend!

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GUEST: MYQ KAPLAN. Our east coast pal Myq Kaplan joined us today to talk about performing in the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, comedy and rap battles and palindrome fights oh my, vegan strip clubs and puns, let's get ready to bumble, and more - he's delightful. Have a wonderful afternoon all!

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GUEST: GABE DINGER. Comedian and friend Gabe Dinger came in to talk Bridgetown Comedy Festival, moving to LA from Portland, being in a music video where you are half-naked, taking acting classes and becoming a TV writer, and more - he's wonderful. Have a great day friends! Also, thanks to Green Room sponsor: WORTHY BREWING!

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GUEST: KATIE NGUYEN. Greg read an article late last night, detailing the incredible number of squirrels that were kept as pets, up until 50 years ago. Now he believes he could become Portland's "Squirrel Man".... Then, Katie Nguyen joins us to discuss BRIDGETOWN COMEDY FESTIVAL and her performances there! In WORLD OF CRAZY: Thousand-Pack of Beer; Frork; Florida Machete. Thanks to WORTHY BREWING for the fine sponsorship of our Green Room!

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GUEST: JOE SIB. Joe is simply fantastic and he has new album out, called Nowhere Near The Top! He's been a musician, a label owner, a producer and much more. We talk about Portland, his podcast Rad Parenting and much more. Joe is just great. Also, don't forget to vote for Funemployment Radio for Best Podcast in Willamette Week's Poll!

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GUEST: ALEX FALCONE. Today: We were joined by our pal Alex to talk about all things Bridgetown Comedy Festival (get your tickets here!) from snacks to ex-adult theaters and more; mostly, we talk a lot about snacks, then Greg tries to create a Sandwich Dictatorship and we find out who Alex really is - it's a fun show. Have a great day all! Thanks to WORTHY BREWING for the Green Room Sponsorship!

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GUEST: ANDIE MAIN. Bridgetown Comedy Festival week is upon us and today we are joined by our friend Andie Main! She discusses her awesome shows, her standing in the imaginary ranking of talent, old Portland porn shops and much more. Greg also talks about his gloriously awesome and nerdy weekend shooting a music video with Kielen! In World of Crazy: Cheesy Fries; Free Burger King, Meth Pottery. Pick up a sweatshirt in the FER Store!

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