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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Today: Greg just found out that he got a last minute gig and is traveling to go work, getting on a plane and going across the country, cheese curds and slang, straws for sale and faking a kidnapping, and more - have a great weekend friends!

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Today: Greg had to go to the doctor and it was not the greatest experience, our pal Rick Emerson joined us to talk about doggies, going to the dentist, Catholicism and confession, and much more - it's a lot of fun :) Have a great afternoon friends!! xo

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Today: Greg is super excited about maybe getting to control a robot, Sarah and the not sleep and the super nightmare and the bouncing lady, a strange amount of drug stories, a creepy house with new special friends for you, and more! Have a great afternoon!

Here's the listing for the weird house!

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Today: Sarah found out a term that she had never heard before and now Greg thinks he is one of them, how does one figure out if they have super taste or not, Guinness World Records and what famous place you would like to stay, and more - have a good afternoon all!

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Today: Sarah found out that there is an alternate ending to Titanic and her world is ending, get paid to sleep, and more - have a great weekend!!

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Today: We listened live to NASA successfully landing a rover on Mars (!), favorite space movies and space citizens arrest, who would go crazy first, desert planet album, and more - it's ridiculous but a lot of fun :) Have a great afternoon all! 

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Today: Greg is super excited because space stuff is happening, chance to go to Mars and what if you can't go back, skydiving vs. fake skydiving, getting caught with a fake ID, snow idiots, sleep influencers, and more - have a great afternoon all!

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Today: The sky is raining ice but we did indeed get a snow day, branches falling and bonks on the roof, how to pick out a movie with other people, long lost twins reunited, Karen support group and more - have a wonderful and safe afternoon friends! 

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Today: We finally get some snow, what to do on a snow day and pretending to drive the Jeep, Florida man, buying hair at auction, the richest dog in the world, Civil War reenacting rooster lost at Cracker Barrel, and more - have a wonderful weekend friends!

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Today: It's supposed to snow in Portland...any...minute.... (still not snowing while I'm typing this), Rick Emerson joined us to talk Portland Panic, Sarah's bonkers high school friend, earth conspiracies, and more! Have a great afternoon friends! :)

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Today: Greg and Sarah are super excited because of the mere possibility of it snowing in PDX, sledding and snowball fights, throwing a beer and walnuts, frozen pants to save a parking spot, don't let your robot murder you, skinny London house, and more - have a great afternoon all! :)

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Today: Greg made it back (mostly) in one piece from winter camping, Mountain margaritas and going into town, why the heck is there a giant mansion in the middle of the woods, move to Mississippi, who pays for spite Valentine gifts, and more - have an amazing day all! 

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Today: Greg is heading out into the great unknown in the rain and the cold - oh boy; no pets on Zoom calls, paid to stay in California, Money Bags doesn't have real money, the Bowlo de Super this Sunday, cheese is the answer, and more - have a wonderful weekend friends!! xo 

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Today: Hello friends, sorry for the delay - we had some technical issues and we weren't able to get our audio for our Wednesday show until now! Here it is (so this in numbering is after yesterdays' show, but in reality it was the day before that? This is confusing) :) Have a great day!

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Today: Were you someone who wore Jencos, cords and jeans, the end of the tale of the Craigslist pickup, Sarah and her wonky ankle (which is now feeling SO MUCH better, thanks Richelle!!), another six weeks of winter, Inner Circle, hired to do nothing, Hollywood sign, Florida tattoo, and more - have a great afternoon friends!

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Today: Greg is going to some random house to pick up something from Craigslist after having a debate about the price, oh dear lord I hope he's going to be okay because this doesn't sound the safest, female saint and bathwater beer, lego record, McDonalds and a chainsaw, and more - have a great evening all!

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