Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

GUEST: SHANE TORRES, Muse Day, Greg Has Mad Skillz, BooStalk, Lottery Plan, Let Gary Shoot Lasers At Your Teet, Ball Talk, 49er Fool, Jessica Orlando Reporter, Baltimore Ravens Song Magic, SHANE TORRES, Touching Hair, I'll Call You Buffalo, FUNNY OVER EVERYTHING

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Greg Battles The Plague, Magic In The Locker Room, Sarah In A Black Dress, World Of Crazy, London Brothers, Smells Bad, Hook Up App, Eating Cat Hair, HR BLOCK, Ball Talk, Ravens Ray, Cheerleader Ban, Amazing Ravens Songs

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GUEST; AARON DURAN, Sarah Makes Greg Paranoid, My Dad Is A Doctor Logic, Relax, Karaoke With Sklar, HR BLOCK, World Of Crazy, Chicken Wing Thieves, Poison Plot, Application, Ball Talk, Twitter LeSean, Bowl Bets, Lance Armstrong Song

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GUESTS: SKLAR BROTHERS, Sklarbro Country, They Are Awesome, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB, Falling On A Treadmill, Fill In The Blank, I'm Here With Some Sausages, KENNY B, Kenny Is Mad, World Of Crazy, Terrible Stories

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Game Day Go Boom, Stabbing, Treadmill A Phobia, Sarah Needs A Helmet, Talking Too Much, World Of Crazy, Propose To The Pizza Girl, The Full Florida Package, Rear Implants, Ball Talk, Carmelo Bodyguards, Manti Girlfriend, Sarah Sounds Like A Man Maybe, HR BLOCK

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GUEST: NIC GOANS, Laughing At You, Highwater Versus Growth Spurt, Shaming, White Lightning, Squatch In Oregon, NIC GOANS, FILL-IN-THE-BLANK, A COMEDY GAME SHOW

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Saying Goodbye To A Great Friend, Boy Bands, SCOTT DALLY, East Coast Family, Cold Black Hearts, TV Made For Sarah, Awkward Dancing, Youth Groups, World Of Crazy, 22 Year Old Warrant, Octo Dancing, Video Taping Employee, Ball Talk, Super Game, HR BLOCK

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GUEST: BRET ERNST, Recap Of Shots, Jury, Sissy, Ashamed, BRET ERNST, Weeds, College Football, Gaga, Wild West Comedy, Helium Comedy Club, Out Of Context, Shanghai tunnels, Weekend Predictions

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Make Greg Uncomfortable Episode, Organizational Skills, Flu Shots, Fear Of Needles, Big Baby, Jeopardy Quiz For Greg, Liberia, The Ringer, Ball Talk, Monti Te'o Of Course, This Is A Lifetime Movie

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Always On TV, Not Bob, Dog Envy, Sweaters, SARAH W., Poking With A Stick, Hostel Horrors, Squeak, Squatchy Gifts, World Of Crazy, Terrible Amazing Smothering, Lindsay Escort, Arm Candy, Da Brat, Jagged Edge, Kris Kross 4 Eva, Ball Talk, Chip Kelly Gone, Outburst, Things That You Blow

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Radio PED, Lady Gaga, Little Monsters, Waiting All Night, Bowling League, Angry Glares, Dreaming Of Oman, Ghost Children, Stealing Chairs, Tuggy Is Mad, World Of Crazy, Pregnant Problems, Tainted Lettuce, Special Enhancements, Ball Talk, Lance Armstrong Oprah Smart, Johnny Football Kudos, Jose Rules

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Dripping, AARON DURAN, Medical Morons, Dr. Duran, Pirates And Fishbowls, Dance Off, Served, Rocky Horror, Ball Talk, Lance Armstrong, Tebow Troll, Ravens, Kaepernicking, World Of Crazy, Single Britney, Girl Scouts Rip Off Greg

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GUEST: MARC GROSSMAN, Twitter Hole, Letters To Jerks, MARC, Helium Comedy Club Rocks, World Is Ending, The King Of Mars, Ball Talk, Predictions, Outburst, Greg Makes Animal Noises, Rooster Versus Chicken Argument, Things That You Wash

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GUEST: KEVIN POLLAK, Never Go Barefoot, Flip Flop Chalkboard, Gym Guy, Kenny B, Bad Earrings, KEVIN POLLAK, Helium Comedy Club, Google Checking, Trivia, Book Deal, HOW I SLEPT MY WAY TO THE MIDDLE, Talkin Walkin, Audio Book Recordings, Larry King Game, Lifetime Movie Quiz, A Haunting, Don LaFontaine

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Lady Friends, Fakes, SCOTT DALLY, Weird Noises, The Spoon The Moves, Too Many Spiders, Ball Talk, Moves, Y'all, World Of Crazy, Lovely Single Lady, Dirty Kitchen Floor, Nicknames, Cockroach

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Elbow Bones, Angry Bowling, Hippies, AARON DURAN, Carly Rae Nightmare, Passports, Bible Record, Pug Town, Facebook Likes, Geek In The City Comics, Accidental Reply All, Ball Talk, Machete Soccer, Dallas Stars Twitter, Love English, BCS National, Alabama, Notre Dame, AJ McCarron Girlfriend

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Monkeys Are Funny, Fugitive At 17, Sarah Lives In 90210, Hit And Run Fun, Mystery, Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Bad Luck, Ghost Or Dry Wall, Church Pamphlets, Dangerous Love, Ball Talk, RGIII, Hockey Is Back, Chip Don't Go

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Mostly Clothed, Return Of The Meth, Kenny B, Methcon Scale, Cursed Relationship Apartment, Kenny And The Gift, World Of Crazy, Facebook DUI, Sticky Bandits, Drunk Ladies On A Plane, Handcuffed Father, Ball Talk, Chip Kelly, Rexy Tattoo, Jose Yeswecanseco, Predictions, Kenny And Outburst

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Can't Mosh, Unbearable, Acting Like Meth, Lawn Mowing Leaves, Disturbing Silence, Lumpy Is In Jail, Ball Talk, Hockey, Wade Boggs Field Of Dreams, RGIII, Ducks Fiesta Bowl Lesson, We're All Old, 20 Year Albums

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Smooth Moves, Dance Lessons, Head Check, How Much, You're A Bad Man, World of Crazy, Half Brother Boyfriend, Free Coffee, Wal-Mart Parking Spot, Oompa Loompa Beating, Ball Talk, Kelly Cleveland, Stanford Reporter, Grill Burns, Sprewell, Popovich Song

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NEW YEARS EVE SHOW, Peeping, AARON DURAN, Sarah Is Sick, Greg's Big Night, Leather Pants, Secret Pictures, Susanville, Dare, Woodsy The Owl, Smokey The Bear, Christian Band Camp, Petra Vs. Dio, Snow Storm, Happy New Year's!

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