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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Wally World, Groundbreaking, KENNY B and his diet, Greg Jobs, Sales People, Buddy Partner, Cougar Powers In San Antonio, Myq Kaplan Rocks, Crying With Kenny, Ball Talk, Wade Kick, USC Spoiled, Home Alone Debate, World Of Crazy, DNS Love, Nintendo Incident, Bottles Of Love

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GUEST: MYQ KAPLAN, Shameful Shoes, Dexter For Shoes, Mean Tacos, Kenny BDay, Catholic Church Mass Is Loud, Guitar Guy, Onesy Monkey Pajamas, Stuffed Heather, Ball Talk, Chad Ocho Tape, Duhammel Tebow, Bowl Game Quiz, MYQ KAPLAN, Comedy, HANG OUT WITH ME, Myq Is AWESOME

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GUEST: DEE SIMON, End Of The World Not, Nibleristan Vs. Sarah Cult, Lookie Loo, Weird Xmas Gathering, PLAY SOMETHING DANCY, Sick And Wrong Podcast, Sorels, Jolly Kielen King, World Of Crazy, Broken Member Update, Hard To Get, Super Mario Groping, Bones In The Eyeball, Happy Holidays

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GUEST: SEAN PATTON, They're All Gonna Laugh At You, Kenny B, Sonia, Regression, ALEX WREKK, PORTLAND BUTTON WORKS, Brothel Upstairs, New Thai Bars, Punched By A Kid, Tallies, SEAN PATTON, Irony, Enjoy What You Do, Floor Love, Sean Is Awesome

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GUEST: MAHK THE BRIT, Greg Is Larry, Nostalgic Bus Rides, Royal Family, Celebrity Stalking, Greatest Scientific Study, Hillbilly Love, German Addictions, Ball Talk, Catholics Vs. Cousins, New Orleans Rougarou, Lin On Me, SORELS, Mincemeat, 5 Worst Christmas Covers Ever, Cracker Jokes

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GUEST: RICK EMERSON, Pajama Pants, No Shoes In Public, No Scent, High School Myths, Acid In The Laboratory, Sniffer, Scratch And Sniff, Wooden Spoon, Ricks Firm, Jail, World Ending No, Finding Bigfoot, Motorcycle Gangs, Squatch Sounds, Shield, Lifetime Logo, Hand Fart Master

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Turbulence, Back From Vegas, Cowboys, Boot Padding, AARON DURAN, Dexter For Shoes, Impersonators, Sarah Blocks Greg, Blue Eyed Hobbits, Playing Craps And Getting Yelled At, End Of The World, Soltice, Nibiru

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GUEST: GARY GULMAN, Medieval Shows, Asked To Leave, 6 Bottles, Vegas Date, Monique, Angry Dwarf, Clubbing, Cheap, Hobbit Hits On Hooker, SOREL'S, GARY GULMAN IS SO AWESOME, Ball Talk, Texans, Biggest Stick, Spartan High, Center Center For Centers, WOC, Pepsi Chicken Chips, Google Filter, Dances 4 The Needy

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GUEST: MATT FROM THE SECRET SOCIETY, A Message, Twitter Links, Sarah Wagener And Creepy Dude, World Of Crazy, Late For Wedding, Throwing Stuff, Hall And Oates, Special Airport Search, MATT,, Gifts For The Holidays, The Gift That Keeps On Giving, Great Local Drinks

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GUEST: RICK EMERSON, SOREL'S ROCKS, Pool Rules, Bad Swimmer, No Speedo, RICK EMERSON, Beards, Celebrity Deaths, Webster, Yoko Ono, Spandex, New Dog Best Thing Ever, Willard, Neighbor Offenders, Rapid Fire Rick Questions, Rick Plays Outburst, General Cow Information, Moo, Rick Is On AM Northwest

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GUEST: AARON DURAN, Driving Miss Dylan, War On Rats, Klingon Death Metal, Clown Pranks, Dominatrix Clown Improv Night, Portland Jumped The Shark, Clown CW, World Of Crazy, Mother Daugher, Monkey In Ikea, Owning A Battle Monkey, The General

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GUEST: KIELEN KING, Cars Are Fun, Smells Like Gas, Mail Hoarder, Dry Burgers, Crackhead Fight, Squatch Hunting, KT And Normfromtexas, Norm Vs. Courtney, Kielen Plays Outburst, Soul Food, 1984 Racists

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Life Changing Pie, Sweaters, Rich, Climbing Saddle Mountain, Flying Fear, Drunk Sweaty And Chatty, Rules Of Armrests, Establishing Your Space, Stake Your Claim, Enjoying The Flight, No Shoes, Travel Space, Ball Talk, Kobe 30K, Pants, Countries With C

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Stripping When Stressed, Old Man Dreams, Sauna Stretches, DMV, Public Rubbers And Meth Couples, Green Monkey, Talking Too Much, World Of Crazy, Angry Flashing, Chinese Monkeys, Marrying Cardboard, Rat Attack, Ball Talk, Pelicans, Wizards Exciting, Johnny Football

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Greg and The Task, Coffee Pick Up Lines, Ball Talk, Bynum, Tebow Call, LA Tech Fail, Lachey Kicked Out, Rodman Experience, Johnny Football Songs, World Of Crazy, Pizza Perfume, Bremerton Meth, Denny's Wedding Chapel, Brain Fluid Nose, Things That Stink

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Santa Madness, PDX Button Party, Aaron Duran To The Coast, Greg Starts Trouble, Eunice, Is Greg Haunted, Exorcism, Famous Mexicans, World Of Crazy, AVN Octomom, Setting World Records By Yourself, Never Hassle Klingons

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GUESTS: JOHN MULANEY, JESSE GRAFF, Dead Air, Kenny B, Sign Issues, You Got Me, Spock, Trek In The Dark, Santa Con, Kenny Issues, Southeast Asia, Teaching Overseas, Termites In The Car, War With The Rats, Jesse Ghosts, JOHN MULANEY, Getting Old, SNL, Tennesee Camp Comedy, Stefon, Bill Hader, Helium Comedy Club

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Greggy And S-Dogg Morning Show, Queen Of The Night, Take A Picture With Greg, Santacon, Outburst, World Of Crazy, Lilo, Jail Phone, Angry Woman, Bacon Face, Kim Is Sexy, Gift Subscriptions, Greg Helps Solo, Egg Beating, Football Excitement, 10 Famous Dwarfs

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GUEST: TAYLOR GUTERSON, Weirdness At The House, SCOTT DALLY, Exact Address, Walter And Eunice, Buried In The Yard, Bed In The Walls, Dead People In The Backyard, Never Happening, TAYLOR GUTERSON, Old Goats, Bainbridge Island, GREAT INTERVIEW

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GUESTS: CAMPY DRAPER and NIC GOANS, Sarah Is Sick, Liz and Dick, Fifths of Vodka, Miserable, Strange Dream, Mine, Go To The Address?, CAMPY and NIC, Dirty Pants, Mustaches, Bidding On Men, Great Charity Work, Movember

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Cyber Cyber Cyber, Thanksgiving Recap, Country Problems, Goose Cannon, Bremlo Harlot, Orient, Lotto Commercial, Breaking Bigfoot News, Press Releases, World Of Crazy, Chris Brown Twitter, Dollar Coupons, Happy Ladies, Ball Talk, Apple Cup, OSU, Fireman Ed, Bald Cheerleaders, Hooper, Johnny Football Cougar, Ugly Lady Terms

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Thanksgiving Show, Sarah Xmas Rules, Thankful, Bathroom Etiquette, Mens Not Womens, UA1 And B-Town, Bremelo 4 Life, World Of Crazy, Video Game World Record, No Ladies, Taser Pants, Cloggings, Ball Talk, Civil War, Pokertox, Wallace Is Sarah's Love, Tebow Dinner

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GUESTS: IAN KARMEL & SHANE TORRES, GQ Man, Photo Shoots, Creepy Pick Up Lines, Greg Is In A Commercial, The Story, Sarah Rolls Her Eyes, World Of Crazy, Terrifying Stories, Never Ever Ever Date In Thailand, IAN KARMEL & SHANE TORRES, Ian Is On Vicodin, Getting Old Bum Foot, Funny Over Everything, Shane Is Scammed By An Old Lady

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GUEST: JEFFREY OF TUNA CHRISTMAS, Sarah Issues, Hot Water Bottle, Squatch Hunting, Bobo, Squatchie, Terrible Sorority Movie, Tuna Christmas, Texas, Plays In Portland, PCPA, Ball Talk, Oregon Oregon State, Bowling Injury, Westboro Protest, Canadian's Without Hockey

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The Twinkie Apocalypse Has Happened, New Form Of Trade, Ding Dongs Are Better, Kenny Is Doing Great, Which Is Disturbing, Asian Women Advertise To Greg, World Of Crazy, Rocktuplets, Public Pleasure, Thanksgiving Song, Gooey Vitamins

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Greg Has Survived Barely, The Great Kitchen Cleaning, Scott Dally Joins, Moldy Remnants, Like The Movie Seven, The Aftermath, Going Insane, Ballad Of The Avocado King, Ball Talk, Hope Solo No, Horse Fearing, Fantastic Broadcaster References

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GUEST: MATT FROM THE SECRET SOCIETY, Dog In The Road, Crazy Old Lady, What Is A Persimmon, Braving The Fungus, Fulfilling Promises, MATT, So Exciting, Portland History, Masons, History Of Alcohol Lesson, Great Thanksgiving Drinks, Secret Society Rocks

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Greg May Not Make It, Fungus Babies, The Terrors That Await, Squatch Hunters, Calling For Coyotes, Git Ya, World Of Crazy, Satan Spawn, 50 Shades Of Jewelry, Romano Guillermo, Aint Going To Jail, Wall Art, Anthony Bourdain Twitter, Nursing Dolls

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GUEST: AARON DURAN, Greg's New Voice, Sarah Goes Dancin, UA1, Aaron, Phone Hacking, Famous Mexican Actors, Goldie Hawn, Luddite, New Job, Smelly Kids, Sasquatch Versus Ghosts, Ghost Squatch

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GUEST: WHITNEY STREED, Kenny B's Bald Spot, Greg Towels Off At The Gym, Being Marked, WHITNEY STREED, Stand-up Comedy, Going Crazy In Portland, Don't Steal Cars, Riding The Wave

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GUESTS: KIELEN KING, SARAH W., Good and Bad, Our Dinner With Mark, British Slang, Old Men Like Sarah, Gym Issues, Kielen King, Star Pilot's Revenge, Crazy Facebook Guy, Ball Talk, K Garnett Hits On Sarah, Al Green Stalking, S-Dogg Rap

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Special Announcement, Awkward Day For Greg, Strange Smells And Manic Behavior, Election Day Coverage, Rove Is Nuts, Sawyer Is Tipsy, World Of Crazy, Gain Some Inches, Ball Talk, Blake Talk, Fake Twitter, Seattle And Denver High

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Election Day, Sarah Is Nervous, Nibleristan Vs. Sarah's Calvacade Of Freedom, Gym Etiquette, Cell Phone Hackers Are Watching Sarah, World Crazy, Dutch or Danish, 600 Pound Crucifix, 50 Shades Of Baby, Ball Talk, Bears Drink Beer, Ref Mic, Romney Or Obama

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3RD ANNIVERSARY SHOW: Guests Aplenty, Kenny, Aaron, Scott, Jen, Lillie, Remembering It All, Favorite Guests, Special Messages From Sharky and Chester Huntington III, THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!

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GUEST: MARK THE BRIT, Number 5 Is Alive, Click And Support, KENNY B, The Royal We, New Diet, Short Circuit, MARK, Tinkers, English Candies, Russel Brand, Speaking English, Ball Talk, Tebow, Predictions, Ron Artest, Mark Is The President

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Dia De Los Muertos, Woman As A Man As A Woman, Freaky, Peeping, Gang Trick Or Treat, Whidbey Island Gangstas.  Sarah Talks Tough, K-Mart Gangs, UA1 Filipino Dance Gang, Serving People, GOLD JERRY, One Of Our Favorite Episodes

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HALLOWEEN!, Rules, Walter, Costumes, Goodman Crush, Creepy, Trick Or Treating Country Style, Stealing Candy, School House, World Of Crazy, Ugly Daughters, Tree Skeleton, Tila Time Traveler, Ball Talk, RA KG PP Love Affair, Stealing From Eleven Year Olds, Dana White Is Nice

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Owed A Grand, Upscale Air Mattress, Confusing Reality, Old Lady Choking, Planned Vengeance, Mickey And Darth, Sarah Recaps Star Wars, World Of Crazy, Donnie Wahlberg, Paradise City Road, NKOTB to Blame For Skinny Jeans, Tila Tequila Conspiracy Theorist

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GUEST: AARON DURAN, Loki Of Asgard, Purple, Power Balloon, Jem Is Evil, Duke Boys Replacements, Coy And Vance, Knight Rider Rocked, A-Team Fan Fiction, World Of Crazy, Lindsay Is Smart, Courtney Stodden, 14 Bond Girls, Gravestone, Bob Ross, Ball Talk, QBs Down, Harden, Ben-Gal, Canseco Twitter, Giants Song

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode730.mp3
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GUESTS: BRIAN AND LISA WOOD from BIG-ASS SANDWICHES, Fright Town Terrified Sarah, Strange Things In A Driveway, Bevy Of Comments, Ball Talk, Skinny Jeans, Question For Brian And Lisa, Fly Boy, The Big Move, Thank You Supporters, You Guys RAWK, Rock Hard Belly Button, Singers And Bands

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode729.mp3
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GUEST: ARI SHAFFIR, Taunting Greg, Gifts From GITC Radio, Detroit Dream, Beds Where They Don't Belong, Sarah Upset At Article, Ball Talk, Stern Retires, Magic Licorice, Sanders Signing Bonus, Beer Contract, Special Song, ARI SHAFFIR, Hilarity Ensues, Podcasting and Uncomfortable Trips

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GUEST: SARAH W., Sarah Is Legit, Marketing Goddess, Voting, I'm The Judge, Anger Management, Greg Is A Ashamed, Plethora Of Weird, Ruler, Traffic Court, I'm Batman, New Step Dad

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode727.mp3
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Full Of Crazy, Further Proof Of Mayans, Harnessing Meth, Dog Whisperer, Sarah Justice, Ball Talk, Brothel Sponsor, Brooke Shields, Pranks For Jobs, Rally Squirrel, World Of Crazy, Mystery Monkey, Rash, Another Former Of Dog Whispering, Jersey PCP

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode726.mp3
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The Apocalypse Is Upon Us, Meth Update, Return Of Aaron Duran, How Does XBOX Work, Greg's 6000 Calorie Adventure, Shame Food, Batman, Costumes, Drunko Mexican Costume, Bunnies, World Of Crazy, Rich Kitchens Fantasy League, Townships, Skunk Shooting, Hire An Owl

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode725.mp3
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Don't Pick Me Up, Big And Loud, Meeting Listeners, Finding Scooters, I'm a Giver, Meth Watch, Meth Zombie, Deer CrossinWorld Of Crazy, Ghostbusters 3, Florida Man, Instestines, Milk Dog, Ball Talk, Lance Armstrong, Chargers PR, Side Hugs

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode724.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 6:00pm PDT

GUEST: JOHN HEFFRON, An Epic Tale Becomes Epicer, Update On An Orange Truck, Full Disclosure, A Revalation Of Sorts, A Stern Warning, World Of Crazy, Stodden Dad Husband, Fighting Over Beer, Special Hotline, Mystery Monkey Of Tampa Bay, Special Kid And Puppies, JOHN HEFFRON, Dirty Microphones, Podcasting And Radio, Touring Comedians, Go See John At Helium Comedy Club

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode723.mp3
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GUEST: DON FROST, Big Announcement Coming, Meth Issues, Finally Fed Up, Calling Out Mayoral Candidates, Sarah's News Story, DON FROST, Big & Loud, Start Up Meth, Use It For Good, Don's Fantastic Ideas Hour, Big & Loud Live At Mt. Tabor Theater

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode722.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:41pm PDT

GUEST: TYLER STENSON, Sarah Cleans, Greg's Fancy Shoot, Location, Cuts and Slices, Outdated Outburst, Scooter Is Missing, Stolen, Free The B**bies, Let Them Wave In The Wind, Meth Heads Dismantling Car, Portland Mayoral Race, Kenny Meme, Costume Issues, TYLER STENSON, Alladin Theater, Embarrassing Kenny, Wrestling, Booking, LIVE SONG

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode721.mp3
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GUEST: MARGARET CHO, Excited, Big Gig, Kenny B, Asian Travels, Floor Pills, Avocado Obsession, Paste Eaters, MARGARET CHO, Portlandia, Comics, Standup, Drop Dead Diva, Alex Bennett Show, Solen A'luna opening, Special Offering, Greg Out Monday

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode720.mp3
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GUEST: JOEY DIAZ, American Horror Story Kid Next Door, VP Drinking Games, On TV, Smoky Meth Heads, World Of Crazy, I'm Sexy And I Know It, Funeral Strippers, Biting Lady, JOEY DIAZ, Podcasting, Power Of Social Media, Celebrity Sightings, Robbing Hookers

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode719.mp3
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Check One, Exciting News, No Top Or Bottom, Greg And Sarah On Comcast, New Job Audition, World Of Crazy, Lohan Best Mom Ever, Shower Stabbing, Hobbit Coins, Mystery Monkey, Sneaking Meth, Ball Talk, TO No, Mark Devil Sanchez, Jesus Tebow, Bengals Cheerleader High School Boy

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode718.mp3
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It's Sarah's Birthday, BDay Facts, Present Kid, Greg's Nightmare, Meth Tutes, Surprise Guest, Cupcakes, Dummy Wish, World Of Crazy, Assaulting For Love, I'm On Bath Salts, Cryogenic Burns, Selling Wares, Cockroach Dinner, Ball Talk, Jeter Autograph, Tebow Devil, Canseco Tweets

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode717.mp3
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What Day Is It, The Rules Of Birthdays, Not Eating, Gray, AARON DURAN, Girdles, Loki, That Guy At Thanksgiving, Burning Computers, In The Year 3000, Presents, Ball Talk Sad, World Of Crazy, Glute Enhancement, Ghost Investigations, Yelling The Name

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode716.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:30pm PDT

Nose Plug, Greg Is Bleeding, Sarah Logic, Possession, Kenny B Was A Troubled Youth, Mob Justice, BB Gun Incident, World Of Crazy, Montag Dance, Punctured Bladder, Special Map, Ball Talk, Nelson Cruz Fire Truck, Hulk Hogan Gets Down, Tebow, Tom Green Razorback, Predictions, No Remorse

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode715.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:15pm PDT

GUEST: ARJ BARKER, Arj Directly Off The Plane, Great Interview, Official Show Start, Coffee Too Much, Tacos And Vodka, National Day, Taco Jerk, Angering Hippies, World Of Crazy, Chugger Update Press Conference, PORTLAND ELVIS and JEDIDIAH, Elvis Birthday, Hilarity and Craziness Ensue, Tutes

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode714.mp3
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GUESTS: IAN KARMEL and SHANE TORRES, Running Is Annoying, Short, Sickly Child, Bus Bully, World Of Crazy, Debate Drinking Game, Sandwich Assault, Chugging Update, Ball Talk,, Tea Update, Sharapova Grunt, IAN and SHANE, Mean Bus Drivers, Vanderbeek, Sad Song, Setup, Mail Undergarments

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode713.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:53pm PDT

GUEST: MAGGIE STIEFVATER, We're Back, Weird Missing A Day, Media Day, Live on KGW, Greg Is Short, Building Updates, Gavin Is Woken Up, FMV, MAGGIE STIEFVATER, Ball Talk, Choke Hold, Hacking, Sad Saga Of Garnett, World Of Crazy, 36 Vials, Weird Cheapskates, Farmer And His Pig, Hot Dog

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode712.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:48pm PDT

TNG, Holadeck Napolean, Kenny B, Listener Party Recap, Meth Head Cops, Frisking, Holiday In Cambodia, New Dad, World Of Crazy, Kesha Ghost, Virgin Airs, B-Chugging, Ball Talk, Croatian Beer, Eva And Mark, Reporter Mishap

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode711.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:39pm PDT

GUEST: DANA GOULD, Big Announcement, New Schedule Of Life, Greg Regrets, Tagging Meth Heads, The Cleaner, Sarah Is The Crazy Lady, World Of Crazy, Rob Is Dumb, SOA Problem, Doll Drowning, DANA GOULD, Dana Gould Podcast, Preparing A Special, Kids And Halloween, The Shoe Conundrum

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode710.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:43pm PDT

Escalation Of The Cooler, Hanging With Brooklyn Brothers, Stabby Homeless Lady, Scott Accusation, The Princess Bride Facts, Dark Black Heart, Ball Talk, Referee Deal, Cowboys Website, Bad Song, Birthdays, World Of Crazy, Khaleesi McFarland, Relations With A Couch, McFury, McRib And Yoga Mat, French Maid, Jealous Short Man

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode709.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:44pm PDT

GUESTS: RYAN O'NAN and MICHAEL WESTON, The Shoe Plot Thickens, SCOTT DALLY, Getting Riled Up, Revenge, Ball Talk, Seattle Green Bay Debacle, LFL Refs, Blow The Whistle, BROOKLYN BROTHERS BEAT THE BEST, Portland Food Carts, Dreams Come True, Old Married Couple, Actual Record, Very Cool

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode708.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:14pm PDT

GUEST: DANIEL SIMPSON, THANK YOU, Listener Party Awesomeness, Special Shots, Day Of Pipes, Country PI Case Closed, Sarah And The Shoes, DANIEL SIMPSON, A Rough Guide To The Dark Side, Serbian Mafia, Fantastic Story

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode707.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:40pm PDT

GUEST: PAUL REISER GUEST: COURAGE, Kenny B, Day Before Listener Party, Double Stroller, Tanning Bed Issues, PAUL REISER, Awesomeness, COURAGE, Billy Bob Courage Russel Spanker III, Murky Bongwater, Live Song In Studio

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode706.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:35pm PDT

Phantom, Country PI Is On The Case, Blackout, Meth Head Rebellion, Starting A Cult, World Of Crazy, I Am Jack Sparrow, Public Pleasure, Tender Crispy Treat

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode705.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 5:27pm PDT

Stone A Comin', Courage Practice, Fake Tall Shoes, Accentuate The Butt, Sacramone, Creepy Emails To Sarah, Stashing Pictures In Other Items, World Of Crazy, Talk Like A Pirate, Twilight Reunion, Chunk Of Member, Bathroom Baby Test, Special Kind Of Cook

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode704.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:26pm PDT

Voice Advise, Destroying Things Around Greg, New Song, Parking Cars Is Hard, Interviewing Gymnasts, Spider Baby's, I Hate You, Professional Soup, Deena Lohan, Ball Talk, Bad Refs, Baseball Love, Stephen A Smith Angry, Bad Sports Songs, Patch On Bars

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode703.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:19pm PDT

Covered In Bites, The Greg Nibler Story, Big-Ass Sandwiches And Timbers, Aaron Duran, Falling Down The Geek Well, Walken Dead Zone, Ball Talk, Small Balls, Lockouts, World Of Crazy, Amanda Bynes Is Crazy, Stay Away From Seattle, Accidental Stabbing

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode702.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:33pm PDT

Winners, AARON DURAN, Aaron Hates Cornholing, KENNY B, Where Is Kenny's Mother In Law, Meth Quiz, METHCON 3, Listener Party, FERPARTY, Mail, Country Sleuthing, Is It Aaron's Mom, Traitor, Ball Talk Predictions, Role Playing Games, Who Wouldn't Be Captain

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode701.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:32pm PDT

GUEST: MAZ JOBRANI, Greg Wants Animals, Crosby Stills Nash Old People, Guy Crush, World Of Crazy, Octomom House, Ex-boyfriend Attic, Gnawing, Ball Talk, Ron Artest Standup, MAZ JOBRANI, Stage Time, Patience, Axis Of Evil, Middle East Tour, Moley, Friday After Next, King Hussein Of Jordan

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode700.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:31pm PDT

GUEST: NATHAN BRANNON, Amy's Dogs, SOA Not Spoiler, Johnny, Dead Zone, Birthday Rules, Greg Wants A Mammoth, Big Show At Helium, Idaho Adventures, Eye Contact, Black Bear, Chasing Fox, Riding Mammoths, Ball Talk, Lochte Song, World Of Crazy, Terrible Underpants, Dirty Restaurant And Chicken Nuggets, Nathan's Bathroom Rules

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode699.mp3
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Greg Is Bad With Pipes, The Day Is The Day, Special People, GUEST: ANTON from SOREL'S, Sorel's Rocks, On The Road, Antique Rivalries, World Of Crazy, Today Show Moment, Flattened Hamburger, Pleasure On A Plane, I'm Going To Repent, Stabbing Cars, Ball Talk, Girl Golf, WKU

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode698.mp3
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Khaleesi Shakalaka,  Moon And Stars, Rose City Comic Con, Con Funk, Rian Joins Us, Mic Time, Lady Competition, Miss Nepal, IHON, Ball Talk, Oregon State, Paterno, Armstrong, Arkansas Lady, World Of Crazy, Sunbathing Incident, Parasites In Your Eyes, Pole Dancing For Kids

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode697.mp3
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Using Floppy Discs, Old Sarah Tech, SCOTT DALLY, Tute Walk Description, Willie Nelson Concert, Random Meetings, Cornholing, Rose City Comicon, 2 Kids And A Goose, Sarah Revenge, Ball Talk, Purple, Fantasy Economy, Predictions, Letter To Pastor, Tebow Song, Horrible Story Of The Week

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode696.mp3
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GUEST: CHRIS FAIRBANKS, Willie Day, Kenny Concludes The Mom In Law Adventure, Or Does He, Ball Talk, Usain, Neil Armstrong Football, CHRIS FAIRBANKS, World Of Crazy, Space Whiskey, Octomom, Chips Stabbing, Asian Ghost Scam

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Neighborhood Meth Bombs, You May Be The Weird Neighbor, GUEST: AARON DURAN, Casa Bonita, Tortillas, Cliff Divers, Sticky Honey, Atreyu, Childhood Crushes, World Of Crazy, Green Lake Pusher, 50 Shades Of Chud, Purple Sheets, Falling In Love With Tutes, Faking Death For Love

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GUEST: KELLY CLARKE, Bus Ride Prophet, Dispensing Facts, Leeches With Transmitters, Bob The Soup Guy, Ruphie Soup, Kissing Spider-Man, Red Shoe Diaries, Ladies Yapping, Ball Talk, Michael And Kelly, Texans, Jungle Bird, Greg's Tips For Handsome Women, Ammonia Eyes, BDSM For Cosmo

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No Oots, Invisible Obama, Twitter Handles, Sarah Needs A Helmet, Bike Rides, Labyrinth Comparisons, Ball Talk, Replacements, Predictions, Draft Me Maybe, World Of Crazy, Darwin Gun, Bremerton Cig, Yacht Bathrooms, 346 Pound Garlic Knots, Charity, Tramatic Fracture

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GUEST: BRENDON WALSH, Dog Singerer, Walter Where Are You, Kenny B's Mom In Law, Cougar Life, Curvy, BRENDON WALSH, Funemployment Radio Network Listener Party, Jupiter Hotel, Irish Twins, Amazon

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Happy When Sad, Meth Lady, Birthdays, Stodden Age, Newsroom, Greg's New Number One, World Of Crazy, Courtney Stodden, Whale Barf, Balloon Love, Sarah Master, Ball Talk, Timbers Update, Ochocinco Tweet, Tyson Ear, Kelly Clarkson Cowboys, Sharky Writes To Tuggy

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The Signs, Sarah Lacks Sleep, Red Riders Club, Greg Shows The Way, Fungus Babies, Join A Cult, Pee Wee Birthday, Sick Movies, Did John Mayer Sell His Soul, LISTENER PARTY, Ball Talk, Hole In One, Hot Dog Coup, No More Touching, World Of Crazy, SQUATCH or Not, Either Deceased Or Having Fun

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Coasties, Different Type, Sly Grab, Hillbilly Crabbers, Racist Old Ladies, Foreigners, AARON DURAN, Aaron And Greg On The Hunt, Coffee Panic Attack, Aliens On The Moon, Ball Talk, No T.O., Dez Restrictions, News Anchor Makes Mistake

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GUEST: CHELSEA PERETTI, Tutes In The Building, Country PI On The Case, Kenny Update, Not So Fast, CHELSEA PERETTI, All My Exes, LAX, Balancing Act, Nails, Ray J Exploration, Basketball, QVC, Camping, Ball Talk, Lance Armstrong, Jose Canseco, World Of 50 Shades Of Crazy, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

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Neighbors Love Us, Running Challenge, Harrassed By Homeless, Finding Bodies, Felony Flats, Lovely Working Girls, Too Much Coffee, Ball talk, Strahan And Ripa, Beer Chugging Athlete Hero, World Of Crazy, Gibbon Helium, Chester Reads 50 Shades Of Grey

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Going Through Changes, What's Been Happening To Rick Emerson, Secret Castles, Happy Birthday Lisa And Deb, Ball Talk, Don't Wear Michigan In OKC, High On Football, LeBron, Failed Swim, World Of Crazy, Hey Now Ladies, 50 Shades Of Sad Women

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Greg Destroys The Green Room, Burning And Water, GUEST AARON DURAN, Metalachi, Talking Smack, Manhands, Lotto Commercial, Meth Heads Step Up Game, Does ET Harrass Greg?, World Of Crazy, Wolverine Attack, Dating A Buddy's Mom, Woogity Son Of Autobot

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GUEST: ANDREW GOFFMAN, THE ACCIDENTAL PERVERT, Thanks Driver, Soap Box Derby, Greg's Fun Weekend Of Pipes, Manbians, Medical Advice From Congress, ANDREW GOFFMAN, Ball Talk, Akron Boo, Cuba Swim, Fake Website, Jeah, World Of Crazy, Octomom Song, Loud Love Deal, Microwave Armpits, Bobby Hill ID, Partying With Monkeys

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Is Greg Hispanic, Blue Eyes, Sarah At The Pool, Scabby Water, One Hour From SF, Playing A Game, Greg's Ultimate Dating Fail, Charlotte, World Of Crazy, Cosmo, Banning Spells, Licking Remotes, Compacted In A Dumpster

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GUEST: BRIAN POSEHN, Sarah Goes To Court, Knives, Scooter Crimes, BRIAN POSEHN, Origins Of Comedy, Grief For Mustaine, Juggalos At 430am, Deadpool And Marvel, Rob Zombie And Horror Movies, Pranks, Story Never Told, Helium Comedy Club

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More Comfortable, Awkward Audio, Milking Almonds, Is Sarah OCD, Whats Up Brother, Posehn On Show Tomorrow, Ball Talk, Awkward Cinco, Big Kid, Repo Baseball, Scrabble Chater, World Of Crazy, Ex Baywatch Noahs Ark, Bill Gates Toilets, Worst Named Towns, Alcoholic Sandwiches

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Sarah Is Parentally Paranoid, Super Secret Guest Aaron Duran, Recluse, Don't Say Bad Words, Big-Ass Sandwiches Party, AMAZON, Sarah Is Stabby And Greg Disappears, Skyrim Amazement, Ball Talk, Chad Ochocinco Ocho-outo, Give Her An Internship, Creeped Out, World Of Crazy, New Words, Hearse Death, Special Tattoos

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GUEST: KATIE CAZORLA, Sunburns And Floating Platforms, "Camping", Hooker Island, King Of The Hill, Bears & Cougars Oh My, Ricketsfest, Falling Down, Clam Juice, Special Enounter At The Road, 8 Foot Can, KATIE CAZORLA, The Nail Files, The Painted Nail, TV Guide Network, Katie Is AWESOME!, World Of Crazy, ICP v FBI, Visine Water, Not A Whore, Meat Factory, Did Greg Blow It

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Rickets Is Today, My Fake Band, Kenny B's World Crashes, Flying To Thailand, Fake Names, Amplified Version Of Problems, Poking The Bear, Tuggy Challenge, World Of Crazy, Randy Travis Leather, Sunburn Knife, Covered In Crisco, Spider Ear, Fishing Meth

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10 Years Of Rickets Maybe, Forest Napolean, Drunk 11 Year Olds, Cabins Aren't Camping, Jars On The Road, Staring Lady, Sarah Is A Creepy Neighbor, SOREL'S, Should We Have This Guest On Contest, Loverr Man

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So Long Jerry, Why Jam Bands Why, Greg's Big Achievement, Listener Keith, Nerds vs Geeks, Games vs Sports, Cards Are Sticks, BLONDIE DEVO TICKETS TO SLEEP COUNTRY AMP, Ball Talk, Stotts, Hard Shot, German Declaration, Lady Ref, Gamers Are Athletes Maybe

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Congrats Kielen, Boil Man aka Lumpy Update, One Step To Cats, Audition, Literally Busted, Felony Count, Country PI Digs Deep, Ball Talk, TO Seahawk, Paint Ball Fitness, Aus Zealand, Golden Cocktail, Cheaters, Phelps Admits, Line Cutter, World Of Crazy, Fun Car Chase, Hiding In Septic, No Facebook Equals Crazy, Sleeping Surprise, Special Site, Aliens Say Take Off Your Shirt

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Dirtiest Pool Story Ever, Public Infractions, Falling In Love, AARON DURAN, Camping Snob, Salamanders Eat Toenails, Water Lizards, River Lobsters, Oysters, Mars Rover, Mohawk Man, Yay Tech

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One Hit Wonders, Ding Ning, Always Wear Your Helmet, Urban Turbans, Ball Talk, Long Island Fun, Swimming To New York, Secrets Of Swimmers, Twitter Accounts Hacked, World Of Crazy, UnBaby, Italians Are Sensitive, Leg Fun, Walmart Love, Horrible People

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GUEST: TODD GLASS, plus DANNY FELTS & NIC GOANS from THE SPICY NEWS NETWORK, Sportlandia, Action-Packed, TODD GLASS, Todd Glass Show, USO Tour, Patti Labelle, Dinnery Party, Party At Todd's, SPICY NEWS, Pepper Enthusiasts, Beginnings, Stand-up, Spicy Interviews, Homeless People, Olympics

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Beware The Whiskerz!, Running Man Annoying, Dawn Taylor And Josie, Boil Man, Lumpy, Meth Tiki Torches, Country PI Undercover, Annoying Dad, Personal Truman Show, Sarah And Her Scooter, Guest Announcement, Ball Talk, Congrats, Lobsters, Badminton Cheaters, Boris Gets Stuck, Let Larry Live

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Spicy, Sweaty People, Meth Growths, Mean Mugging, Neil Diamond Genius Or Sleaze, Facts, Space Talk, Ball Talk, Crop, UFO, Kobe Shirtless Angry Vanessa, Angry Olympic Tweets, Lesbian Archers, Fencing, World Of Crazy, Bad McDonald's, Hair On Fire, Cutters Justice

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