Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

HALLOWEEN!, Rules, Walter, Costumes, Goodman Crush, Creepy, Trick Or Treating Country Style, Stealing Candy, School House, World Of Crazy, Ugly Daughters, Tree Skeleton, Tila Time Traveler, Ball Talk, RA KG PP Love Affair, Stealing From Eleven Year Olds, Dana White Is Nice

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Owed A Grand, Upscale Air Mattress, Confusing Reality, Old Lady Choking, Planned Vengeance, Mickey And Darth, Sarah Recaps Star Wars, World Of Crazy, Donnie Wahlberg, Paradise City Road, NKOTB to Blame For Skinny Jeans, Tila Tequila Conspiracy Theorist

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GUEST: AARON DURAN, Loki Of Asgard, Purple, Power Balloon, Jem Is Evil, Duke Boys Replacements, Coy And Vance, Knight Rider Rocked, A-Team Fan Fiction, World Of Crazy, Lindsay Is Smart, Courtney Stodden, 14 Bond Girls, Gravestone, Bob Ross, Ball Talk, QBs Down, Harden, Ben-Gal, Canseco Twitter, Giants Song

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GUESTS: BRIAN AND LISA WOOD from BIG-ASS SANDWICHES, Fright Town Terrified Sarah, Strange Things In A Driveway, Bevy Of Comments, Ball Talk, Skinny Jeans, Question For Brian And Lisa, Fly Boy, The Big Move, Thank You Supporters, You Guys RAWK, Rock Hard Belly Button, Singers And Bands

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GUEST: ARI SHAFFIR, Taunting Greg, Gifts From GITC Radio, Detroit Dream, Beds Where They Don't Belong, Sarah Upset At Article, Ball Talk, Stern Retires, Magic Licorice, Sanders Signing Bonus, Beer Contract, Special Song, ARI SHAFFIR, Hilarity Ensues, Podcasting and Uncomfortable Trips

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GUEST: SARAH W., Sarah Is Legit, Marketing Goddess, Voting, I'm The Judge, Anger Management, Greg Is A Ashamed, Plethora Of Weird, Ruler, Traffic Court, I'm Batman, New Step Dad

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Full Of Crazy, Further Proof Of Mayans, Harnessing Meth, Dog Whisperer, Sarah Justice, Ball Talk, Brothel Sponsor, Brooke Shields, Pranks For Jobs, Rally Squirrel, World Of Crazy, Mystery Monkey, Rash, Another Former Of Dog Whispering, Jersey PCP

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The Apocalypse Is Upon Us, Meth Update, Return Of Aaron Duran, How Does XBOX Work, Greg's 6000 Calorie Adventure, Shame Food, Batman, Costumes, Drunko Mexican Costume, Bunnies, World Of Crazy, Rich Kitchens Fantasy League, Townships, Skunk Shooting, Hire An Owl

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Don't Pick Me Up, Big And Loud, Meeting Listeners, Finding Scooters, I'm a Giver, Meth Watch, Meth Zombie, Deer CrossinWorld Of Crazy, Ghostbusters 3, Florida Man, Instestines, Milk Dog, Ball Talk, Lance Armstrong, Chargers PR, Side Hugs

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GUEST: JOHN HEFFRON, An Epic Tale Becomes Epicer, Update On An Orange Truck, Full Disclosure, A Revalation Of Sorts, A Stern Warning, World Of Crazy, Stodden Dad Husband, Fighting Over Beer, Special Hotline, Mystery Monkey Of Tampa Bay, Special Kid And Puppies, JOHN HEFFRON, Dirty Microphones, Podcasting And Radio, Touring Comedians, Go See John At Helium Comedy Club

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GUEST: DON FROST, Big Announcement Coming, Meth Issues, Finally Fed Up, Calling Out Mayoral Candidates, Sarah's News Story, DON FROST, Big & Loud, Start Up Meth, Use It For Good, Don's Fantastic Ideas Hour, Big & Loud Live At Mt. Tabor Theater

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GUEST: TYLER STENSON, Sarah Cleans, Greg's Fancy Shoot, Location, Cuts and Slices, Outdated Outburst, Scooter Is Missing, Stolen, Free The B**bies, Let Them Wave In The Wind, Meth Heads Dismantling Car, Portland Mayoral Race, Kenny Meme, Costume Issues, TYLER STENSON, Alladin Theater, Embarrassing Kenny, Wrestling, Booking, LIVE SONG

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GUEST: MARGARET CHO, Excited, Big Gig, Kenny B, Asian Travels, Floor Pills, Avocado Obsession, Paste Eaters, MARGARET CHO, Portlandia, Comics, Standup, Drop Dead Diva, Alex Bennett Show, Solen A'luna opening, Special Offering, Greg Out Monday

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GUEST: JOEY DIAZ, American Horror Story Kid Next Door, VP Drinking Games, On TV, Smoky Meth Heads, World Of Crazy, I'm Sexy And I Know It, Funeral Strippers, Biting Lady, JOEY DIAZ, Podcasting, Power Of Social Media, Celebrity Sightings, Robbing Hookers

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Check One, Exciting News, No Top Or Bottom, Greg And Sarah On Comcast, New Job Audition, World Of Crazy, Lohan Best Mom Ever, Shower Stabbing, Hobbit Coins, Mystery Monkey, Sneaking Meth, Ball Talk, TO No, Mark Devil Sanchez, Jesus Tebow, Bengals Cheerleader High School Boy

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It's Sarah's Birthday, BDay Facts, Present Kid, Greg's Nightmare, Meth Tutes, Surprise Guest, Cupcakes, Dummy Wish, World Of Crazy, Assaulting For Love, I'm On Bath Salts, Cryogenic Burns, Selling Wares, Cockroach Dinner, Ball Talk, Jeter Autograph, Tebow Devil, Canseco Tweets

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What Day Is It, The Rules Of Birthdays, Not Eating, Gray, AARON DURAN, Girdles, Loki, That Guy At Thanksgiving, Burning Computers, In The Year 3000, Presents, Ball Talk Sad, World Of Crazy, Glute Enhancement, Ghost Investigations, Yelling The Name

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Nose Plug, Greg Is Bleeding, Sarah Logic, Possession, Kenny B Was A Troubled Youth, Mob Justice, BB Gun Incident, World Of Crazy, Montag Dance, Punctured Bladder, Special Map, Ball Talk, Nelson Cruz Fire Truck, Hulk Hogan Gets Down, Tebow, Tom Green Razorback, Predictions, No Remorse

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GUEST: ARJ BARKER, Arj Directly Off The Plane, Great Interview, Official Show Start, Coffee Too Much, Tacos And Vodka, National Day, Taco Jerk, Angering Hippies, World Of Crazy, Chugger Update Press Conference, PORTLAND ELVIS and JEDIDIAH, Elvis Birthday, Hilarity and Craziness Ensue, Tutes

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GUESTS: IAN KARMEL and SHANE TORRES, Running Is Annoying, Short, Sickly Child, Bus Bully, World Of Crazy, Debate Drinking Game, Sandwich Assault, Chugging Update, Ball Talk,, Tea Update, Sharapova Grunt, IAN and SHANE, Mean Bus Drivers, Vanderbeek, Sad Song, Setup, Mail Undergarments

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GUEST: MAGGIE STIEFVATER, We're Back, Weird Missing A Day, Media Day, Live on KGW, Greg Is Short, Building Updates, Gavin Is Woken Up, FMV, MAGGIE STIEFVATER, Ball Talk, Choke Hold, Hacking, Sad Saga Of Garnett, World Of Crazy, 36 Vials, Weird Cheapskates, Farmer And His Pig, Hot Dog

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