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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Today: It's Halloween! We have lots of fun facts, answering the door, black-eyed children and what do they want, carved turnips and the good candy, and have a great afternoon all!

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Today: We are still both trying to figure out what the heck to wear for Halloween, Juggalo Jan Crouch, Elsa the Disney Princess, do kids expect candy on the weekend, and more - PLUS: A big announcement about an event we have coming up!!!

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Today: Kurt Braunohler is on the show and he is fantastic; we talk all things doing a new show, pandemic recreating, being in Barbarian, and more - he's rad! Have an excellent day my friends!

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Today: We were joined in-studio by our dear pal Rick Emerson! It's a strange but fun one, we talk all things about dragon shows to taboo topics in them, plus did Greg hear a ghost? Thanks for listening all!

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Today: We were joined by comedian and friend Matt Braunger, who has just released (today!) his new stand-up album Doug - find it today on any of your favorite video-on-demand platforms! We also chatted about Halloween costumes, being on Upload, driving across the country, and more - have a great day all!

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Today: Sarah is clearly a ding dong and didn't remember a BUNCH of things when she traveled to Seattle, band talk and walking to school, the Taco Time debacle, lost car on the ferry, going to Bremerton, dog models, and much more - have a great day! 

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Today: We were joined in-studio by the delightful Zach Sherwin! Zach is so full of knowledge and magical tidbits, he talked to all about his show The Crossword Show, along with crossword puzzles, trivia, the crossword community (it's a thing!), and a lot more - it's a ton of fun! Catch him tonight at Mississippi Studios (get your tickets here) and TOMORROW night at The Here-After in Seattle (tickets here)! Have a great day all!

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Today: Greg has found a new creepy voice that he wanted to try, the wall man and writing people letters, paying for cab with beer, mosquitos find their people, NFL drama and what happened with the Mariners, and thanks for listening!

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Today: Greg doesn't quite know how to make coffee, 82nd waiting room and the characters in it, running down the street to see the motorcade, and more - have a great afternoon all!

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Today: Greg has to fill out a new form for his "talents" as an actor so he workshops a bunch of scenarios, accents and astrology, juggling and breakdancing, and a whole bunch of weirdness :) Have a wonderful weekend all!

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Today: We were joined by our friend Lane Moore to talk about her upcoming show this weekend at Polaris Hall - get your tickets here! Also chatted about her upcoming book, Murder or Fudge, and much more - she is a delight. Have a great day!

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Today: Greg doesn't know how to respond when people talk about Bowie, white wolf of the neighborhood, Sarah and her love of everything 90s and Christopher Pike, grenades in Newport and a Squatch Watch, and have an awesome day!

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Today: Sarah had her birthday weekend and it was a lot of fun, fancy drinks and karaoke, going to see Clutch and the Scorps fans, fanny pack friends and cargo short pockets, and have an excellent day all - thanks for listening! :)

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Today: It's Sarah's birthday weekend and she's turning the answer to the universe! Greg got some awesome dollar tree presents, mean nail guy, free food places, and more - have a wonderful weekend all!

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Today: We were joined by our dear friend Andy Beach! We chatted all about our different experiences in Amsterdam, going to fancy dinner and whiskey bars, working for Microsoft and NBA announcing, and much more - he is a rad human and we could not have had a better time on our trip with him :) Thanks so much for listening all, have a great day! 

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Today: We were joined by our friend Rick Emerson to talk about when do you figure out when you get old, Greg and his new fancy shirt, Twilight Zone, Stephen King, and more - have a great day friends!

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Today: Greg posted something accidentally online and now he doesn't know how many people saw it, Sarah had her first teeth cleaning in 13 years and it was an interesting experience, and we were joined by friend & comedian Jeff Baldinger to talk about Elvis, performing NEXT Wednesday, October 12th, at the Crocodile - get your tickets here! Have a great day all! 

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