Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

No Oots, Invisible Obama, Twitter Handles, Sarah Needs A Helmet, Bike Rides, Labyrinth Comparisons, Ball Talk, Replacements, Predictions, Draft Me Maybe, World Of Crazy, Darwin Gun, Bremerton Cig, Yacht Bathrooms, 346 Pound Garlic Knots, Charity, Tramatic Fracture

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GUEST: BRENDON WALSH, Dog Singerer, Walter Where Are You, Kenny B's Mom In Law, Cougar Life, Curvy, BRENDON WALSH, Funemployment Radio Network Listener Party, Jupiter Hotel, Irish Twins, Amazon

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Happy When Sad, Meth Lady, Birthdays, Stodden Age, Newsroom, Greg's New Number One, World Of Crazy, Courtney Stodden, Whale Barf, Balloon Love, Sarah Master, Ball Talk, Timbers Update, Ochocinco Tweet, Tyson Ear, Kelly Clarkson Cowboys, Sharky Writes To Tuggy

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The Signs, Sarah Lacks Sleep, Red Riders Club, Greg Shows The Way, Fungus Babies, Join A Cult, Pee Wee Birthday, Sick Movies, Did John Mayer Sell His Soul, LISTENER PARTY, Ball Talk, Hole In One, Hot Dog Coup, No More Touching, World Of Crazy, SQUATCH or Not, Either Deceased Or Having Fun

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Coasties, Different Type, Sly Grab, Hillbilly Crabbers, Racist Old Ladies, Foreigners, AARON DURAN, Aaron And Greg On The Hunt, Coffee Panic Attack, Aliens On The Moon, Ball Talk, No T.O., Dez Restrictions, News Anchor Makes Mistake

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GUEST: CHELSEA PERETTI, Tutes In The Building, Country PI On The Case, Kenny Update, Not So Fast, CHELSEA PERETTI, All My Exes, LAX, Balancing Act, Nails, Ray J Exploration, Basketball, QVC, Camping, Ball Talk, Lance Armstrong, Jose Canseco, World Of 50 Shades Of Crazy, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

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Neighbors Love Us, Running Challenge, Harrassed By Homeless, Finding Bodies, Felony Flats, Lovely Working Girls, Too Much Coffee, Ball talk, Strahan And Ripa, Beer Chugging Athlete Hero, World Of Crazy, Gibbon Helium, Chester Reads 50 Shades Of Grey

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Going Through Changes, What's Been Happening To Rick Emerson, Secret Castles, Happy Birthday Lisa And Deb, Ball Talk, Don't Wear Michigan In OKC, High On Football, LeBron, Failed Swim, World Of Crazy, Hey Now Ladies, 50 Shades Of Sad Women

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Greg Destroys The Green Room, Burning And Water, GUEST AARON DURAN, Metalachi, Talking Smack, Manhands, Lotto Commercial, Meth Heads Step Up Game, Does ET Harrass Greg?, World Of Crazy, Wolverine Attack, Dating A Buddy's Mom, Woogity Son Of Autobot

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GUEST: ANDREW GOFFMAN, THE ACCIDENTAL PERVERT, Thanks Driver, Soap Box Derby, Greg's Fun Weekend Of Pipes, Manbians, Medical Advice From Congress, ANDREW GOFFMAN, Ball Talk, Akron Boo, Cuba Swim, Fake Website, Jeah, World Of Crazy, Octomom Song, Loud Love Deal, Microwave Armpits, Bobby Hill ID, Partying With Monkeys

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Is Greg Hispanic, Blue Eyes, Sarah At The Pool, Scabby Water, One Hour From SF, Playing A Game, Greg's Ultimate Dating Fail, Charlotte, World Of Crazy, Cosmo, Banning Spells, Licking Remotes, Compacted In A Dumpster

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GUEST: BRIAN POSEHN, Sarah Goes To Court, Knives, Scooter Crimes, BRIAN POSEHN, Origins Of Comedy, Grief For Mustaine, Juggalos At 430am, Deadpool And Marvel, Rob Zombie And Horror Movies, Pranks, Story Never Told, Helium Comedy Club

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More Comfortable, Awkward Audio, Milking Almonds, Is Sarah OCD, Whats Up Brother, Posehn On Show Tomorrow, Ball Talk, Awkward Cinco, Big Kid, Repo Baseball, Scrabble Chater, World Of Crazy, Ex Baywatch Noahs Ark, Bill Gates Toilets, Worst Named Towns, Alcoholic Sandwiches

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Sarah Is Parentally Paranoid, Super Secret Guest Aaron Duran, Recluse, Don't Say Bad Words, Big-Ass Sandwiches Party, AMAZON, Sarah Is Stabby And Greg Disappears, Skyrim Amazement, Ball Talk, Chad Ochocinco Ocho-outo, Give Her An Internship, Creeped Out, World Of Crazy, New Words, Hearse Death, Special Tattoos

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GUEST: KATIE CAZORLA, Sunburns And Floating Platforms, "Camping", Hooker Island, King Of The Hill, Bears & Cougars Oh My, Ricketsfest, Falling Down, Clam Juice, Special Enounter At The Road, 8 Foot Can, KATIE CAZORLA, The Nail Files, The Painted Nail, TV Guide Network, Katie Is AWESOME!, World Of Crazy, ICP v FBI, Visine Water, Not A Whore, Meat Factory, Did Greg Blow It

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Rickets Is Today, My Fake Band, Kenny B's World Crashes, Flying To Thailand, Fake Names, Amplified Version Of Problems, Poking The Bear, Tuggy Challenge, World Of Crazy, Randy Travis Leather, Sunburn Knife, Covered In Crisco, Spider Ear, Fishing Meth

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10 Years Of Rickets Maybe, Forest Napolean, Drunk 11 Year Olds, Cabins Aren't Camping, Jars On The Road, Staring Lady, Sarah Is A Creepy Neighbor, SOREL'S, Should We Have This Guest On Contest, Loverr Man

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So Long Jerry, Why Jam Bands Why, Greg's Big Achievement, Listener Keith, Nerds vs Geeks, Games vs Sports, Cards Are Sticks, BLONDIE DEVO TICKETS TO SLEEP COUNTRY AMP, Ball Talk, Stotts, Hard Shot, German Declaration, Lady Ref, Gamers Are Athletes Maybe

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Congrats Kielen, Boil Man aka Lumpy Update, One Step To Cats, Audition, Literally Busted, Felony Count, Country PI Digs Deep, Ball Talk, TO Seahawk, Paint Ball Fitness, Aus Zealand, Golden Cocktail, Cheaters, Phelps Admits, Line Cutter, World Of Crazy, Fun Car Chase, Hiding In Septic, No Facebook Equals Crazy, Sleeping Surprise, Special Site, Aliens Say Take Off Your Shirt

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Dirtiest Pool Story Ever, Public Infractions, Falling In Love, AARON DURAN, Camping Snob, Salamanders Eat Toenails, Water Lizards, River Lobsters, Oysters, Mars Rover, Mohawk Man, Yay Tech

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One Hit Wonders, Ding Ning, Always Wear Your Helmet, Urban Turbans, Ball Talk, Long Island Fun, Swimming To New York, Secrets Of Swimmers, Twitter Accounts Hacked, World Of Crazy, UnBaby, Italians Are Sensitive, Leg Fun, Walmart Love, Horrible People

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GUEST: TODD GLASS, plus DANNY FELTS & NIC GOANS from THE SPICY NEWS NETWORK, Sportlandia, Action-Packed, TODD GLASS, Todd Glass Show, USO Tour, Patti Labelle, Dinnery Party, Party At Todd's, SPICY NEWS, Pepper Enthusiasts, Beginnings, Stand-up, Spicy Interviews, Homeless People, Olympics

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Beware The Whiskerz!, Running Man Annoying, Dawn Taylor And Josie, Boil Man, Lumpy, Meth Tiki Torches, Country PI Undercover, Annoying Dad, Personal Truman Show, Sarah And Her Scooter, Guest Announcement, Ball Talk, Congrats, Lobsters, Badminton Cheaters, Boris Gets Stuck, Let Larry Live

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