Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Yeah, Fun Things, Lizz Winstead Tomorrow, Ear Holes, Felicity, Ghost Hunters, Dark Creatures, Seance, KELSEY, Big Cool Announcement, Baloon Boobs, Ball Talk, Hot Wives, Oh Terrell, Lincecum, World Of Crazy, Old Person Smell, Public Fun

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Conga Shawn, Better Looking, Craziness, Toothless Larry, Two Feathers and Igor, Preaching, Crazy Girl, Mean Mugging, Groping, Birthday Rules, Ball Talk, Tebow Date, UCONN Hockey, Ohio State Fans, World Of Crazy, People Are Horrible

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GUEST: AARON DURAN, ANTON OF SORELS, Loud, Knobs, Vantucky, Adult Playground, Thunderstorms, Mexican Feet, Blood Lust, Wonder NW, Cons Are Cool, Cos Play, I'm A Baby, Asylum Ave, Sorels Rocks, Shirts, World Of Crazy, Disturbing, Ball Talk, Jose Canseco

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GUEST: DUSTIN YBARRA, Fun Slayer, Eyebrows, Kenny's Juice Diet, Bathrooms, DUSTIN YBARRA, Portland Is Cool, Sean Penn Harasses People, Christopher Lloyd, Californication, GUEST: CECIL, Cecil Tells The Story, Don't Drink And Drive Kids, I Need Medical

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Mic Check, No To Sarah, Birthdays, Kids Growing Older, Should Greg Let Sarah Pluck His Eyebrows, Disaster, Ball Talk, GM Shaq, Jose Hits On Girl, Haters, Lady Broadcast, Kobye, World Of Crazy, Zebra Parrot, Grumpy Man Battle, Marvel Rocks, Hot Dogs In The Sky, Worst Thing In Coffee Ever

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Greg Needs A Poster, GUEST: SCOTT DALLY, Roger Waters The Wall, Bands People Don't Like, The Story Of Cecil, Can't Fist Bump In Hand Cuffs, Ball Talk, Story Of Two Virgins, Swift Tebow, No Teeth, Broadcast Nightmare, No Boyfriend

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GUEST: AARON DURAN, New Digs, Thanks Everyone, Much Appreciated, Neighbors, PI, Smile And Nod, The Twilights, Eclipse, Wal-Mart Extravaganza, Bikini Barista, Miss Nepal, Sarah's Glorious Mistake, Congratulations Sweetie, World Of Crazy, Eating Gravel

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GUEST: DAN CUMMINS, Press Record, Dairy Prince, Sarah Tries To Pass As A Man, Disturbing, Homeless Transvestite, Country PI And The Case Of Kielen's Missing Wallet, Craziness Ensues, DAN CUMMINS INTERVIEW, Ball Talk, Ample, Blake Wife, Cool Runnings, World Of Crazy, HORRIBLE STORY

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Whoops.  Always Hit Record, 3 Days No Sleep, Ball Talk, Bird, Jesus Shirts, LT Broke, Hole In None, Jose Is The Best, World Of Crazy, Don't Look At The Sun, Fingers In Sandwiches

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Got The Keys, Walter, Cat Lady Revelation, Country PI On The Case, Broadcast Lesson 75, Awoke To Area Codes, Time Zone Quiz, World Of Crazy, Bad Mother's Day, Kelly Inflicts Punishment, 50 Large Ants, Stabbed In The Groin, Sarah Films For Warped

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Residual Meth, Orange Arms, Sarah The Prophet, Greglandia, Floyd Files, Ball Talk, Tebow Story, 100 Game Ban, Coach Buzzcut, World Of Crazy, Tiki Torch, Paint Gun, Hiding A Daughter, Not My Pants, Not Dead, Friend Shooting

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Nibler Home Studios, Nostalgic Week, AARON DURAN, Meth Head Adventures, Staring East, Crack Pipes, The Randoms, Tales Of Madras, Want A Bed, Hotel Hyjinks, Thanks Honeys, Knowing Nods, Bowling Champions, Stripper Soup, Scott And Greg, Tales Of Pig Hunts

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GUEST: EUGENE MIRMAN, Last Day In Old Studio, Nibler Compound, SCOTT DALLY, Cornhole, Lazy Fuentes, Duran Duran Sessions, Interviewing Art, Trinkets, Thanks Barry, Throwing Knives, Ball Talk, Canseco, Girls In Baseball, Gamers, Bikini Hockey, Crazy, Ripoff, Church Assault, Home Arson, South Korean Monk Gambling, SHARKY SAYS GOODBYE

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GUEST: WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY, Shitheade Nibler, Essence, Dog Paintings, Happy Times, Polio, Creepy Shacks, WM STEVEN HUMPHREY, Portland Mercury, The Stranger, The Beginnings, Girls, Lifetime, I Love Movies, Big In China, Ball Talk, Tebow Dog, Cricket Bite, Alabama Tea Bags, Hockey Heroes, World Of Crazy, Horse Love, Women Voting, 70 Year Old Virgin, Evil Clown

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Odd Development, Bold Move, Tom Gable, Idiots, Screaming Gas Station Incident, Good Pranks, Vidal Sassoon, Ball Talk, Michael Bolton Clown, Ozzie Guillen Report, Voice From Above, World Of Crazy, BMW, John Travolta, Hot Dog Lovin, Feeder

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Acting, Shirt Stains, Yapping Woman, AARON DURAN, Don't Look Tonya In The Eyes, Stripper Soup, Tropical Summer IV, Pink Eye, Sarah Has A Panic, Shame Taco, Kentucky Derby Party, Weird Max Riders, Winning, Fun Day, Adventure, Tuggy And Bachelorettes, Gay Saturday, Scooter Update, Rian Gets Greg, Revenge, Australian Women, Wine Slows Aging, Greg Steals Sandwich

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GUEST: JIM FLORENTINE, Stop The Insanity!,  RIP MCA, Scooter Scandal, Thanks James, Alex Wrekk, Portland Button Works, Marc Maron, Adomian, Honk If You Love Kobe, Pranking, Kentucky Derby Picks, World Of Crazy, Handcuffed Smoker, Dancing In Prison Yeah, Zookeeper Saves Monkey, Hair Straightener, Yeah Honk

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GUEST: GREG PROOPS, Great Interview, River Monsters, Chomping, Scary Dreams, Ladies Night, Ball Talk, Monsters And Idiots, World Of Crazy, Chainsaw Samurai Fight, GREG PROOPS, Maron, Podcasting Talk, Proopcast, Skywalker Ranch, Nightmare Before Christmas, Drew Carey, Birthdays, SOREL'S

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Number 1 vs. Number 2, Near Death Experiences, No Motorcycles, Heights, Ball Talk, Sarah Phillips, Strange Coincidence, Fake Twitter Accounts, No Khloe And Lamar, Old Ladies Watch Kim, Eye Socket Strength, Twitter Taunt, Titanic 2, German Crazy Lady

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Protesting, Walk Out, SCOTT DALLY, Tonya Stylist, May Poles, Puppets, Pink Floyd, Favorite Concert, Bloody Kisses, Holograms, Pollack, Craziness In Seattle, Out Of Place, Car Towing, Angry Parking Enforcement, Mystery In The Backyard, Ball Talk, Idiots, Amare Hand, Journalist Sets Women Back A Decade

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Greg Hates Those Shoes, Mega Blazers Show, AARON DURAN, New Issue of La Brujeria, Stumptown Comicsfest, Eat Mobile Recap, The Mayor, Submarines, Karaoke From Hell, Game Of Thrones Boobs, Country TV, Ponch, Short Vs. Tall, Space, Ball Talk, Derrick Rose, Twitter, Wally Backmon Yells, World Of Crazy, Fake Cop, Horrible Story, Emptied Mouth, Space Dinner

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