Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Part Of The Club, Old Men, Secrets, World Of Crazy, Suge Knight, Tooth Pulling, OSU Girl, Puppy Bowl, Ball Talk, Bowlo De Super, Katy Perry, Song Off, SONIC SKETCHES, Dr. Science Football

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Running Shame, Felony Flats, Sarah Responds To An Email, Awkward To Girls, Dipped In Vaseline, World Of Crazy, Ball Pit, Gym Problem, Valentine's Day Pet, NEXT ADVENTURE, SB Commercials, Prop Bets

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Neighbors, Tutes, Sarah Lives In A Hostile, Country PI Needs To Go Undercover, Southern, Facts, Seahawks Songs, World Of Crazy, Portland Violin, Frozen Cruise, Ex Cockroach, Zombie Cat, Squatch Watch Skunk Ape, NEXT ADVENTURE

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GUEST: TIM RILEY, I Was Ready For It, Gather, Hunker, Scatter, Ball Talk, Kobe, Wade Boggs Legend, Science, Marshawn, Gronking, TIM, Radio, Haunted Mirror, Muffins, Tim Riley Breaking News, iWhatsits, LANDMARK SALOON

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Coastie Bad Boy, Barnacle Ben & Charlie Chum, AARON DURAN, Wizard World, LOTR Props, Debbie Gibson v. Tiffany, A Lot Of Money, World Of Crazy, Jasmine Tridevil, Walma Hart, NEXT ADVENTURE, 88 Billion, Allenby Tale, Drivetime At The Drive-In Black Sails

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GUESTS: LISA AND BRIAN WOOD, Sarah On Portlandia, Luring A Man In Cannon Beach, Haircut At The Salon, LISA AND BRIAN, Owning A Cart In Portland, Trolling For It, Ball Talk, Blazers Woes, Seahawks, Terrible Fan Songs

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Always Beside You, Kamau and Zach, The Bus Ride, Gilmore Update, Meth Head Activity, What Are They Doing In There, World Of Crazy, Cannibal Cop, Special Messages, Invisible Boyfriend And Girlfriend, HR BLOCK GILBERT, Ball Talk, Hope Solo, Bad Tweet, Allenby Update

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Guests: W. Kamau Bell & Zach Sherwin, Funny Over Everything, Epic Rap Battles, Kill Rockstars, On Tour

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The Truth About Gilmore, Sore Throat, Edit Mistake, The Boyfriend & The Trip, Spotted Hair, World Of Crazy, Eating While Driving, Men Bad, Cannibal Cop, Spammer Loan Call, Ball Talk, Ballghazi, Octupus On The Ice, Birthday Rules

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GUESTS: NATHAN BRANNON, JASON LAMB, JEREMY ELI, Operation Hot Cop, Greg Get Awkward, Nothing But A Towel, Ball Talk, Anthony Arrest, The Tale Of Robert Allenby, MINORITY RETORT, Nathan Winning SICC, New Kids Concert, No Left Eye, Curious Comedy

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GUEST: SEAN JORDAN, Old Lady Voice, German Songs, Ball Talk, Sarah Bad Luck, Seahawks Beat Packers, Flat Balls, World Of Crazy, The Vajankle, SEAN JORDAN, South Dakota Flights, Kamau Bell, Funny Over Everything, Backpacks As Adults

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GUEST: FAIZON LOVE, Sarah Turning Goth, Cemetery, FAIZON LOVE, Big Worm, Elf, Portland, Helium Comedy Club, Bible Passages, World Of Crazy, Robbery Chicken, Magic Tights, Mailbox Loving, NFL Playoff Predictions, Songs, Dr. Science, Torn Ear

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America's Sweetheart, Back On The List, A Little Off, Murder Dream, Stirring Up Something, World Of Crazy, Pantsless, In Dog We Trust, Tridevil Song, Ball Talk, Cardale, Cheese Ban, Double Squatch Watch, LANDMARK SALOON

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Wasted Opportunities, EXPEDIA, Sarah And The Ear, Amazon Skydiving, Fighting Bremelos, Greg Gets Frustrated, World Of Crazy, Glitter, Metal Stool, Vanilla Extract, Candy Man, Snip, Bad Vodka, Mariota Gone, Trained Assasin, NEXT ADVENTURE

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GUEST: RICK EMERSON, Snapping Loss, The Hard Snap, RICK EMERSON, The Tooth, The Eye, The Crackle, Ball Talk, Oregon Vs. Ohio State, What Is A Buckeye, Nuts Or Legumes, LANDMARK SALOON

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Reading Greg's Mind, Pee Wee, Late Night Action, AARON DURAN, Newly Wed Game, Mystery Neighbor, Cardboard Windows, Ball Talk, Worst National Championship Songs, Go Bucks Beat Ducks, Duck Can't Lose, NEXT ADVENTURE

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GUEST: KURT BRAUNOHLER, Great Street Debate, KENNY B, Kenny's Kitties, GoFundMe, KURT, Helium Comedy Club, How Do I Land, Kill Rock Stars, Ball Talk, Predictions, All About The Bay, Merchandise

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GUESTS: JESSA REED & KELLY STONE, Sarah Is Famous, Dylan On Fallon, Portlandia, Sweet Dance Moves, AMOMINATION, Welcome To PDX, Comedy Tour, Kids On The Bus, Amazing Photos, Funhouse Lounge, Breastfeeding, Ball Talk, Old Man Quotes, A Gronking to Remember, Predictions

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Mr. X, LANDMARK SALOON, A Strange Coincidence, Fitbit Fit, Shamrock Run, World Of Crazy, Walmart Of The 80s, Belty The Smart Belt, Artisan Ice, New Merch, ASYLUM

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GUEST: ALEX FALCONE, Freezing Up, Overtalking, BACKBLAZE, LATE NIGHT ACTION, Cool Nutz, Rap Battle, Sleeping On Dog Mats, Shiny Facial, Bada Bing, ALEX FALCONE, Classy, Portland Celebrity, Nudity, Cat Brains, Tonight Show

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Dance Moves, Portlandia, AARON DURAN, Lord Of The Rings Geek Marathon, Fit Bit AMAZON, Ball Talk, Stuart Scott, Oregon Ohio, SQUATCH WATCH, Tri-Squatch

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Modeling With Cuts, What Is It, Shirtless Short Shorts, World Of Crazy, Bad New Years, Trapped In A Closet, Poop Gangsta, Ball Talk, Oregon vs. Florida State Facts, Jameis, No Means No, The Mystery Girl, LANDMARK SALOON

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Breaking Equipment, Sarah Shallow Hal, 2014 Ups and Downs, KENNY B, Kenny Angers Greg, Smart Cars, World Of Crazy, Angry Love, Ball Talk Predictions, THANK YOU EVERYONE

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