Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

GUEST: KEVIN POLLAK, Exciting Day, Greg Meets Another Celebrity, Kenny B, KEVIN POLLAK, No Splenda, Local, Hipsters, Chat Show, Calacanis, Internets, Radio Professionals, Feedback From Geniuses, Crazy Twitter People, Hey Look At Me Disease, Impressions, Talkin Walkin,, Usual Suspects, Juwana Mann, DAWN TAYLOR, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, Show Names, Kenny Depresses People

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Pinterest Attacks, Greg Creates Awkwardness, Ex-es, Dream Making Out, One Works, One Drinks, Bad Teeth, Red State, Ball Talk, AMAZON, UK v U of L, Magic Buys Dodgers, Jose Canseco And Al Gore, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, World Of Crazy, Wedding Girl, Single Forever, HR BLOCK

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GUEST: NATHAN BRANNON, London, Sarah's Personal Trainer, Escalator Tales, Greg's Dream, Rock Hitting, Ghosts In The Head, Mini-Thins, NATHAN BRANNON, Greyhound Travels, Music Guy Don't Care, Public Exposure, Smelling Yourself, HR BLOCK, Ball Talk, UK UL Dialysis, Tebow Marketing, Olympic Disappointments, World Of Crazy, Cutting Foot Off, Bremerton Flasher

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GUEST: KRISTINE LEVINE, Delicious Coffee, Bikinis, How To Hit On A Barista, Listener Advice, Sarah Is Special, Happy Birthday Harvey, South By, BBQ, Kristine Helps Ron Shock, Shock Therapy, Growing Up Levine, Wronfully Convicted, Double Jeopardy, Kristine Advice

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GUEST: SCOTT DALLY, Feelin Good, Angry Foul, Learning Things, Deep Sea Exploration, Question Of The Day, Space Walker, Crazy Things At The Bottom Of The Sea, Titanic Cougar Hunting, SCOTT DALLY, Stirring Things Up, Sarah Is A Fanatic, Ball Talk, Kentucky Craziness, Bass Fishin, Tebow Jet, Greatest News Ever For Greg, Tebow Song, Marlins, HR BLOCK

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Ukulele, K2, Magazine Curtain, Mall Dirty, Hiding From Cameras, Walking Over Bodies, Sky Diving, Exotic Animals, Petting Monkeys, Baby Bump, AMAZON, Ball Talk, Blazers, 26 Dollar Hot Dog, Pat Hates Manning, World Of Crazy, Cabbage Patch Babies, Come Here Girl, HR BLOCK

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GUEST: PAUL MOONEY, Sarah Is Busy, Phone Games, Words, Large Pals, TAJ aka TCJ Plus Greg, Vacuum, PAUL MOONEY, Iron Lung, Logan's Run, Paid Homeless, Occupy, Florida, Bike And Naked Friendly, Helium Comedy Club, Ball Talk, Tebow, Lin, JJ, Words, HR BLOCK, World Of Crazy, Flying Cat, Facebook Arrest, Crazy For Jury, Munching Crab, SOREL'S, Sharkalo Island

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No Smiles, Over Or Under, Common Courtesy, Bloody Knuckles, Sportlandia, Tornado Dreams, Renting A Car, HR BLOCK, Ball Talk, Tebow NY, New Orleans Problem, Tyson One Man Show, One Armed Stripper, Bloody Knuckles Explanation, World Of Crazy, Snow Globe Fire, Bottles, Bay TMNT, Fattest Woman, Man Baby, The Killing

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GUEST: AARON DURAN, Cat Lady, Red Cups, Chris Gaines, Denver Adventures, Car B-mbs, Speaking Irish, Stripper Soup, Sarah The Madame, Stubby Legs, HR BLOCK, Ball Talk, Peyton Manning Bronco, World Of Crazy, Plane Talk, Breathe In, Breathe Out, Aaron Duran Announcement

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GUEST: JACKIE KASHIAN, Cyrillic, Love Connection, Green Card, Kenny B, Mr. Romantic Dispensing Advice, JACKIE KASHIAN, Monetize, Games, The Dork Forest, GREAT INTERVIEW!, HR BLOCK, World Of Crazy, Leprechaun Cops, Bucket, Lady Drinks Her Own, Sad 7 Year Old

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Sad Day For Sarah, Big Trades, Greg Falls Down The Stairs Again, GUESTS SCOTT DALLY and AMANDA PANTS, Big Announcement!  Very Exciting News, Ball Talk, NBA Trades, Craziness Abounds

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Tolerably Bonkers, Pi Day, Party Sue, Missing Fingers, Front Of Mountain, Sleep, AMAZON, Deep Thoughts, Knicks Coach, Fab Melo,Manning Sweepstakes, Lingerie, Ocho Dinner, Strassburger, Crying Giants Fan, SQUIRES, World Of Crazy, Pie Day, Boothe Bobbleheads, Flight Attendant, Tallest Man, JLH On Harmony, Kesha Music, Sharky Sick Poem

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Trippy Music, Body Shakes, ARCHIVE, Bremertonitis, Lifetime Marathon, Logo, Pump, Sick Smell, Ancient Alien Inmates, Ball Talk, Timbers, Insanity Before April, Rubio, Manning, Ear Biting, Arena Firing, Crying Wrestling Fan, SOREL'S, World Of Crazy, Yanking Member, Fidgeting, Justin Bieber Doll Attack, Boobs For Brains, Self Stabbing, Jug Tattoo, Seattle Bigamy, SQUIRES

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Sarah Sick, Bird Droppings, Pirates, Kielen Birthday, Ashley, Cougar Hitting, Flogging Molly, Thanks Ryan, Homeless Couples, Meth Head Manor, Ball Talk, Tourney, Manning, Kris Divorce, Christie Career, JR Pic, Ninja Magazine, Consipracies Family, Dog Family, Ancient Aliens, Squatch, Meth Manor

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Greg's Back, Studio Changed, Love Is A Beautiful Thing, Angry Tuggy, Lesbian Or Not, The Punk Show, Dirt, Rules Of Birthdays, Dave Mustaine, Santorum Song, Sarah Preaches, Right Wing Rapper

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Sarah X Dylan Shoves Greg Down The Stairs, GUESTS: RICK EMERSON, AARON DURAN, TUGGY, LILLIE, Greg Is Out For The Day, but this show is full of awesome.  Just.  Listen.

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Yay T, Psychic S, Apple Cheeks, Country Rustlas, Ball Talk, Peyton Gone, Lebon Pork Donuts, Tila Brain, I Had To Eat Pills

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Sarah Gets A Call, Greatest Thing Ever, Cleaning Up, Parking Violations, Rise, Sarah Is Tracked, Storage Bins, Bikini Coffee, Awkwardness, Glitter Coffee, Sharky Poem To Greg, Cyber Show

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The Punk Show, Sarah And The Girls, Greg Adventure, AARON DURAN, Geek Portland Party, Mystery Shots, Eagles Lodge, Sarah Is A Grown Up, Eggs, Kitchen Mold, Ball Talk, New Orleans Trouble, X Box Kid, Filling In The Script, Happy Bowler, SOREL'S, World Of Crazy, Pub Guy, Buried Alive, Chinese Zombie Woman, Men Facial Hair, In Love With Liberty, SQUIRES ELECTRIC

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GUESTS: IAN KARMEL, SEAN JORDAN, SHANE TORREZ, SEAN PATTON, Greg Is Happy, Greg Is Uncomfortable, Kenny B, Ballet Talk, Kenny Liners, Ian, Sean, Sean, Shane, Boy Band, Strip Club Fight, Traveling, FUNNY OVER EVERYTHING, More Kenny Liners, Greg Hates Sarah, Happy Birthdays

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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, Chili Dogs, Step By Step, Suzanne, Code, GUESTS: DAN CLARK AND SCOTT DALLY, Geek In The City, Spare Rooms, Decorating, PDX Yar, Clown Fears, Pirate Readings,

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