Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Wind Storms, Forest Wives & Temper Tantrums, PABST BLUE RIBBON, Hood To Coast 2015 Recap, Stinky Shorts, Living In A Van, Sleep, Sarah And The Mountain, Silent Rock, Dryer Delivery, Tip Or Not, Sarah Running Through The City, Greg Temper Tantrum, Hill People, White Moths, Watch Me Whip, Lightning Run, Blown Away

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Rolling Down The Hill, Hamster Ball, Hood To Coast Day Before, PABST BLUE RIBBON, Wear An FER Shirt, Other Runners, Mixing Up Everything, Overalls, Hobo Greg, Stinky, Dryer Issues, False Promises, WoC, Dogs Over People, Yellowstone Bears, Dictionary Words Are Terrible, BIKE GALLERY

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Nervous Hair Dying, Angry Questions, BIKE GALLERY, Greg Babies, Did Damien Exist, Rocks And Horses, WoC, Port St. Lucie, McWhopper, Chips, 3, Ball Talk, Brady Gisele Problems

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Dangers Of The Forest People, AMAZON, FERPBRHTC, The Hills, Bandage Man, Bigfoot, Snipe Packs, WoC, Gorst, Portland Pooper, Cloak, Cognac, Bionic, Ball Talk, Metta World Peace, BIKE GALLERY

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Cheap Doesn't Mean Good, PABST BLUE RIBBON, Hood To Coast, Greg And The Glutes, Foot Massage, 82nd Avenue, Luke Is Magic, WoC, Stranger Shower, Pothole Prayers, Sheet Rope, Chip Argument, Ball Talk, Fall Guy, Sarkisian Drunk, BIKE GALLERY

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Nervous To Be Touched, Hurt Back, Greg Goes To Get A Massage, Awkward, No Touching, Tip Or No Tip, Crotch Hole, PABST BLUE RIBBON, Thank You For Sponsored Legs, WoC, Fake Kidnapping, Taxi Getaway, Klump Vs. Gooch, Pants Dance, Diff'rent Strokes, Greg Is Crazy, Trump Or True Detective, BIKE GALLERY

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I Don't Need Help, Awkward Greg Watch Me Whip, Stanky Leg, Advice Book, Don't Be Lonely And You'll Get Friends, To Have Friends Is To Be Friendly, WoC, Deez Nuts, Psychopath Yawn, 420, Tokyo Curry, Squatch Watch, PABST HOOD TO COAST, Ball Talk, Tom Brady, Thank Jezz, Ruby & Rick, FREE TOM BRADY, ASYLUM

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GUESTS: DAN HALSTED, JASON LAMB, JOHNNY USELDINGER, Running With Rich People, Hood To Coast, Felony Flats, Heavy Breathing And Smiling, SPONSOR A LEG FOR SARAH AND GREG, Legs For Sale, STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, Movies In Black And White At Hollywood Theatre, WoC, Hacker Hack, Goonies, Cheese Gang, BIKE GALLERY

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GUEST: ANDIE MAIN, Bobblehead Greg And Sarah, Thanks To Jason From Blog Of Chevron, Hood To Coast, Longest Leg, Heat Stroke, World Of Crazy, ANDIE, Operation Unicorn for Veronica Heath, Art, Comedy Mixtape, ANDIEMAIN.COM

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Greg's Nightmare, Stuck In The Hair, Will Haunt Forever, The Wedding Recap, We Didn't F It Up, The Bar And The Angry Lady, Face In The Sunglasses, WoC, Wizard Gorilla, Break Into Jail, Moon Burial, McDonald's Goddess, Matt Barnes Rihanna, Tebow Back, NEXT ADVENTURE

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The Sandwich, Violated, Intrusive, Greg And The Sandwich Lady, The Date, Wedding Officiants, Fill 5 Minutes, Bow Staff, Metal Detecting, Sarah Does Standup, WoC, Octopus Aliens, People Beaters, Bear Costume Treasure Hunting, POPINA SWIMWEAR, Water Socks

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Mentoring Babies, Messing With Sarah, Lil Greg, Greg Nibler Life Shepard, Solving Problems, Cereals, No Mayo, WoC, Wheaties Beer, Clown Big Mac Fight, Ferarri, Online Strippers, More Advice

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Brie Skin Is Poison, The Wedding Officiants, Making It Memorable, Sarah Can't Freeze, Greg's Big Show, Hype Man, Wedding Jokes, WoC, Drunk Flight, Old Man In Lake, Sunburn Art, Haunted Puppet, Michigan Trolling, NEXT ADVENTURE, Wedding Duo 

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GUEST: DON FROST, Sarah's Baby News, Crazy Aunt Sarah, The Quiz, WoC, Marijuana Bible, Axe Wielding Clown, Thanks Obama, POPINA SWIMWEAR, DON FROST, Helium Comedy Club, Tall Tales With Don, Sneaky, Creeping a Woman Out, Chuck E Cheese, Cursing

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Greg's High School Reunion, Amazon, Hollywood, Independence, Nervousness, 20 Years, Old People, P-38, Filming, Kid Actors, World Of Crazy, Underwire, Mayonnaise, Wine Sushi, Combat, Ronda Rousey, Running Sucks, POPINA, Shame Chips

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Special Guest, Sarah On Portlandia, Greg On a Shoot With Kids, High School Reunion, Nervous, What Character, Hollywood Greg, WoC, Kim Kardashian Selfish, Crack Cocaine, Taco Bell Meth, Bob Mary Amber, Tire Thrown, Squatch Greg

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Crawdads, Water Bug Meal, Swingers Hitting On Servers, Old Soul, Berenstein Bears, Berenstain Bears, Universes Colliding Nerd Voice, WoC, Meddling Time Traveler, Drug Drone, Fingers, High Life, Fuzzie Bear, Ball Talk, Spend A Day With Jose

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Tacoma Bound, The Amtrak Ride, Magical Or Not, Two Old Ladies, A Crazy Lady, Sarah, SeaFair, Blue Angels, Speed Boats, World of Crazy, Armadillo, Meth Cup, Pat Robertson, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk, Rowdy Ronda Rousey, Rowdy Roddy Piper, BABY GREG

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