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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Today: Greg almost drank old coffee again, Sarah and her adventure to Goodwill to find a really weird nutcracker, Harry Potter and a strange plant, Victorian ghost, NES, and a huge thank you to our amazing sponsor Asylum (located at 3713 SE Hawthorne) for their support! They are open Friday through Sunday 12pm - 4pm - please go show them your support and pick up some of their amazing products :) Have a great weekend all!

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Today: Another day, another pile of neurosies. Greg has discovered a new career path, going to Montana and the lady of the Rockies, melalophobia and what is next, bald ghost and ghost boats, and have a great afternoon!

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Today: Sarah is back from Bremerton and can't find any pants, and our friend Richelle Ricard - author of the book THE YOGA ENGINEER’S MANUAL The Anatomy and Mechanics of a Sustainable Practice joined us to talk about how she learned yoga & massage, the benefits of tequila, virtual classes, and more - she is awesome! Have a great night!!

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Today: Greg and Sarah went to see Dune and it was awesome, someone is using Greg's email address all over Europe, Nightmare on Elm Street house for sale, poptarts and ketchup, and have a great weekend all!

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Today: We are finally getting to the thrilling conclusion of our Dune journey because we are going to see it tonight, tennis ball dog, greedy dinosaur buyer, sleeping bus, and have a great day! Big thanks to our fabulous sponsor PDX Asylum (located at 3713 SE Hawthorne) - go visit them Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 12pm - 4pm!

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Today: Greg was given a question about legroom on an airline, who is in the right and what is the neutral zone, finger guns and napkins, Grateful Dead shirt, sister fight at World of Beer, and have a great afternoon friends!


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Today: Greg got into a 'discussion' with a neighborhood kid and how is that going to work out, Nibbling around the city, hypnotized nurse and a magic sword, and Dale from Seether joined us to talk about their new 20-year anniversary album release & more! Have a great afternoon all! :)

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Today: Sarah went to a wine tasting day with some good friends and had an excellent time, different wineries and fancy people, finding the dive bar in town and many flights, and have a great afternoon friends!

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Today: Sarah is going fancy wine tasting tomorrow, fancy cow facts and how to describe flavors, St. Mike's and being hip, New Zealand wizard, stolen shrimp and predictions, and I don't even know what happened here. Have a great weekend!

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Today: Our friend Rick Emerson joined us today to talk about audiobooks, David Lee Roth, Dune, Bad word Sarah, and much more - so much I forgot what we talked about :) Thanks for listening, have a great day! :) Also, a big thanks to our wonderful sponsor Asylum - be sure to swing by Friday - Sunday 12pm-4pm (or shoot them an email for an appointment) to check out their amazing selection!

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Today: The great Seinfeld divide, funny or not funny, Sarah's fulfilling time on 82nd Avenue buying a canvas for a painting, tall woman and coke cans, buy a tiny town and watch out for meteorites, and have a great afternoon!

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Today: Greg is having an internal struggle because he is listening to an audiobook that he's not liking, listen to what you want, new sexy Halloween costumes, don't put mayo in your coffee, drama in sports, and more - have a great day! :)

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Today: Sarah got surprised by a couple of her friends with the neatest & most bizarre birthday gift ever - a yacht tub! We talked all about floating on the Willamette and what it was like, the weird art installation with the umbrellas, and more - have a great Monday all! :)

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Today: It was a shorter show today, Greg tells Sarah some unnerving birthday facts, delicious presents and sparkly shark bags, plus a surprise concert gift!!!! Have a great weekend all, we love ya! :)

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Today: Sarah has her second PT appointment today and kind of sort of didn't do her homework, there's a fat bear winner, tmi about Megan Trainer, psychic love coach lawsuit, and more! Have a great afternoon all! :)

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Today: Sorry for no show yesterday friends, but we had a good reason - we went crabbing! Both of us have never gone and we got invited, and we had a day of adventure, crabs, and a special surprise guest :) Have a great night all!

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Today: Oh boy, I don't even know what to write about today. Started with Diner camp, then there's something in there about squirrels and an almost ball talk - okay, have a great weekend!! :)

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