Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

GUEST: GARY GULMAN, Royal Wedding, Queen, Lizard People, GARY GULMAN, Paul Newman Coffee, Fantastic Interview, Arrested Development, Voices, Random Phone Calls

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Ehhh, Butters Vet Trip, Allie, Talking Baby, Mullet Bill, Nelson Terry, Kenny B, Costa Rica, Nostrils, Super Mullet, Arrested, River Of Garbage, Andy Dick Tales, Drug Cart Girl, AUDIBLE, Manson, Cheers, Dayton Family, Nerd Facts

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British Robot, Royal Wedding Who Cares, Birthers, Trump, Chris Athey, Rajneeshee, Skybox, Sportlandia, Portland Meadows Kentucky Derby Party, Ball Talk, Blazers, Extra Balls, Baseball Superstitions, AUDIBLE is awesome, World Of Crazy, Cupcake Vodka, Trumps China, Overboard, Random Calls

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Love Jeff, Facebook D, Inappropriate Soundboard, Sportlandia, Kingston Drinkers, Sarah Sister, Ball Talk, Blazers Don't Win, Kidds Sons Big Head, Naked Lenny, World Of Crazy, Giant Asian Hornets, Botox Your Feelings, Jesus Twitter, Naked Man

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Godfather Hum, Sportlandia, Comedians, Brandon Roy, Rose Garden Circus, Finding Andy Dick, Tatoo Dreams, Adult Easter Eggs, AUDIBLE, Ball Talk, Blazers Rule, Lakers Arrest, Marshal Stab, To Catch A Predator Party, Greatest Soundboard Ever, World Of Crazy, Google Stripper, Baby Shower Stabbing, Lone Vibrator, Scrunchie Crotch

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GUEST: BARON VAUGHN, Wine Box Drivers, BARON VAUGHN, BRIDGETOWN COMEDY FESTIVAL, Awesomeness, Bowie Balls, Future Past

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Out Of Tacos, Sportlandia, Sarah's Scream Review, Hello Sydney, Muppet Mouth, Skynet, Ball Talk, Blazers Mavs, Mr. Khloe, Robot Pitcher, Real Madrid Trophy Drop, AUDIBLE, World Of Crazy, Blood Perfume, Facebook Robbery, Mommy Juice

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Levels Off In Head, Spitting In Public, Kenny B Returns, Costa Rican Adventures, Gifts, Aliens, Skynet, World Of Crazy, Abstinence, Wrong Eyeball, Viagra Beer

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Allergies, Pricks, Swelling, Marry Your Pet, Signs, Sarah's Weiner Dogs, Ball Talk, Blazers Mavs, Sportlandia, Stealing Shirts, Stealing iPods, Felons, Beavers, ROMANCING THE SPAMMER ALBUM, World Of Crazy, Topless Bird Woman, Child Drunk, Bottle to Throttle, Sharing Breast Milk

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Always Tomorrow, Sportlandia, Drunk People, Kenny B, Tuggy Drinking, Cops, BarFly Awards, Chaps, Sarah Sounds, Ball Talk, Blazers Mavs, Vomit Particles, Mare Bear, Public Access, Wheat Toast, World Of Crazy, Mannequin Man, Mother Bugs, Finger Eating

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GUEST: DANA GOULD Staring Guy, Lex Luther, Tight Dresses, Dominatrix, SPORTLANDIA, Ball Talk, Timbers Win, Blazers Mavs, Phillies Fans, Pep Talk For The Peanuts, DANA GOULD, Planet Of The Apes, GREEN EARTH HOUSE CLEANING, World Of Crazy, Phallic Museum, Pooping Mailman

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The Physics, David, Comic Books, Maid Of Honor Speech, KENNY B from Costa Rica, Terrifying Bugs, Boobs, Ball Talk, Blazers, Lakers, Portland Timbers, Douchebags In Love On Facebook

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Greatest Video Ever, Old Lady Friends, Plaid Robbery, Slobber, YUKON aka BRENT, Yukon Songs, Life Goes On, Corky, Brent Is Weird, Ball Talk, Blazer, Kobe Is A Jerk, Barry Bonds Head, Conversations With God, Whores, Craigslist Dates, Offending Everyone

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Homeless Van Guy Gets Girl, Big-Ass Sandwiches Funemployment Radio Special!, Random Calls For Josh, Sarah Is Getting Shorter, Ball Talk, Blazers, Hockey Surgeon, Manny, Norm, San Diego Point Shaving, Feral Cat Colony, GREEN EARTH HOUSE CLEANING, World Of Crazy, Happy Couple, Sippy Cup Margarita, Dead Drunk, Buttock Enhancements, Final Thoughts

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Paula, Buying Sarah, You Are The Man, Transvestite Serenade, AARON DURAN and DAVID WALKER, Geek In The City, Super Justice Force,, Life Goes On, Crossroads, Souls, Catholic Guilt, IT, Body Hair

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Steady As She Goes, Stripped Down, Sugar Bush Squirrel, Bus Anarchist, Beat Boxer, Shelly Long, Korean Chicken Balls, Ball Talk, Blazers Lakers, LeBron Mom, Allen Iverson, Grant Hill Spitting, Kickball Dude, Romancing The Spammer, World Of Crazy, Gay Paintings, Vacuum Laundary, Beer Better Than Water, Big Ass Sandwich!!!

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Great, ARIES SPEARS, Portland, Video Games, God Of War III, Chelsea Handler, Smokin With Snoop, DMX Razor Blades, KENNY B, Live From Costa Rica, Nerd Facts With Kenny B, GREEN EARTH HOUSE CLEANING

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French Fries, Blazers Game, Weird Signs, BRIAN AND LISA WOOD from BIG ASS SANDWICHES, Inappropriateness ensues, Funemployment Radio Sandwich Special

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Old, Cobain, 27 Curse, Robert Johnson, Souls, Devil, Reaper, Ball Talk, Blazers Golden State, Nash Rumors, LeBron Douche, Lions Are Idiots, UConn Fans, ROMANCING THE SPAMMER, World Of Crazy, Stripper Gift Cards

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Puncture Sounds, Friday Blazers, Ladies Night, Neighbor Fights, Burt Reynolds Man, AUDIBLE, RICK EMERSON AND DAWN TAYLOR, Sarah Bank Rant, Airline Rant, ZOMBIE ECONOMICS, World Of Crazy, Sheen Talk, 6500 Stripper Bill, Tit Bird, Vuvuzela, Forays Into Commercial Radio

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Breakfast Sandwiches, Sportlandia, Inside My Head, Ball Talk, Blazers, Kinder-Shaq, Kentucky Workout, Romancing The Spammer Album, World Of Crazy, Feces, Talking Monkey

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Language Nonsense, Weirdos, Baby Talk, Escape Snake, Killer Bees, Zombie Economics, BEP P, Inanimate Objects, Ball Talk, Blazers Hornets, Jay-Z, Bragging, Soccer Rant, BCS Corruption, Prom Question, Romancing The Spammer, World Of Crazy, Federline Babies, Mannequin Nipples, Smokes Money, Vodka Tampons, T-Shirts

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