Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

No Internet No Problem, Paging 143, Early Adopters, What If, Phone Addiction, Sensory Experience, Runaway Train Makes Greg Uncomfortable, Sarah Auditions For Lifetime, Frogboy

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Being That Guy, Mangorita Madness, Bank Laziness, TV, I Can't Pay For This, AARON DURAN, Fear Of Bank Guy, Stumptown Comics Festival Was Awesome, Ball Talk, Openly Gay Player, Twitter Bad, Goodbye Tebow, World Of Crazy, Seat To Seat Service, Furious Beach Guy, Vise Grip

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GUEST: JON DORE, The Shaming, Greg Helps The Community, Truckin, JON DORE, Rural Living, Movies, Winnipeg, Hamlet Syndrome, Mountains Of Clothes, VHS Tape Show, Cat Lady Or Not, Killing Room, Just Sad, Jon At Helium Comedy,

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Record Fail, Phone Afroze, What Happened To The Puppies, Owl Water Torture, Confronting The Neighbors, Craigslist, Nervous For No Reason, Dungeon Basement, Kenny B Has Ebola, Science Facts, Octopus Seven Seas, Humans Grow Limbs

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GUEST: GALLAGHER and CRAIG MARQUADO, The Experience Unfolds, Craigs List Searching, Shortism, GALLAGHER, Comics, Atoms, Minds Will Be Blown, Comedy In The Beginning, Science, Flying Saucers Coming For Gallagher

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GUEST: RICK EMERSON, Rage At The Machines, Causing A Scene, To Turn Into Hulk, Squirrel Fight, Shirtless With A Broom, Rick Emerson, Tech Guru, Vacuum Watch, Dyson, The Geekiest Items, Weight Apps, Tivo

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Bridgetown Comedy Festival Recap, Big-Ass Sandwiches, FER Special, There Was Gallagher, Nuts, Afterparty Fun, Going To A Rave With Greg Behrendt, Paul Goebel New Best Friend, Emmet, Simpsons Royalty, Don't Mess Up Myq's Show, Digital Trends Greg

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Bridgetown Comedy Festival exclusive interview with JOE SIB!

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Bridgetown Comedy Festival Feature Interview with OSCAR NUNEZ & JANET VARNEY

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GUESTS: BARON VAUGHN and DANA GOULD, Bridgetown Comedy Week, Breaking Ground, Song Singing, BRIDGETOWN ROCKS, After Party Talk, Spilling Coffee

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Good Deeds Go Punished, Money For Lotto, Country PI Texts, Savvy With Tech Stuff, King Of Mars, Science Facts, Round Earth, Green Grass, Wind, SORELS ROCKS BRIDGETOWN COMEDY FESTIVAL

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Pale And Sickly, Clean Shaven, Tanning To Orange, AARON DURAN, Chatterbox The Teeth Whitening, Stumptown Comic Festival, SOREL'S, World Of Crazy, Terrible Stories, Ball Talk, Wonderful Stories

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GUESTS: MATT SELMAN, ANDY WOOD, The Simpsons, Leaving Surprises, Anarchist Books, Kenny B, MATT SELMAN, Executive Producer of The Simpsons, 25th Season, How Things Change, ANDY WOOD, Founder of Bridgetown Comedy Festival, LA vs. Portland, Big Weekend

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GUESTS: MAURA and CHARLENE from BRIDGETOWN COMEDY FESTIVAL, Seattle, DMV Smells, Ungrateful For Granola Bars, World Of Crazy, Smelling Great, Teeth Pulling, Don't Cut In Line, Jewelry, Science Facts, Twins, Rain, Fish Breathing, BRIDGETOWN TALK

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Sarah Is Lucky, Shame Therapy, What's In The Bag, KENNY, Creepy, Falcor, Secrets, Carrot Stick, Living In Sarah's Car, World Of Crazy, Vice, Arm Saw, Sasquatch Hunt

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The Return, On The Case Again, 209 Area Code, Shame Glare, Wonky, World Of Crazy, McElmore Beating, Machete Fight, Exotic Drinks, Eels, Ball Talk, Football Closet, Ron Artest Is Nuts

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Sarah Sick, Country PI In, SCOTT DALLY Super Co-Host, Accusations Are Made, Mystery Of The DVD, Mind Power, Rian's Truck, The Clown Mystery, On The Case, Clean And Burn, World Of Crazy, Impressive Driving, Cookie Monster, No Pants, Ball Talk, Washington Song

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Logs For Shoes, High Society, Expensive Carriage, Top Button, Samples, Bottle Of Wine, A Champion, Dance Sweat, Asked To Leave, Work Out Talker, Snitchin and Tattling

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Snagging A Richie, Fur Girls Are Quiet, Gold Tycoonery, Egypt, Outburst Verbal Explosions, Ill Fitting Pants, Ball Talk, Fatty Food, Jose Tweets, Bad Songs, SCIENCE FACTS, Sunrise, Leaves Falling, Fire Is Hot

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GUEST: ILIZA SHLESINGER, Loud Yellers, Fancy Building Hobo, Greg's Bag, Kenny Rumors, ASMR, Unwrapping Packages, ILIZA, Blanche, Feet, Special Messages, Excused, Comedy Performers

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Hats Off, Shoes Off, Cruising, Haitian Rum Is Not Rum, Jet Ski Incident, Forever 32, Ball Talk, Darvish Out, KJ Braveheart, SORELS, World Of Crazy, Terrible Joke, Birthday Love, Easter Egg Bullies

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GUEST: SCOTT DALLY, Immune To Stares, Phone Controversy, Fancy Society, Gold Tycoon, Top Hat Or Monacle, The Meth Torch Has Been Passed, Lunkhead, A Meth Nest, Truck Attachments

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GUEST: AARON, KAEBEL, ROYAL, The Torch Is Passed, Edumucated, What's A Lid, Scaring Neighbors, Ball Talk, Bad Break, Don't Sue Jordan, Mainus Fight, ACCIDENTAL HOUSEWIVES, Taking Away The Stigma, World Of Crazy, Bremerton Lord, Crack In The House, Dirty Pools

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