Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.
Funemployment Radio Vacation 4

Vacation Episode 4, Part 2 with special guests, TIM OAKLEY AND BILL OAKLEY



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Funemployment Radio Vacation 3

Vacation Episode 3, Special Guest BRIAN from THE PUNK GROUP

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Funemployment Radio Vacation 2

Vacation Episode 2, Special Guests TIM OAKLEY and BILL OAKLEY

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Funemployment Radio Vacation 1

Vacation Episode 1, Special Guest TUGGY

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Funemployment Radio Episode 94

Bloodrock, Statistics, Mexico, Vegas, Rummy, Pawn Stars, Smell Yo, Ball Talk, Hockey, Big Ben, Mooning, Tournament Of Champions, Bootie, Entertainment News, Skeletor Whore, Penis Size, Gone Wild, Margaritaville Karaoke

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Funemployment Radio Episode 93

Weird Al, Impending Vacation, Airport Security, Fear Of Flying, Mexico, Census, Weird, Ball Talk, Big Baby, Hockey, Tebow, Best Chant Ever, Entertainment News, Skeletor Whore, Jesse James, Jersey Shore, Trololo, Annoying Ringtones

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Funemployment Radio Episode 92

Hoo Ha, The Dance, Graphic, Customer Service, Hurt Locker, Iraq Picture, Mexico, Vegas, Boobs, Ball Talk, Nets, Hole-In-One, Rowing, NCAA, Entertainment News, Tila, Skeletor Whore, Murphy Mom, Mistress, Listener Hello

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Funemployment Radio Episode 91

Weekend Activity, Awkward Party, Ecstasy, Bus Driver, Calvin Johnson, Kennedy School, Ball Talk, Dwight Howard, DUI, Rich, Racer, NCAA Tournament Of Champions, F-U, Ted Leo, Kelly Clarkson, Entertainment News, Mike Tyson, Pills, Breasts, Racist Skeletor, Hugging, Vodka Tampons, Kelly Clarkson Karaoke

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Funemployment Radio Episode 90

Song, NCAA, Donnie Darko, Awkward Party, Ball Talk, Blazers, Hockey Hits, Tournament Of Champions, Entertainment News, Skeletor Whore, Tiger Woods Sexting, Rats, Bugs, Awkward Karaoke, Hooked On A Feeling

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Funemployment Radio Episode 89

ODU, St. Paddy's Day, Concert, GaGa, Ball Talk, Pritchard, Tiger Woods, Love Triangle, Soccer Dudes, NCAA, Kesha Breakup, Entertainment News, Squishies, Sandra Bullock, Creepy Voices

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Funemployment Radio Episode 88

St. Patrick’s Day, Guinness, Irish Proverbs, Amadan, My Life In Black And White, Cody, Ball Talk, Potpourri Of Balls, Soccer Shooting, Rappin Football, Tournament Of Champions, Entertainment News, Break Ups, Dio, Paperclips In The Teeth, Irish Facts, The Edge, Whiskey In The Jar Karaoke


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Funemployment Radio Episode 87

Free Whiskey, Bartender's Ball, Riding The Bus, Loud Talkers, Chat Roulette Map, Amadan, March Madness, Ball Talk, Crazy Italians, Iditarod, Soccer, Breaking Up With GaGa, Entertainment News, Tyson And Pigeons, FBI Facebook, Bad Videos

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Funemployment Radio Episode 86

March Madness, Softball Practice, Drunk Chat Roulette, Tuggy's House, Whiskey, Ball Talk, Hedo, Tiger, Big Ben, Lost Work, Entertainment News, Meat Loaf, Mouth Hugs, Bone Cutting Scissors, Titanic 3D, Confessions, Ronnie and Sammi Script Titanic

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Funemployment Radio Episode 85

Andrew WK, Thank You, Earrings, Hot Dog Sandwich, Cleaning, Vanilla Ice, Septum, Ball Talk, Blazers, Internet Rumors, Tournament Of Champions, TMNT, Entertainment News, Jersey Shore, OZ, Banshee, Vanilla Ice A Capella Karaoke

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Funemployment Radio Episode 84

Pulled Muscles, Alice In Wonderland, Cleaning Kick, Surprises, Body Worlds, Dream Analysis, Hamms, I Wish You Were A Beer, Ball Talk, Dumbass Of The Week, Nike, Masoli, US Senate, Blue Bombers, NCAA, Entertainment News, Conan O'Brien, Jersey Shore, Twilight, Anna Nicole, Reverb, Astrology, Age Of Aquarius Karaoke

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Funemployment Radio Episode 83

Corey Haim, No Sleep, IRS, Fire, Blazer Game, Argument, Snowpacolypse, Bustabucket, Ball Talk, Vick, Big Gay Larry, Big Ben, Sorority, Condoms, Fantasy Tournament, Corey Feldman Band, Entertainment News, Jersey Shore, Lindsay, Twilight, Ronnie And Sammi Script Twilight

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Funemployment Radio Episode 82

What is the dog eating, Bathroom Window, Money, Tyra Banks, Kristen Stewart, Smells, Ahhh, Awesome Epic, Swass, Ball Talk, Blazers, Channing, Kobe, Sailing, Blasphemy, NFL Gesture, Argument, BRIAN FROM THE PUNK GROUP, Roy Asburn, Shit Show News, Shaving Vaginas, THE PUNK GROUP WORLD PREMIERE


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Funemployment Radio Episode 81

Softball, Oscars, Bob Johnson, Billie Starship, Chat Roulette, Gas Tipping, Tanning, AARON DURAN from Geek In The City, Swords, Drinking Horn, MEade, Ball Talk, Blazers, Duke Taunts, Big Ben, MLB Threesome, Lone Fir Cemetery, Ax-Weilding Lady, Hooker, Asylum Ave, Joe Pesci, Oscars News, Happy BDay

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Funemployment Radio Episode 80

Rodney, Headshots, Tonya Harding, Early Mornings, Sweat Pants, Malt Liquor, Ball Talk, Ben Roethlisberger, Stealing Cars, Coleslaw Wrestling, Fox Fest, Stealing Cars, Entertainment News, Sean Penn, Bob Johnson Chat Roulette Session, Karaoke Dio Rainbow In The Dark  


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Funemployment Radio Episode 79

Too Many, David Hasselhoff, Celebrity Rapping, Macho Man, K.O.B.E, OMSI After Dark, Toothbrush, Navy Teeth, Jersey Shore, In The Navy, Ball Talk, New Blazer, WNBA, Punch, Cheerleading, Eye Gouging, O Brother Where Art Thou, Entertainment News, Dr. Drew, Johnny Depp, Dirty Unders, Ronnie And Sammi Labyrinth Script

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Funemployment Radio Episode 78

Real World, Jennifer Aniston, Commercials, Quarantine, Haircut,, Billy Starship, Costumes, Ball Talk, Blazers, Hockey, Nationals, Entertainment News, Jackson, Naomi Campbell, Used Underwear, Bob Johnson Talk, Too May Penises, Hot Swedish Chick

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Funemployment Radio Episode 77

Battlestar Galactica Pic, DD's, High School Music, Gross, Skatastic, Single Sarah's Sassy Secrets, Fabulous, Ball Talk, Kobe Douche, Japanese Wrestlers, Courage Mullets In Love, OJ Talk, Chat Roulette, Entertainment News, Dog Walking, Fish In The Sky, Shutter Island, Chickenpox, Twisted Sister Karaoke

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Funemployment Radio Episode 76

Mildly Incorrect, Website Thanks, OPB, Languages, The Room, Saturday, Life After People, Phillip K. Dick, Book Hoarders, Dating With Single Sarah, You Got The Touch, Ball Talk, Blazers, Davidson, Jersey, Olympics, Hockey, Russians, Entertainment News, Jersey, Russians

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