Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

The Storm Gives Them Power, AMAZON, Power Outage, Make Peace or Flee, AARON DURAN, Peeping In The Apartments, Horror Movies, Greg's Taste In Movies, Drag Me To Hell, Ball Talk, Tebow Why Not, Peyton Ad, Kiffen Is Gone, Art Show for James

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Free Samples, Making A Scene, Cookie Thief, Falling Down, Mustaches, Angry Lady, Unfurled, Haunted Heather, Ball Talk, Predictions, NEXT ADVENTURE, World Of Crazy, OJ Steals Cookies, Nursing Home Fight, Seattle Juggalo, Science Facts, Nose Blowing, Hair Loss, Seasons

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Clean Up Good, Fall Facts, NEXT ADVENTURE, Wedding Days, Sister Gimp Room, Country, Class, Sinatra Nibler, Dog Email From Trudy, World Of Crazy, Port St. Lucie, Britney Spears, English Accents, iPhone Digital Trends, Kiss The Bride

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Powers Return, Wooing Animals, NEXT ADVENTURE, Singing To The Cats, Burning Batteries, Photoshoot, PrepH Nose, Ball Talk, Mariano Bobblehead, Whizzinator, Cyrus Mayweather, Flag Football Speech, World Of Crazy, Pool Float Guy, Bear In A Bar, Firefighter Vandals, Pacu

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90s Sarah, Flannel Is Back, Gregs Neighborly Impression, Shirtless And Scratchy, Sarah Is Fodder For Peepers, Dumb And Dumber Two, Ball Talk, Coddling Kids, Real Life GTA, Nicknames For NBA, Happy Guy, World Of Crazy, Chic Baby Schools, Lotto Winners, We Love You

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Coverd In Bumps, Photo Shoot, The Ballad Of Ricketsfest, Kenny Is A Meth Head, World Of Crazy, Emmys, Miley, Fate Song, Gigante, Ball Talk, Tebow Russia, Missing Finger, Fake Test, Mayweather Bet

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GUEST: HEATHER MCDONALD, Hit Record, Going Glamping, Squatch Watch, World Of Crazy, Cops GTAV, One Direction Tickets, Girl Scout Conspiracy, Ball Talk Predictions, Dr. Science, Socks, Bigfoot, Insect Bites

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GUESTS: BARBARA HOLM, SEAN JORDAN, MATT from THE SECRET SOCIETY, Nervousness Sets In, The Tenants Of Stage Fright, World Of Crazy, SEAN JORDAN and BARBARA HOLM, MATT, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE, Catholic Dilemma, Citrus Calm, Tonight We Rawk

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Coffee Spores, Staircase Candy, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE, Sarah Freezing On Stage, Acting, Leo Is A Star, Ball Talk, Kevin Ware Rocks, Shaq Boom, Bo Pelini Huskers, World Of Crazy, ICP, Best Obituary, Wanda, Pregnant Toronto, Gumming, Juggalo Lifetime Movie

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GUEST: AARON DURAN, Sarah Is An Actor, Portlandia Set, KBOO Keynote Speakers, Upset Lady, Ball Talk, 12th Man Noise, Stripper Pregame, Terry Bradshaw Audio, Pantsless Boats, Bad Cousin Date, Northhampton Clown, Clown Catcher

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GUEST: TODD ARMSTRONG, Nervous Sarah, Portlandia, Twerk, Miley Cyrus FCC Complaints, Ball Talk, Undercover, Predictions, Science Facts, Tides, Bath Salts, TODD, FER Comedy Showcase, Bobby, New Year's Resolution, Hecklers, Todd Is Awesome

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GUEST: BRAD WILLIAMS, Mystery of Kenny, Explorer Bugs, Off The Bridge, Murder Spasms, Fence In Leg, Kenny Reveals The Issue, Stage Names, Bible Quiz, BRAD WILLIAMS, Little People Protest, Roloffs, Reachers, Bucket List For Chicks, Mencia, About Last Night, Helium Comedy Club

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GUESTS: ANDREW W.K. and RANDY MENDEZ, Cropping Out Greg, Almost Carollad, Green Room, Hair Down, ANDREW W.K. INTERVIEW, Resume Rodeo With Nick, RANDY MENDEZ, Being A Dad, FUNEMPLOYMENT RADIO COMEDY SHOWCASE, Randy Is Awesome

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Attack Of The Computers, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE, Sand In Cracks, Tech, Bugs and The Connection, Toddler Thief, Murder Spasms, Ball Talk, Wisconsin Golf Course, Jets Kid, Chip Don't Go, World Of Crazy, Mars One, Japanese Town, Poking And Squishing Rampage, Sorcerer Lover, Squatch Watch

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GUEST: DAVID HUNTSBERGER, Speaking Russian, Cannon Beach Busy Body, Ol Blue Eyes, Meth Shed, Clean Dishes, DAVID, Appearing At Mississippi Studios, Portland Is Good, Raining Money, Portland Guy, Podcast Crowds

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Stair Food, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE, Cornhole Champs, Michael Brian, KIELEN KING, Dating Advice, Inconsiderate, Unrecognizable Signals, BALL TALK, College and Pro Predictions, SCIENCE FACTS, Caterpillar, Multiple Stomachs, Brother Science

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GUEST: CHRIS FAIRBANKS, Delicate Situation, LOST AND FOUND LOUNGE, Nice Hair, Ex-Boyfriend, Nineties Time Stamp Songs, Therapist For Greg, Soul Asylum Misery, World Of Crazy, Showgirls 2, Sleep Texting, Phone Stealing, Blurred Lines Ladies, Rodman North Korea, Ticos Angry, Seahawks Song, CHRIS FAIRBANKS, World's Dumbest, Skating, Unitards

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Tarp City Mystery, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE, Lunkhead & Gorilla, AARON DURAN, BC Sounds, The Blurp, Science Mysteries,  World Of Crazy, Shampoo On A Bus, Man Smearer, Crack Pipes, Money Crevice, Ball Talk, Alouettes, Tebow Band, T-Shirt Gun, Danes Only, Costas Rap

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GUEST: GREG JAMES of STAR DRUNK, Canada Eh, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE, Nice People, Wee Britain, Thanks Obama, Bremerton Peepers, World Of Crazy, Drill In Skull, Yolo, Masonic Temple Love, GREG JAMES, The Story Of Star Drunk, The Controversy, Great Fun, Great Actors, Japanese Television, Going Viral

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