Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.
Funemployment Radio Episode 113

GUEST: AARON DURAN, Ball Talk, Blazers, Mindy McCready, Kentucky Derby, Stephen Hawking, Karaoke

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Funemployment Radio Episode 112

Max Headroom, Virtual Sarah, Hot, Armpits, Eggs, Weird Dreams, Code Talkers, Ball Talk, Blazers, Nash Bros, Howard Idiot, Sex Tape, Old Player, Kentucky Derby, Entertainment News, Paul Reubens Smurfs, Julia Roberts, Ear-Biting, Brooklynese, Grandma Love, Tooth Pulling, B-SIDE

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Funemployment Radio Episode 111

Dancing Lesbians, Dreams, Pawn Shops, Craig’s List Hijack, Ball Talk, Nuggets, Golf, Heckling, Tebow, Big Ben, Milk Problems, Entertainment News, Cuddling, Russel Crowe, Bullock Baby, CASSIDY’S RESTAURANT AND BAR


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Funemployment Radio Episode 110

Skiing, Accidents, Twilight, Nerdy TV, History Pub, Kennedy School, E-Mail, Ball Talk, Blazers, Racist, Soccer, Big Ben, Tentacles, Entertainment News, Jesse James, Hugh, Bieber, Amy Winehouse, 90’s Pop Quiz


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Funemployment Radio Episode 109

Spilling stuff, Irish Car Bombs, Blazers Game, Softball, Homeless Man, Karaoke, Tough Crowds, Milk And Beef, Ball Talk, Blazers, Hockey Tooth, Crazy People, Tiger Cartoon, Big Ben, Entertainment News, Lindsay, Bullock, Cocaine Vagina, AARON DURAN, Spine Tingler, Batman, Tron


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Funemployment Radio Episode 108

Psyche, Blazers, VIP Room, 30 Rock, Pub Crawl, Taxi Driver, Get Herpes, Lady Gaga Boy, Ball Talk, Gay World Series, NFL Draft, Booing Leukemia Kid, LT, Sarah Hair, Entertainment News, Breakups, Twilight Trailer, Ronnie And Sammi Read New Moon


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Funemployment Radio Episode 107

Methhead Walk, Facebook, Mac N cheese, Ya Hala, Craft Fair, Eagles Lodge, Courage, Ball Talk, Blazers, Timbers, Beavers, Big Ben’s Gray Penis, Dirty Hair, Courtney Love, South Park, Heather Locklear, Clue, CASSIDY’S 


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Funemployment Radio Episode 106

LOUD PEOPLE, Tenitis, Gleeminex , Gay, Celebrity Sightings, Ben From Iraq, White Trash Walk, Meth Heads, Ball Talk, Blazers, Hockey, Draft, Big Ben, Chronicles Of Sarah, Entertainment News, Breast Feeding, Testicles, Steven Segal, Scott Stapp Karaoke


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Funemployment Radio Episode 105

We’re Back, Broken Thumbs, Long Shoots, Softball, Heidi Montag, Collagen, Ball Talk, F-U Charles Barkley, Deshawn Stevenson Head, Booing Japanese, Big Ben, Addressing Facebook, Doctor Bartender, Entertainment News, Oprah, Lindsay Lohen, Implants, Vibrator, iPhone, Happy BDay


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Funemployment Radio Episode 104

The Curse, Leverage, Timothy Hutton, Timbers, Camping, CASSIDY’S, TIMBER JOEY, Being A Mascot, Ball Talk, Big Ben, Taunting, Jay-Z, Scott Stapp, Vomiting, Entertainment News, Jesse James, Skeletor Whore, Kiefer Sutherland, Nic Cages Pyramid, Tix, BIG-ASS SANDWICHES


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Funemployment Radio Episode 103

Peter Steele, Whiskey Wednesday, Scotch, Storm, Pot Pop Can, RICK EMERSON, St. Ides, Tila, Ball Talk, Blazers, Keith Hernandez, Ben Penis, Greatest Song Ever, Entertainment News, Larry King, Charlie Sheen, Amanda Flowers, OUTLOOK PORTLAND, BIG-ASS SANDWICHES


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Funemployment Radio Episode 102

Tan, Lost, V, Whiskey Wednesday, Scotch, Sad Day, Tombstone, Cheers Aunt Cherie, B-SIDE , Sunny, Dominatrix, Ball Talk, Playoffs, Rider, Timbers, Arrested, Scotch, Vagina, Entertainment News, Divorces, Jersey, Karaoke Walk The Line


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Funemployment Radio Episode 101

Melenchollie Day, Episode 101, 60 Minutes, Softball, Cure, Ball Talk, Twitter, Chan Ho Park, Big Ben, Trivia Quiz, Rock Ballads, Entertainment News, Jesse James, Jersey Shore, Oprah, Horse Sounds


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Funemployment Radio Episode 100

100th Episode!  Tech Issues, Cort And Fatboy, Big-Ass Sandwiches, Delicious, Favorite Memories, Aaron Duran Geek In The City, Custom Cosmo, Ball Talk, Brandon, Tiger, Santonio, Big Ben, Favorite Moments, Crotch Kick, Van Pelt, Entertainment News, Jesse James, Tila Tequila Rap, Karaoke Second Chance 


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Funemployment Radio Episode 99

99, Butters, Condoms, Up In The Air, Shot Glass, Oregon Coast, Audition, Traffic Reports, Irish Car Bombs, Beer Pong, Boobs, Shasta, Jay-Z, Ball Talk, North Dakota,  Airplane Sign, Swim Scandal, Tiki, Oregon Coach, Entertainment News, Cobain, Lohan, Jesse James, Justin Bieber


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Funemployment Radio Episode 98

Sun, Best TV Ever, Red Alert, Battlestar, Sarah Videos, Cab Driver Kisses, Vegas Karaoke, Weird Al, Ball Talk, Kenyon Martin Tirade, Tiger Commercial, Pee, Champs, Entertainment News, Jesse, Porn Music, Possum Kissing, Potato Head Singing, Karaoke


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Funemployment Radio Episode 97

Franklin, Audition, Hoarders, Cats, Dog People, Allergies, Almost Fights, Low, Mexican Walmart, Reminder Songs, Ball Talk, Blazers, Noses, Toes, Weed, Big Papi, Cool, Celebrity Sighting, Entertainment News, Jackson Doctor, Jersey Shore, Apologies

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Funemployment Radio Episode 96

Ringtone, Pablo Gay Bar, Vegas, Timeshares, Godfather, Weird Coincidence, Kevin, Ball Talk, Lakers, Sister Sex, Tournament, Wrestling, Facebook, Guns, Entertainment News, Jesse James, Scrotie McBoogerballs, Booty Bounce

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Funemployment Radio Episode 95

We're Back, Vacation, Airports, Kotter, Crazy Airports, Ball Talk, Donovan, Tiger, Tournament Of Champions, Ringtones

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Funemployment Radio Vacation 6


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Funemployment Radio Vacation 5

Vacation Episode 5, Special Guests, GREG NIBLER and SARAH X DYLAN of FUNEMPLOYMENT RADIO

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