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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Starting with the question of what kind of Gatorade flavor you would buy someone, knowing nothing of their preferences, turns into a shocking realization for Greg. basic. A mid-life crisis ensues, live on the show. Then we discuss Sarah's foray onto 82nd avenue with ashtray shuffleboard. In World of Crazy: Tattooed Freckles, Naked Chalupa, Mr. Pickles, Juggalo. Huge thank you to our Green Room Sponsor: WORTHY BREWING!

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GUEST: DANA GOULD. Our friend Dana Gould stopped by to talk about old dirty songs, Stan against Evil, podcasts and much more. He is at Helium Comedy Club this weekend! Also, Greg now as been bitten by the "Bingo Bug". In World of Crazy: New Words; Witches. Thanks again to REYKA VODKA and SMALL TOWN BREWERY! Also, our great friends at NEXT ADVENTURE and H&R BLOCK!

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Do not pick Greg up! That is his new stance as he explains the world from a "Short American" perspective. Sarah disagrees and is a full advocate of Greg being picked up by strangers, since he is acting like an Eeyore. World of Crazy: Toast Day, Florida Man, Florida Woman, Walmart Sword Fight, Dance Ban

Plus, it's our FER Bingo Night tonight at Landmark Saloon, with Reyka Vodka, Small Town Brewery and a prize from PDX Pedicab. Big thanks to H&R Block!

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A nice gesture turned into a foul attempt to poison Greg today. Or, he is very whiny about frugal Sarah's kind offer of food. Billy Wayne Davis was scheduled to be on the show today, but didn't make it to Portland; we'll explain why. Plus, Greg once ruined a  European's view of America. 

In World of Crazy: Special Lipstick, Betty Boop. Ball Talk: Brady Jersey, Marathon Cheater, Jose Canseco Robots. 

FER Bingo Night is Feb. 23rd at Landmark Saloon, with Reyka Vodka, Small Town Brewery and a grand prize from PDX Pedicab!

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Greg had another one of his bizarre dreams and it could not have been in more of a  Greg-style. The biggest question is what was Aaron Rodgers up to, why did he flip so easily and how did Bigfoot get involved? Plus, in World of Crazy: Nazi Phone; Meth Gnomes; Pineapple Pizza. Big thank you to HR BLOCK! Also, don't forget our FER BINGO NIGHT is at LANDMARK SALOON on 2/22 with REYKA VODKA and SMALL TOWN BREWERY!

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Sarah has done it again and purchased a "discounted" food item. We discuss the validity and safety of doing this and Greg gets on his high-horse to convey would he believes to be the correct practices and what we'd be willing to buy on discount. In World of Crazy: Horse Meat, Zima, Jason Segel, Expensive Coffee, Undercover Taco Bell. Ball Talk: Naked NFL, Cousins trade, Flat-Earth Kyrie. Big thank you to HR BLOCK and don't forget our FER BINGO NIGHT at the LANDMARK SALOON is Feb 23rd with SMALL TOWN BREWING'S NOT YOUR MOM'S ICED TEA and REYKA VODKA sponsoring!

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We love doing this show every day for everyone and sharing our lives, but we do have some hard news at the beginning of this episode. It's a tough tale, but we love you all and after we get it out of the way, we go on to a normal episode! We cover bizarre superstitions and much more. Thanks to HR BLOCK and also to REYKA VODKA and SMALLTOWN BREWERY for their sponsorship of our FER Bingo Night on Feb. 23rd.

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Sarah is back from Seattle and her Niece's birthday party. Did she drop the baby?! Also, Greg is still delirious from his sickness and now starting to get paranoid. We have an update on our great "Reaching across the table" experiment. Big thank you to H&R Block for their fine sponsorship of this episode!

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Sarah is heading to Seattle for her niece's first birthday party, how does one act at a one-year-old's birthday party, barren spinster, McCrab Sandwich, pizza is for marriage, ghost intimacy, new dating app, and have a wonderful weekend friends!

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It's a very short show because Greg is a bit under the weather and kind of loopy so it's a bit hard to get him to focus, accidentally liking something on Facebook when you're stalking someone on there, National Pizza Day, house full of bees, possible NHL to Portland, and have a great night all!

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Greg has a dilemma at his side job, in which no one wants to give him free samples. Is it because of his snitching ways? Also, Sarah will be working a job in which she'll be interacting with Sports people. In World of Crazy: Port St. Lucie; Bad Taxi; Harambe Cheetos; 7 Billion For Jesus; HR BLOCK; Ball Talk: Falcons Fans; Brady Jersey; San Diego Raiders

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GUEST: STEPH STRICKLEN. We start the day off we Greg's most awkward gym experiences and whether or not he should find some "buddies" to hang out with there. In World Of Crazy: Hater Dancing, Trusting Tinder, Piggy Smalls.

Then we are joined by Stephanie Stricklen! Stephanie is a broadcasting veteran and all around amazing person. We talk about everything from Television, to Cat Ladies, to behind-the-scenes at the Olympics. Follow Steph in everything she does!

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Greg talks about his 'friend' that he met years ago and her amazing performance at the Super Bowl, while Sarah believes she has set a trend with her Keytar skills. Then we are joined by our super secret guest....Aaron Duran! Aaron is now in the land of Funemployment, but has some amazing books and comics out there for you to grab. Plus, there is Sarah's possibly haunted apartment. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE and WORTHY BREWING!

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Today is Groundhog Day and we have our FER Bingo Night tonight! Today is Groundhog Day and we have our FER Bingo Night tonight! Also, Sarah has created some new merch for sale right now and we test our NPR voices to celebrate. In World of Crazy: Pet Lynx; Naked Runner.  Greg makes his prediction for the Bowlo de Super. Thanks to REYKA VODKA, ASYLUM and HR BLOCK!

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GUEST: LARRY CRANE. Today we are joined by our friend Larry Crane of Jackpot! Recording Studio and Tape-Op Magazine! Jackpot is celebrating 20 years of his studio and has some of the greatest stories of all time, including how he and Elliot Smith originally started the studio. Plus, Sarah calls her Dad to verify whether or not a person can have an indentation on their head from headphones. Don't forget that FER BINGO NIGHT is Feb 2nd at LANDMARK SALOON with REYKA VODKA and prizes from ASYLUM!

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