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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

GUEST: MOSES STORM. Greg is getting ready to head to the rough streets of Bremerton, Washington and needs some hints on how to act. Does he need a jean jacket? Switchblade? Sarah helps out with tips on how to "Talk like a Bremelo". Also, we are joined by Moses Storm! Moses is at Helium Comedy Club and has some great stories about his amazing career.

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A new heel has arisen in the Cornhole League that Sarah and Greg are a part of and he must get a name. Oh boy, does he get one. Also, how do you handle bullies? Plus and update on the 'Rat Field' that Greg s dealing with. In WOC: Sarah has an INCREDIBLE idea to speed up Fast Food orders. In Ball Talk: Uruguay and the Beavers are winning.

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With a 20-year High School Reunion on the horizon, Sarah must prepare herself to be 'glamorous' and is going to get eyelashes put on by a friend...for free. Greg has his own home beauty products to offer, plus would like to bring a cape and cane to the party, in addition to a pep up speech. It's going to be AMAZING!

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GUESTS: JEREMIAH COUGHLAN and JAKE SILBERMAN. Greg may have further added to the file that he assuredly has at his gym. He swears he is NOT a 'starer guy', but isn't that what someone who is, says? Then we are joined by Jeremiah and Jake, hosts of Brine Time, a podcast about the Portland Pickles! The Pickles are a baseball team here and we have a great talk about what they do. Thanks for tuning in!

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A recap of our extremely Portland weekend of Hump Festival and then emceeing the Rose City Beard and Mustache Competition is on tap to start the day off! Both were great and huge thanks to the Portland Beardsmen for bringing us on board for a 3rd year! Then we discuss the instances of a specific kind of mustache and what it might mean... Then in World of Crazy: International Tag, Hot Dog Water, Snake Noodle. Ball Talk: Uruguay, OSU Baseball. Huge thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE too!

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Sarah is starting to worry about her upcoming High School reunion and realizes that her public perception on Facebook may be oriented towards....being a food monster. Pizzaburger hotdog. In World of Crazy: World Record, Dog Driving, Florida Man. Thanks everyone for listening!

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A documentary about chickens has captured Greg's attention and we think it will for you too. Chicken People is both great and.....sad? It's great. Sarah is also back to watching horrifying Lifetime movies. In World of Crazy: Nickelodeon, Dog Mayor, Don't Take An AC. Ball Talk: OSUBB, World Cup BK on VK, Russian Beer, Team Japan. Plus, our brand new "Summer Sale" ad, that you'll have to hear to believe....there's a camel involved.

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GUEST: Bri from Portland Mercury. We start off today with discussion of Greg and Sarah emceeing the Rose City Beard and Mustache Competition. As it is their third year in a row, the opening 'ceremonies' need to be discussed. This year's potential theme: Adventure! Then we are joined by Bri Brey from the Portland Mercury to discuss the Hump! Film Festival. This magnificent event is this weekend here and Bri tells us all about what goes into it, some of the films and some of the history. Get your tix to both!

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GUEST: AARON DURAN. Direct from Geek In The City, Aaron joins us for today's episode! Talk ranges from a recap of the FER Experience this weekend and a summation of the "Rat Diagram" that Greg presented. There is a new possible monster next door and it's creepier than ever. In World of Crazy: Body Worlds, Florida Man, Bothell Hell House. Ball Talk: World Cup, Mystic Marcus. Go see Aaron at Nerd Communion, also thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE! 

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What starts out as Greg's professed love for something he used to be addicted to (a video game, that is basically all of his dreams in one) turns into a debate about what would happened if a Ghost Town is purchased. Lone Pine is for sale, but Greg and Sarah have competing views on what should happen. It's Niblerburg vs. Dylanshire!

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The past few weeks have added up and now Greg believes he needs to take a new direction in his life. From dealing with the "rat neighbors" to getting rear-ended in an accident, it's time for something drastic...cameras. Everywhere, cameras. In Ball Talk: World Cup fever has taken over, but it's a cat named Achilles that is the star! Also, how many Gregs are in a mile?

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GUEST: MARK GEARY. The day starts of with a harrowing tale of survival and terror, that Greg experienced the previous night. While merely going about a relaxing task, he was confronted with.....the rat. Will he ever recover, or is he a giant baby? Then we are joined by the fantastic musician and friend of the show, Mark Geary! Mark is incredible, plays us a song, and even gives us some World Cup advice. Then Sarah comes back with....#ratfacts. Ew. 

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GUESTS: Portland Beardsmen, Danny and Maddie. Sarah was invited to join a very exclusive club recently, but she's not sure if it's really an exciting thing, or...not. The Big Butt Club is apparently real and she may be an elder stateswoman in it. Then we are joined by Danny and Maddie from the Portland Beardsmen to talk about the 4th Annual Rose City Beard and Mustache Competition! Greg and Sarah will once again be emceeing this fantastic event for charity!

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Today: Is Greg projecting about his life through his yardwork, filling in the holes, having a green thumb and what does it represent, pizza bouquets and flowers, don't wear bright orange to a robbery, Lebron is on the loose, and more - have a great day all!

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Sarah may have found a new career as a Flee Market Lady, however, her skills at haggling are severely lacking. How would she dress and what would she sell, or even be able to sell? Also, we take a moment to say goodbye to Anthony Bourdain, one of Greg's favorites. If you even need help, please reach out. In World of Crazy: Canada Woman, Pawn Shop, Eyeballs. Congrats on the Capitals for winning the Stanley Cup.

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A wonderful methy present showed up outside of Greg's door this morning and he had no idea, he might become famous because of it! Well, actually, this person is already famous on Reddit. The Orange Van is a sight to be seen and you'll need to check out the pictures to get the whole portrait of what is going on. What is in the bags? Is a Machete involved? All will be revealed!

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A band has stolen the name of Greg's and ordinarily he would know what to do but unfortunately....there is a twist. Also a big change has happened in his life. It was an awkward experience, it involved going somewhere he doesn't go, but in the end it was one of most exciting things ever and he gets to hunt wholly mammoths! In WOC: Australian Man, Ball Talk: Mexican World Cup. Pick up your tix for the FER EXPERIENCE on June 17th now!

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From involvement in a hit and run (receiving end), to disturbing the new restaurant neighbors, Greg has been busy. Other discussions include, which would you rather have as a pet/friend? A Mogwai, an Ewok, or an E.T.? In World of Crazy: Free Roaming Chicken, Oyster Contest, Kit-Kat being eaten wrong. It's a wild show today!

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A highly disturbing find from Sarah's past, reveals ever so much about her childhood. With her friends Tickles, Big Sarah and Big Heather, she apparently learned how to dance with dolls. This sounds made up, but seriously....she really did all of that. In WOC: 30 year-old movies out, Canadian Peacocks, Time Traveler. Ball Talk: LeBron Mad, Russell Wilson to Portland. Thanks all!

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Sarah's favorite show of all time Twin Peaks is the topic, as she explains to non-Twin Peaks fans (Greg) what the show is actually about. She is VERY passionate about the show and is even visiting some of the locations this weekend. In Ball Talk: JR Smith screws up, and Russell Wilson is in for Portland Baseball.

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