Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Greg Song, Coasties, Buying A Drink, Cirque Du Soleil, Ball Talk, Ball Park Food, Desean Jackson, NEXT ADVENTURE, Canadian Taco, Beer Diet, Crispy Bacon, SQUARESPACE, Old Man Greg What Bothers Me

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What Is The Dark Net, Wild West Internet, NKOTB Quiz For Sarah, Fan Or Stalker, Ball Talk, Northwestern Union, Johnny Football, World Of Crazy, Corndog, Robbing Shoe Store, Fork Bet, Cheese Swimming, NEXT ADVENTURE, Guilty Shopping, METRO PCS, Contest Winner Gabrielle

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Funeral Potato, SQUARESPACE, Operation Hot Summer, Greg's List, Slime, Senior Helper, Ball Talk, Titanium Fire, World Of Crazy, Paid To Not Play, Kim Jong Un Haircut, Brain Beer, Superman Arrested, DJ Fight, GREASEMONKEY DOUG

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Coffee Incident, Onyx Name Thieves, What Bothers Me, Greg Rooney Debut Segment, World Of Crazy, Jay-Z Fake Age, Blow Up Doll Lady, Anti-Social Network, Thick Jeans, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk, Shaq Attack, Sheep Shortage, Squatch Watch, METRO PCS

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Politician Greg, AARON DURAN and Sarah question leadership, 4 B's, World Of Crazy, Vaseline, GoT Teacher, Golden Corral, Toilet Rats, NEXT ADVENTURE, DAVID LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY and AMANDA FOX MUA, History, Kurt Cobain, Strangest Photography Sessions

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Bad Yogurt, Oil Pulling, Mama Doctor, Ball Talk, NBA Ads, Tournament, World Of Crazy, Toe Loving, Cop Breakfast, JEDEDIAH AAKER & CLINT, PORTLAND BEARDSMEN, Squatch Watch, Science Facts, Toes, Oil

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GUEST: TED ALEXANDRO, Dumping A Purse, Speed Dating, Hot Chicks Good Times, Stripper First, Flight Attendant, Jerk Girl, Ball Talk, Tournament Of Champions, TED ALEXANDRO, New York To PDX, Louis CK, Comedy Central, OZ, Helium Comedy Club

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GUEST: TODD ARMSTRONG, Speed Dating Debate, Greg Fails, Speeding Ticket Maybe, Ball Talk, Tournament Of Champions, NEXT ADVENTURE, Todd, PERMANENT COMEDY, Kambucha, Tattooing and Talking, Behind The Scenes, Comedians And Dating, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB

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GUEST: SAM TRIPOLI, Dealing With Hecklers, Comedy, PUNCH DRUNK Call-In, Podcast Within A Podcast, FUNHOUSE LOUNGE, Kenny, Haunted Fridge, Tournament Of Champions, SQUARESPACE

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Runemployment 15K, We Did It, AARON DURAN, Video Games, UFC Fight Crowd, Wedding Host, Quite Popular, Aaron Tournament Predictions, World Of Crazy, Unsettling News, METRO PCS Rocks

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GUEST: BRYAN CALLEN, Change Of Plans, Sham-Rawk, Runemployment, Wedding Announcer, World Of Crazy, SQUARESPACE, Ball Talk Tournament, BRYAN CALLEN, Sandpaper, Helium Comedy Club, Recognition, Autographs, Diii..., K, Science Facts, Feet, Dinosaurs

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Chinese Taco Pocket, Wrestling History, Lifetime For Men, Bad Baby Names, Ball Talk, Life Lessons, Mayweather, Taxi, China, Tournament, World Of Crazy, Tupac Lives, Lizard Salad, Katz Deli, Hidden Cameras, Undz, SQUARESPACE

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Yoga People, Jiggles Article, Young Greg, Word Of Crazy, Lindsay Lohan Conquest, Cat Family, Baby Spider Bananas, China Redux, Ball Talk, Taylor Swift Rodgers Power Beard, Small People Big World, METRO PCS

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GUESTS: NEXT ADVENTURE'S DEKE & BRIAN, Cats Will Eat You, Phone Incident, METRO PCS, Yoga Balance, Ghost Steps, Ball Talk, Life Lessons, Tournament, World Of Crazy, Injections, Name Change, Cat Cafe, Attack, DEKE & BRIAN, Next Adventure Is Awesome, Life Partners, Drinking Show, Amazingness

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#lieday, Pink Floyd Based On A-Team, Different Viewpoint, HR Block, Blueman Group, What A Mess, Ball Talk, Goldspring, Aldridge Love James, Bad Poll MLS, Shaq-Fu, KD Dis, World Of Crazy, Lotto Cookie, Niceville Florida, Pee-Wee Bike, Dog Saved By Vodka, Bieber, SQUARESPACE

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GUEST: TOMMY JOHNAGIN, Wedding Dresses, To Swing Or Not, TOMMY JOHNAGIN INTERVIEW, Helium Comedy Club, Tommy Is Awesome, Ball Talk, Botox Eye, Alberta Squatch Watch, World Of Crazy, Kesha, Brother Kisser, Purple Hash, Phone App, Science Facts, Wet Paper, How To Be A Doctor Dr., SQUARESPACE

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Where You Runnin' From?, 82nd Ave Adventures, METROPCS ROCKS, Tuggy's Ghost, Sarah And The Door, Prank Phone Calls By Young Greg, Old Woman, Busted, Ball Talk, Ken Griffey Jr. Worst Interview Ever, World Of Crazy, Air PnP, Burrito Bite, Florida Guy, Mobile Meth, GOT Rap, Whale, Wall-E, Wale, St. Ides Rap HR BLOCK

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Science Of Juice, Too Many Carrots, Running, Greg's List, Escort Or Call Girl, Hot Pizza, World Of Crazy, Cruel Intentions, Real Life Ken Doll, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Armpit Of America, Game Of Throne Rap, Andre Drummond Twitter, Squatch Watch Vancouver Island, SQUARESPACE

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Stranger Boxes, Elevator Awkwardness, Fancy Photo Shoot, D. Leonidas Photography, ASYLUM, Ball Talk, Extra Point, Mascot Felonies, World Of Crazy, Driving It Off, Man In Barbie Costume, Afraid Of Bathrooms, Cutting Hair, Half Siblings, Swiss Cheese Pervert, HR BLOCK

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Questioning The World, The Rules Of Self-Checkout, Michael Brians, Two Too Many Beers, The Wrong Girl, Rude Or Not, Tipping, World Of Crazy, Dog DNA, Bird Takes Down Plane, Stabbing Teddy Bear, Zelda Sword, METRO PCS, Marvel Stares At Nothing

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