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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Today: Greg found a treasure while looking yet again for a lost key, let's help solve the mystery and reunite it with it's owner, our slowed down audio is creepy, New Years Eve traditions, and have a wonderful weekend - talk to you next year! :)

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Today: is all over the place and we're not quite sure what is going on, why in the world is Bambi still a thing, magical elevators in the streets, snowgo stick is an Olympic sport, and have a good afternoon!

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Today: We are back from the break and excited to be here! Sarah spent the holiday with her family, and had a last minute surprise guest, pajamas and Christmas stories, traveling and little children, and have a wonderful day all! :)

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Today: Sarah is riding the train to Tacoma tomorrow and is TERRIFIED they are going to shove her onto a bus, excuses to stay on said train and what is a business upgrade, stuck in a tiny town and finding the spirit of Christmas, is it Deliverance or a Hallmark movie, and have an excellent rest of your week and weekend - happy holidays to you!! :)

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Today: Rick Emerson joined us and it's bananas as usual :) Have a great afternoon all! xo

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Today: It is completely insane and we are sorry, songs from your childhood that only you remember, Tim Noah and Ramblin' Rod, red paint in Portland, UFO sightings, World Cup is finished, the golden glove, and have an excellent day!

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Today: Sarah had her adventure at the dentist yesterday, getting a root canal and mushy foods, psychic predictions for 2023, changing your name to Karen, put a Christmas tree in your bedroom, college football predictions, and have a good weekend!

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Today: Wow, the tall thing really turned into a hot-button issue! Also - Greg still doesn't understand David Lynch, Sarah has to go back to the dentist, shortest man in the world and selling burps, and have an excellent day all! 

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Today: Sarah is heading into a brave new world and it's exciting, is chili a soup, bisque and gumbo, video games and unicorn licenses, grinch in the HOV lane and tally question, and have an excellent afternoon friends - you are the best! Have a great day!

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Today: Thank you SO much to everyone that came to Landmark this past weekend for a Courage Country Christmas - we appreciate all of you! Also today - Sarah had an awesome time in Tacoma, Big Bowie Birthday, and more! Have a great day!

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Today: Sarah believes that she is an excellent bowler and that is most likely not the case, granny bowling and fake nails, how to trash talk, and COURAGE COUNTRY CHRISTMAS THIS SATURDAY!!! :)

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Today: Greg has found a super power and it's not an awesome one, what is happening with the fridges and computer stuff, doggie day care, Bremelo Bremelo-ing, and have a wonderful afternoon all - you are awesome! 

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Thanks so much for listening dear friends, looking forward to hopefully seeing you THIS Saturday, December 10th, at the Landmark Saloon (4847 SE Division) - have a great day! :)

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Today: We were joined by our friend Rick Emerson to talk about his book, terrestrial radio and foot fetishes, and the best name of an author that has ever existed - EVER :) Have a great day all! 

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