Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Elevator Entertainment, Amazon, FER BINGO LANDMARK RAINIER, Random Pills, The Shirt Unveiling, Bae Is the Worst Word, Nah, WoC, United Airlines Yoga, Shark Tank Apartment, Body Cavity Search, Grape Soap, Nicki Minaj, D'Angelo Russell

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GUEST: RON LYNCH, Calling Out Construction, Too Far?, Need Opinion, Bet Debate, RON LYNCH, Heads, Bob's Burgers, Comedy, The Secret Society, Best Machine Ever, WoC, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk, FER BINGO LANDMARK RAINIER

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Sleeper Creeper Nibler, FER BINGO LANDMARK RAINIER, Greg Was In A Dream, Lockjaw Kissing, Undercover Boss FER Network, WoC, Pez Easter Egg Hunts, Cruise Ship Swim, Lawnmower Explosion, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk, The Great Bet Debate

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GUEST: DAN WEBER, Short Pants For Little Guys, AMAZON, Tallies Belittling Short People, Bremerton, Aunt Sarah, DAN WEBER, Reading The Bible With Dan, Tillamook Cheesemakers, 3 Times, Helium Comedy Club, FER BINGO RAINIER LANDMARK, The Bet Controversy

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GUEST: DANA GOULD, Stalker Of Sarah, The Letter, Maybe Being Followed, JW, DANA GOULD AT HELIUM COMEDY CLUB, Horror Movies, Whore Movies, Stan Against Evil, FX, Casting, Being Single At 51, Doll Heads, Microsoft AI, RAINIER FER BINGO, Doll Face Review

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Greg Does Instagram, The Foreign Currency Guy, Who Carries Pesos, Every Noise, Slovak Rap, WoC, Burrito Beating, 50 Shades Of Grey, Freddy Got Fingered VHS Tape, Delicious Accident, Tournament Of Champions, NEXT ADVENTURE, RAINIER BINGO LANDMARK, Jenky Clan

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Burrito Olympics Return, Flying Squirrel, Cemetery Dance Sasquatch Painting, Crazy Basketball Dream, Shaq Laughing, WoC, Underwear Stealing Cat, Potato Chip Soda, Easter Bunny Fight, Ball Talk, Las Vegas Black Knights, Bet Update, RAINIER BEER BINGO

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GUEST: HUTCH HARRIS, The Great Voice Miseries, Greg Was A Sickly Child, Allergy People, FER BINGO RANIER BEER, WoC, Hugging Koalas, Pizza Robot, Pre-Robot, Boaty McBoatface, Inflatable Dancers, HUTCH HARRIS, at HELIUM COMEDY CLUB on Wednesday, The Thermals, Sklar Brothers, Stand-Up Comedy, Ball Talk TOC Recap

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GUEST: JOE MACHI, We're Going Viral, So Famous Now, Daredevil, Pee-Wee, JOE MACHI, Paper Mill, No Smell, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB, Bringing It Down, Joe Is Wonderful, Ball Talk, Tournament Of Champions, RANIER

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Leprechaun Jokes, Short Irish Guy, Security Not Really, Professional Tattle Tale, Hippies Are Returning To Portland, 80s Middle Finger, WoC, Weepy Modern Men, Increase By 1000 Percent, Googling For P**n, Ball Talk, Brackets, RANIER BEER

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Shame Food, Tub Of Nuggets, Breaking Down Greg, Video Games & Cheetos, WoC, Stolen Meat Truck, Full Time Ninja, Seattle Nina, Rap Battlers, Ball Talk, Tournament Of Champions, Bracket Explanation, RANIER BINGO NIGHT

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GUESTS: JIMMY NEWSTETTER & XTINA VK, What Did He Say, The Riveting Phone Stories, Who Is Bill & What Did He Say, WoC, Back Of The Car, Terrible Story, JIMMY & XTINA, Tying It In, Dante's Comedy, The Ex, Great Free Comedy Show, Ball Talk, Tournament Of Champions

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GUEST: Andie Main, First Time In A Long Time, Amazon, 14 or 15 Years Old, Video Games, Diablo III, ANDIE MAIN, Gregzilla, Andie Revolution Comedy At Kickstand Comedy, WoC, Hell For Sale, Taylor Swift Wife, Silly Fox Hat

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GUEST: DREW LYNCH, Neighborhood Issue, Method Neighbors, Tutes Nearby, Poor Lead-In, Helium Comedy Club, DREW LYNCH, Cute Jobs, Comedy, America's Got Talent, Softballs, Drew Is Awesome, WoC, Hot Felon, Plane Boombox, Mexican Sea Creature, NEXT ADVENTURE

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Super Secret Special Guest Co-Host Aaron Duran, La Brujeria, Sarah Has A Surprise, Greg Is Out, New Comic Book, Rage Yoga In Canada, Low Carb, Vocalizations, Squatch Watch, WoC, Black Market Legos, Headbutting Goat, Mother Earth, Oregon Man

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Family, Amazon Bug Bites, Return Of The Juggalos, ICP What, How To Blend In, The Lingo, Angry Paperboy, Thick Ass Judy aka Tha Clown Juicer, Diabetty Wins, WoC, Oregon Fast Talkers, Water Bar, Man Punching Bags

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Future Greg, Parking Lot Peeper, Binoculars, Alternative Theories, Bus Ride Parody, Phone Kid, Phone Guy, Kissy Noise, Crazy Guy, Inappropriate Jokes, Car Swap, WoC, Lady Dancing On Truck, KROQ Baby, Mystery Machine, T Scale, Uber Scam, Peyton Retiring, HR BLOCK

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GUEST: GILBERT GOTTFRIED, Glamour Pup, Warehouse Fumbling, Tall Shelves, GILBERT GOTTFRIED at Helium Comedy Club, Problem Child, Alan Thicke, Wife Swap, B-Movies, Celebrity Apprentice, RIP CITY BAD BOYS, Kielen & Tristan, Hi White People, Blazers Pistons, NEXT ADVENTURE

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Entrepreneurship Dies, Amazon, Eryn Brokovich Is Involved, The Air Quality, Breathe Oregon, Bottling Nothing, WoC, Tire 'Through Window, Trump Helmet, UFOs Are Real Man, Zeta Reticuli, Hand Sizes, 8 3/4 inches, HR BLOCK

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GUESTS: AMY MILLER & SEAN JORDAN, A Problem, Looking Like A Weirdo, Zipper Down, The Velcreans, Pelcro, Velcrants Man Pants, WoC, Cheetos Taco Bell, VR Viewer, Move To Canada, Rage Yoga, NEXT ADVENTURE, AMY & SEAN ARE MOVING, Friendship & Pizza Party Alladin Theater, Moving Away, WE LOVE YOU SEAN AND AMY

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The Email Scandal, HR BLOCK, Sarah Is In The Middle, From Jane To Robert, To Be Or Not To BCC, Next Door App, Fog Park, Damn Raccoon, WoC, Port St. Lucie, Caricature Woman, Spanish Fight, Hug Chair, NEXT ADVENTURE

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