Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Bonfire, Weird Al Recap, Dolly Parton's Arms And Tattoos, The Neighbors, Too Nice, Tough Guy, Pauly Walnuts, WoC, Cheese Judging, Norwegian Golf Mystery, Cow Patties, NEXT ADVENTURE, Andrew Luck Doesn't Shower

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Weird Al Day, Changed Greg And Sarah's Childhoods, Ok To Be Weird, Biggest Ball Of Twine, Dare To Be Stupid, Summer Of Greg, WoC, Seattle Batarang, Glave, Florida Man, Miss Krimlen, Shipwreck Cheese, Sweden Dream

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GUEST: REVEREND NAT, Tropical Summer VIII, Stripper Soup, The Pool Rules, Which Apartment Are You In, Security, REVEREND NAT, Hard Cider, Starting From A Basement, Yeast, So Many Flavors, FER Brewers Cup, WoC, Underarm Fan, Beer Spill, Cans, Lotto Meth, NEXT ADVENTURE, Patagonia, Ball Talk, Olympics, KG Jr.

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Pablo Honey, FER Prom Recap, PABST BLUE RIBBON, The Sweating, The Dances, Purging of the Poetry, Teddy Is Pablo, Missing Dog, FER Brewers Cup, NINKASI, BRIDGEPORT, The Greg Sarah Bet, Double Or Nothing, Sugar Daddies On Lifetime Recap, Tom Peterson

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The Worry Stone, FER PROM presented by PABST BLUE RIBBON, Nerves Setting In, Foreign Exchange Students, The Creepy Dance, Purging of the Poetry, Fixing Hair, The Nightmare Dream, WoC, Bike Stations, Pokemon Dating, FER BREWERS CUP, NINKASI and BRIDGEPORT, Thanks Craig and April!

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The Outfits, Gregged By The Bell, Brandon Hair, 90s Music Fight, FER PROM, PABST BLUE RIBBON, WoC, Mayo Spill, Marilyn Monroe Hair, Soiled, Dog Pills, Florida With Trees In Corvallis, Ball Talk, Russian Cheating, NINKASI and BRIDGEPORT CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT

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Greg Goes Country, The Pale Moonlight, FER PROM with PABST, POETRY PURGE, Aaron Duran Goth Poetry, Sarah Steals Mail, Kit-Kats From Japan, Sampling, Canadian Greetings, Australian Greetings, WOC, Drunk Pilots, Pokemon Go Police, Maroon Pants, Propane, NINKASI and BRIDGEPORT BREWING, Chips Diet

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Greg Pulls A Sarah, Leaving Notes, FER PROM presented by PABST, Purging The Poetry, Returning Veterans Project, Leaving A Note, Gross On The Floor, ART SANTANA from HOLLYWOOD THEATRE, Heckle-vision, Last Action Hero, Ground Kontrol, Pokemon, Stolen Lawnmower, Freddy The Brain, NINKASI and BRIDGEPORT 

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Greg Is So Awkward, FER PROM with PABST BLUE RIBBON, The Story Of The Flier, Asking Someone To Prom, Fumbling Words, Dropping Everything, WoC, Pokemon, Crossword Puzzle, End Of World, Ball Talk, Deflategate Over, NINKASI & BRIDGEPORT CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT

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International Sarah Day, Mac & Cheese with Hot Dog Day, Upset Stomach, WWeek Party, Sampling Fiend, Sneaky, Lines, Nibler's Samplers, PABST FER PROM, WoC, Pokemon Go Zoo, Cheating, Chauffeur, NINKASI & BRIDGEPORT

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Funemployment Radio named Best Podcast In Portland by Willamette Week Readers, Sarah's Acceptance Speech, Russian Neighbors, Passive Aggressive, WoC, Calling Cops On Self, Mashed Potato Riot, PokeMon No, CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT, NINKASI & BRIDGEPORT, Zima 90s Facts, FER PROM WITH PABST

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Lester And Danielle, Random Mail To Greg's House, The Fake Family History, How Lester Met Debbie, FER PROM presented by PABST, WoC, Child Stealing Eagle, Pray Driving, Meat Stealing, Fish Bra, Ball Talk, Draymond Assault, Brasil Olympics

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Setting A Trap, Back Porch Thieves, Gift Bags, Cameras, The Watch, FER PROM PRESENTED BY PABST, Sarah's Under Dress, Lure, WoC, PokeMon Go insanity, Spirit Of the Game, Robberies, Sarah Takes Her "Stand", Ball Talk, Boring Tim, UFC 4 Billion

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FER Prom Music Debate, Greg Was In Bands, Reading Embarrassing Lyrics, Onstage On July 22nd, Fly Away, PABST BLUE RIBBON, WoC, Running Of The Bulls, Expensive Grapes, Escaped Convict, Sprayathon, Festus Elizi, Portugal vs France, Squatch Watch

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Lavell is hilarious and at Helium Comedy Club this weekend! You know him from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (Landslide), Workaholics, a little show called Breaking Bad (where he was Huell), among many other things. He's great!

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GUESTS: BROOKE DILLMAN & WILL GREENBERG, The Poet Society, Greg Hears A Piano, Beat Poetry About Burritos And Camping, BROOKE AND WILL FROM WRECKED on TBS, WoC, Gas Fight, Walmart Brawl, Fembots, Simpsons, NINKASI

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Laser Tag, Nicknames, White Lightning, Kylo Ren, Leia, Corbett 4th of July Parade, Throwing Candy, Riding The Float, WoC, Pizza Rolls, Grounded Plane, Joey Chestnut Hot Dog, PABST BLUE RIBBON, Ball Talk, Messi, KD To GS

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Grown Man Not A Child, Laser Tag, No Mercy, Sarah Is The Best, Sparkly Water, International Greg Day, World of Crazy, Cheese Thieves, Cheese Puns, Doll In A Window, July 2nd Facts

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