Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.
Funemployment Radio Episode 155

Shes Respectable, Stripper Soup, WWeek Party, Naughty Bingo, TANKER BAR, Shower Listening, Switching, Ball Talk, NBA News, Poor Pippen, Pau Recording, Hockey Suing, World Cup Behind Bars, Facebook Weirdness, Web Ads, World Of Crazy, Al Gore PDX, McDonalds Porn

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Funemployment Radio Episode 154

What Story, Teeth, Horrible Sound, Computers Suck, True Blood Recap, Ball Talk, Danny Ferry, Tennis People, World Cup, Vuvuzela Arrives, World Of Crazy, Sandra Bullock, Boob X-Rays, Vince Neil, Titanic 2, Rosa The Love Doll, Bench Humping, ROMANCING THE SPAMMER CONCLUSION

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Funemployment Radio Episode 153

The Party, Hitting On Heather, BarFly Anniversary Party, Sex Toys, Jedidiah, TIMBER JOEY, Ball Talk, Blazers, World Cup, Nosepicking, Logos

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Funemployment Radio Episode 152

Listener Party Planning, No Planning, Rick Emerson Show, Karaoke, Free Balling, Ball Talk, NBA Anger, World Cup, Vuvuzela Drinking Game, TANKER BAR, World Of Crazy, Jackson Anniversary, Jeremy London Is A Monkey, Thong, Old Balls, Sumo Wrestler VS Snicker Bar, Talking Box

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Funemployment Radio Episode 151

Off Mic, Party, The Woods, Busing, Biking, Losing Weight, Legion, True Blood, Kielan Call, Ball Talk, NBA Rumors, Put Your Face On, World Cup, Giant Vuvuzela, Lisa And Brian Wood Story, Locked Out, World Of Crazy, Weird Al, Al Gore, Butter or Margerine, Drunks, B-SIDE

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Funemployment Radio Episode 150

Sesquicentennial,  Whiskey, Singing, Bus, Scary Stories, Alvard Desert, Saddle Mountain, Cliff Diving, Ball Talk, NBA Rumors, GaGa, Seinfeld, LT, World Cup Win, Landon Donovan, Sarah Stripper Story, World Of Crazy, Jeremy London, Bullock, Homeless Sex

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Funemployment Radio Episode 149

Phantom, Listener Party, Miss Sarajevo, The Hills, Creepy Dude, TUGGY, Sarah Phone Number, Ball Talk, NBA Rumors, Frenchies, CASSIDYS, World Of Crazy, Randomness, Love Life Of Tuggy, Karaoke Phantom Of The Opera

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Funemployment Radio Episode 148

Normal, RES, Tommy Wiseau, Softball, Parents, Overboard, Farmville, Dog Fat, Dog Scared, AARON DURAN, Wishmaster, Babysitter, Green Jello Dream, Ball Talk, Blazers, Pirogi, Lady Gaga Drunk, World Cup Refs Suck, AUDIBLE.COM, World Of Crazy, Jeremy London, True Blood, Spencer, Blonde Chick, Justin Bieber, Spiders, Self Sex-Act, TANKER BAR, Kelsey Gifts

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Funemployment Radio Episode 147

Nerves, A-List Celebrities, Listener Party, RICK EMERSON ON PDX.FM, Dirty Mattress, Pregnant Boobs, TOMMY WISEAU OF THE ROOM

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Funemployment Radio Episode 146

Recovered, BILL CARTER, Key Card, Hurting, Bishops, Big-Ass Sandwiches, Pinball, Hats, Bike Problems, Bathroom, Shoes On Wires, Pee Wee, Dinosaurs, Wizard, Ball Talk, Amazing Predictions, PAC 11, Tiger Cub, World Cup Coverage, North Korea, Hot Dutch, AUDIBLE, World Of Crazy, Burning Jesus, Larry David, Poop, Angry Dream, Fish Choke, Masturbating Kayaker, Sarah Swallows Goldfish

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Funemployment Radio Episode 145

TECH DIFFICULTIES,  Romancing The Spammer in it's entirety up to this point.  Find out more at the Funemployment Radio Listener Party June 26th

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Funemployment Radio Episode 144

Official, Bikes, Craigs List, 19 Stairs, Trains, Exploring, The Net, Sherlock, Drinks, Karaoke, Listener Party, Koozies, Ball Talk, Ugly Sister, Timbers, Cowardly Bullfighters, Vuvuzela, English Whining, CASSIDYS, World Of Crazy, Gary Coleman, iPhone, Situation Rap, Betty White Nude, Naked Religion, The Room Quiz

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Funemployment Radio Episode 143

New Studio, Milk Packing, Listener Party, Romance Update, Softball Game, Unemployed Douschebags, True Blood, Rickets, Ball Talk, Vuvuzela, Poker Show, World Of Crazy, Cow Marriage, Oops I Pooped My Pants, Rats

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Funemployment Radio Episode 142

Last Day, Tommy Wiseau, Phone Call, Sarah's Date, Listener Video, GAVIN WELLS, Battlestar Galactica, Ball Talk, Randomness, Baseball Rant, Finding Grandpa, Courage Ur Rawk Ist Innefishunt

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Funemployment Radio Episode 141

New Intro, Feeling Old, Koozies, TANKER, Moving Stuff, Work Trouble, Jury Duty, Ball Talk, Crybaby, USC, Pac-10, Weightlifting Puker, Profanity, World Of Crazy, Lindsay Mom, Russel Crowe, Jury Duty, Breast Milk, Porn, Transvestite Candy, Voice Demos

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Funemployment Radio Episode 140

Marlins, Presents, Rick, Tangents, Driving, Shutter, TV, Forum, Animals, Forum, Look Like, BALL TALK, Trouble Athletes, Vomit Condoms, Weed, World Cup, London Friend, World Of Crazy, Redneck, Britney, Indiana Jones Bermuda Triangle, Taser Sex, Worlds Heaviest Woman

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Funemployment Radio Episode 139

World Cup 2010, Moving To Studio, VIPs, The Net, Baby Sitters Club, Ball Talk, Baby Beer, Stealing Balls, No Sex For Soccer, Entertainment News, Lindsay, 157-year-old, Vietnamese

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Funemployment Radio Episode 138

Listener Party, Softball, Crazy Homeless People, Pregnant Girlfriend, Listener Intros, Ball Talk, Blazers, Wooden, Pac-10, World Cup, AARON DURAN FROM GEEK IN THE CITY, Zombies, Entertainment News, Tila Personalities, Nude Jesus, Whore Talk

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Funemployment Radio Episode 137

Meetings, Snookie Hunt, Tom Selleck, Ron And Sammie Indiana Jones, STONE AND JEN BROOKS, MCKAY USED BOOKS, Courage, Ball Talk, Smattering, LA Mayor, Pac-10, Wrestler, World Cup, Audible, Entertainment News, Herpes, Penis, Moobs, Dirty Diapers, Karaoke Every Rose Has It's Thorn 


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Funemployment Radio Episode 136

Golden Girls, Westboro Baptist, Cookies, Meat Guy, Sales, Listener Intros, Pictures, Happy BDay, Ball Talk, MLB Perfect Game, North Korea, Listener Call, Belvedere, Entertainment News, Blanche, Penises, Trampolines

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Funemployment Radio Episode 135

Naughty Bingo, The Hills, Signage, WBC, Movies, Soap Operas, Ed Stanley, Ball Talk, LeBron, OSU, Toilets, Soccer Kiss, I Speak American, AUDIBLE, Entertainment News, Spencer, Charlie Sheen, Jesse Plane, Kristin Stewart, Jersey Shore, Special Ending

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Funemployment Radio Episode134

Sick, D. Hopper, Paid To Eat, Karaoke, Softball, CASSIDY'S, Crazy Heart, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, Ball Talk, Crash, Beaning, Horrible Story, Holograms, Musicians, Intro, Entertainment News, Tipper Gore, Horny, Jesse James, Speidi, Karaoke Close My Eyes Forever

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