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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

An opportunity has arisen for Greg, from his work with The Manual that involves Indy Cars, a sports legend, and a potentially awkward interview, given Greg's complete lack of understanding about what he's talking about. Sarah attempts to help.

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A night spent with Sarah's friend, leads her to some incredible insight into an entertainment ecosystem that was largely unfamiliar beforehand. With a startling recap and synopsis of the Real Housewives thing (trust me, it's not what you think), Sarah sheds light on something completely foreign to Greg. Complete with Sound Effects... Also, Greg is getting a shower speaker and it's really creepy. In WOC: Avocados All Day, Wet Willie, Samurai Swords. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

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An informational segment about the horrors of the cruising lifestyle fill Sarah with dread, as Greg just 'tries to help'. Also, a dramatic reading of the worst bridesmaid in the history of the universe. Want to pay $1500? Plus big thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES!

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GUEST: RYAN BRENTLEY from NINKASI. The FER Brewer's Cup Cornhole Tournament was a GIGANTIC success! Thanks to all the Brewers and everyone who came out, including enduring a bit of...drama... Then Sarah and Greg make a big announcement, after which we are joined by Ryan from Ninkasi! We talk all things their beers, do some sampling, and let you know about their great charity fundraising for FUNDS FOR FIREFIGHTERS! Thanks everyone!

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A trip to the Trophy Store has blown Sarah's mind! There is a trophy on hand at the store, it involves hot dogs, and she must find a way to 'win' it. Also, Greg once got a participation trophy for karate. The FER Brewer's Cup Cornhole Tournament is this Sunday with 16 Brewers on hand! It's going to be great and we can't wait to see you there!

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Sarah has discovered some treasures along her recent walks and wants to share her finds with the world. Will here "lily white hands" be dirty as she follows the cooking instructions? OR will she learn the best riffs ever? Also, we have FER Sunglasses available at the Brewer's Cup Cornhole Tournament this Sunday! In World of Crazy: Mini-horses, NASA Fight, Into the Void. Thanks to Next Adventure!

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After becoming a 'crystal lady', Sarah now is having strange apocalyptic dreams about ska concerts in Africa. Did she foretell of an impending disaster involving people hating the color red? she just weird. In World of Crazy: Snake Pants, Pokemon Cards, Fake Cop. Ball Talk: Spanish Soccer, Raiders Jail. The FER BREWER'S CUP is this SUNDAY AUGUST 26TH at LANDMARK SALOON! Also pick up tix to ROSE CITY COMIC CON!

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Greg has decided it may be time to join the Portland Culinary Community, with his own restaurant targeted toward people with more simple tastes. He feels sauces are the scourge of food and believes others may agree with his refined pallet choices. In World of Crazy: Mexico, Dog Ice Cream, Future Sarah. Big thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES!

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GUEST: ZAK TOSCANI. Before Zak joins us, Greg admits to a relapse into his potentially troubling video game obsessions that have now....upset animals. Then Zak hops on to talk about life in LA, headlining Helium Comedy Club, and recapping how his Twitter posts lead to Patton Oswalt, Jake Tapper, and about 600,000 other people to follow his thread. Big thanks to ROSE CITY COMIC CON, and don't forget to join us for the FER BREWER'S CUP!

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Greg tries to explain the obsession with Ween, KFC launches a clothing line, nug life, chicken nugget pants, Michigan woman named Donna, stolen hot dogs, and more - have a wonderful weekend friends!

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GUESTS: Ben Harkins, Steven Wilber, Jason Lamb. Today: No, we did NOT have Matt Damon in-studio, however Sarah had a dream about him and it was really weird, then Jason Lamb, Ben Harkins, and Steven Wilber joined us to talk about comedy, karaoke, and their event Fake it til you Make It, happening tomorrow night at the Ape Theater! Then more weird Matt Damon stuff. Have a great day!

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What is the policy on how much to eat at a restaurant and how much requires a box? It is the conundrum that Greg finds himself in, as he may have offended an establishment during Burger Week because he didn't finish his meal. It's annoying. We need your help. In World of Crazy: Stolen Ramen, Pooperintendent, Opera. Ball Talk: Baseball, Eagles Troll, Babestation. Thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES and ROSE CITY COMIC CON!

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Sarah is leaning into what she is ultimately going to be come as a "Crystal Lady". Then, we were joined today by Jason from Portland Adult Soapbox Derby to chat all things soapbox, Mt. Tabor, racing, and more - it's a lot of fun! Big thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES, as well!

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After a weekend at the Reservoir, Sarah and Greg discuss the mystery filming project that they were a part of. They had some unlikely visitors that were next to them, offering advice, warnings, and a whole lot of confusion, in addition to a drowned drone. Plus in World of Crazy: scooter hate, Paris bathrooms. Ball Talk: Fake Steelers player, Tiger is back. Thanks to ROSE CITY COMIC CON!

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GUEST: CHRIS PORTER. Chris is in town at Helium Comedy Club this weekend and he leads a fascinating life. From stories of performing on Kid Rock's cruise ship, to hanging out with Wayne Gretzky and Justin Verlander, it's a great interview. Go see him! Also, Greg plans on trying to get someone to let him on their boat, while camping this weekend. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

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After a day spent 'acting', Sarah realizes that she is still the weird kid she was 20 years ago, sitting in the corner listening to her audio books. Also, Greg accidentally left the YouTube channel streaming. He is also returning to the site of his glory of youth, when he became the king of the dock. In WoC: Uncle Pokemon, Don't Try Too Hard. In Ball Talk: Gridiron Burger. Big thanks to ROSE CITY COMIC CON!

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Sarah has a big role tomorrow, but it's one she's a little unfamiliar with. Her skill of always getting camera time has her worried about becoming a meme because of her...odd style of clapping hands. In World of Crazy: German Metal, Giant Spider, Haunted Asylum. Ghost Baby. Ball Talk: Diamond Tooth. Big thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES!

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The Soulful Giving Blanket Concert was amazing, but an interaction with former Portland Trail Blazers, Brian Grant could be what really stood out from the last weekend. Sarah did the most Sarah thing ever and we all got to witness it. Plus a limo ride, and Pergolatory is now a thing. In WOC: Amish Uber, Great Wall, Grilling Officer, Toothpaste. Ball Talk: DJ fight. The FER BREWER'S CUP is AUGUST 26TH! Also MAKER'S MARK is the fine sponsor of the PORTLAND PODCAST FESTIVAL!

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GUESTS: TREVOR MOORE, SAM BROWN, DARREN TRUMETER. 3 of the 5 members of The Whitest Kids U' Know joined us today! They are in town for Helium Comedy Club and we talked about everything from the show, which boy band member they would be, David Bowie's diet and what the future of the group is. Then we discuss the impending limo ride that Sarah and Greg will be taking for the Soulful Giving Foundation and what roles they should be playing for it. Thanks for listening and to ROSE CITY COMIC CON!

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A "controversial" Instagram post by Sarah X Dylan has resulted in some backlash online from the bird community. Was her bird shaming post a just and proper scolding of a Portland group, or is she about to face the backlash that she didn't see coming? We need your thoughts! Plus, she has a burrito in a mason jar. In World of Crazy: Space Needle, Leftovers, Rick & Morty. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!


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A late night discovery by Greg leads to some nightmares and a history lesson regarding the Aztecs. Seriously, it's weird! In World of Crazy: Port St. Lucie, Twins, Costco, cutting, Sasquatch. Big thanks to Rose City Comic Con and Black's Pest Services!

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