Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Friends Say Hello, Sportlandia Filming At Brewfest, Kenny, Ricketsfest, Camping Initiation, Squatch, Show Prep, World Of Crazy, Truck Stop Exposure, Slimy and Squishy

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GUEST: ORNY ADAMS, Obsessed, Hecklers, Team Building, ORNY ADAMS IS AWESOME, Teen Wolf, Coach Cupcake, Seinfeld, World Of Crazy, Willamette Week Party, Wrestling, CASSIDYS, Camping, Birthdays

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Check Uhhh, Body Aches, Blazers Run, Clean Apartment, Smelly Dishes, Men Smell Clothes, Too Much Underwear, Ricketsfest Prep, VISTAPRINT, Happy BDay, Ball Talk, Seattle Woes, NFL, Lucas Fight, Stolen Ring, Pryor Sucks, Cancer Survivor, Opener Contest, World Of Crazy, Jesse James Dumped, Provo Man, Naked LSD Fight, Corpse Awake, Big Seats, Big Holes

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Thunderstorms, Summer Is Here, Guam, Band Confirmation, Pool Day, BDay, PeeWee Tattoo, Kahlua Shots, Dirty Kitchen, Ball Talk, Jay And K, Nascar Prayer, Bike Ride, Congrats, World Of Crazy, Amy Winehouse, PeeWee Movie, Lindsay Lohan, Tiger In Bed, Penis Brick, AUDIBLE

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GUEST: CASEY HOLDAHL, TGIF, Katy Perry Sucks Hot, Casey From, Yoga, Sweating, Cornhole League, Young People, Murder Of Crows, Chainsaw Owes You, FAcebook Stripper, Moonstones, Seinfeld Quiz For Casey, 90210 Quiz For Sarah And Casey, KENNY B'S NERD FACTS, Happy BDay Jon

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Alarm Clocks, Swimming Pool Adventures, Tiarras And Todlers, Anchorsplash, Courtney Stodden, Videos, Ball Talk, United, Tiger Caddie, USC Running Back, Anthony Armstrong, World Of Crazy, Monkey Selling, High School Revenge, Sinkhole, Benefits of Soaking, Yogurt

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New Contest, Coffee, Weird Dreams, Trivia Night, Big Bingo, Heat Wave, Dust Storm, Forum, Ball Talk, Tiger Wife, Tattoos, Movies Roomates, Hammer, Zuckin It Up, World Of Crazy, Cheesy Poofs, J.Lo, Britney Unkempt, Walmart Fun, Shampoo Fight, Garbage Disposal

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GUEST: SHANROCK, Never Say That, Moneymaker, Trivia Battle, Methhead Update, Dollar Store Diva, SHANNON, Shanrock's Trivia, History Of Awesomeness, Seinfeld Trivia, Greg Gets Angry, Amazing Work, Dr. Phil Show, Kelsey Directly From The Source, Celebrities, Socks

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GUEST: BIG JIM, A Breakup, Surprise Goodbye, Brennan, Timber Joey, Bingo Bust, Say You're Catholic, BIG JIM, Big Night, Comedy In PDX, VISTA PRINT, Heartfelt Goodbye, Ball Talk, Hope Solo Question, The List, Awkward Television, Methhead Problems, Garbage Guy, Advice Sought

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GUEST: NEAL BRENNAN, Sarah Beaten By Sun, Soup Guy, Cornhole, Angry Timber Joey, Dave Cheats, Greg Cheats, Kenny Gross, Introducing RYAN DUNN, special guest NEAL BRENNAN, Piven, Tacoma, The Woods, Singled Out, Seth Myers, Obama, Chappelles Show, Picter, On The Road, Vegan, The Champs and a LOT MORE

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Too School For Cool, Hits, Geek In The City, Rum, Sea Shanties, Pirate Games, Ouija Board, Creepy, Ball Talk, USA USA USA, Soccer Rules, Promoters, Pee Gate, Shark Swim, Helicopters, World Of Crazy, Baldwin Wife, Manorexia Scourge

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GUEST: BILL PLYMPTON, Listeners Are Amazing, Chris, Sarah Paintings, Vodka, 3.5 Mile Run, Troy, New Forum, Squatch, BILL PLYMPTON, AMAZON, Ball Talk, Jeter, Buffalo Chips, World Of Crazy, Dead Makeup, Mila Kunis Marine, Eleanor Roosevelt, Homeless, Breasts

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Cry Baby, 8 Men Out, Dog Painting, Forum, Chupacabra Sighting, Birthdays, Ball Talk, Jeter Taxes, Ward Arrest, Hope Solo, Pennies And Shirts, World Of Crazy, Coheed Codone, BJ Herzog, Monkeys In Love, THANKS

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Not Sarah, Twitter Wars, AARON DURAN, Cool Events, Kenny's Tower, No Ladies, Game Night, Tuggy Fight, PRICELINE, Special Pageant, Ball Talk, Tiger Woods Announcement, ESPN Movie, US Women's Cup, Derek Jeter, Rays Coke, World Of Crazy, BLT Thief, Frying Pan Attack, RYAN Announcement, HP Screener, Ghosts

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Legs Hurt, Hood To Coast Training, Google Plus, RETURN OF KENNY B, Tales Of Costa Rica, Ladyfriend, Monkeys, Shot, Cockspur, TUGGY, Fresh Off The Boat, Arrests, KIELEN, Room Full Of Dudes, A LOT OF FUN

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Less Scary, TSA Gang, Good Looking Van People, Winchester House, A Haunting, Ball Talk, T.O., Toronto Hurts People, Cell Phone, CASSIDYS, World Of Crazy, Charlie Sheen Roast, Elizabeth Smart, Blowup Doll In Closet, Bunnies And Satan In WalMart, Helmetless

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Special Location, Meth Heads Close, Sportlandia, Hood To Coast Day, Burnt Skin, Waitress Movie, Twilight Zone, Kids And Marionettes, Dollhouse Murders, June Bugs/Stink Bugs, Ball Talk, Pyeongchang, All Blacks, World Of Crazy, Teeth Worms, Big Lady, METH HEADS FIGHT POSSIBLY CAUGHT ON TAPE

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Smurfabunga, Hit Me Baby, Britney Hot, 4th Weekend, Birthday Shenanigans, Stripper Soup, Douchebag Stew, Makeout Couple, Shirtless Guy, Bozyk Boat, Sunburns, Ball Talk, Chestnut Controversy, DeSean Bar Tab, Jacoby, Shins, Hot Dogs, CASSIDYS, World Of Crazy, T Bell Sick, Pigeon Face, Coney Island TP, Drunken Cooking, Club 33

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Older Than Jesus, New Backpack, Sportlandia At Rose Garden, Jehovas Witnesses, American Idol Signups, Smelly Elevators, Presents From Nick, Methhead Fireworks, Stolen Metal, Cornhole Issues, 4th Of July, Roman Candles, Stabs

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