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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.
Today: Greg is almost correct on another of his predictions and if he is right he will be unbearable, Sarah and the Tacoma coffee pot building, Super Bowl and party planes, grumpy swan and lottery winning, and have a great afternoon all!
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Today: We were joined by our friend comedian Jake Silberman to talk Portland, touring around the country in Covid times, and his first time headlining at Helium Comedy Club here in Portland THIS Sunday - get your tickets here! Oh and also Sarah is insane and picked up a couple of giant signs. Have a great weekend all, we will be back on Monday! :)

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Today: Greg's back to driving the green truck here for a bit, trash trucks and weird looks, and our friend Adam Pasi joined us to talk quarantine, Grandma's attic, and his upcoming album recording! Catch Adam tomorrow night (and the next four Thursday nights!) at The ShoeBox Theatre - get your tickets here! Have a fantastic day all! :)

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Today: Sarah found a story about a husband who wants half of a lottery ticket his wife gave to a friend as a gift (she won), what do you think is right, bologna masks and Wordle twitter, and have a wonderful day all! :)

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Today: We are now in the middle of another astrological rollercoaster, dog rescued by sausages, new owners for the Staten Island ferry, robot vacuum cleaner escapes and goes on the lamb, exciting football day, and have a great afternoon all! 

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Today: Our friend Rick Emerson joined us in studio to talk all things including but not limited to CIA spies and pets, Dave Grohl (because for some reason we always do) and of course - Meat Loaf. Have a great weekend all, love ya! :)

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Today: Sarah got a weird letter in the mail and is being fined for a parking ticket in 2005, how in the world is that legal, the world's smallest park is back and there is a leprechan colony, and have a wonderful rest of your day friends! :)
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Today: It's a weird one friends; we want to give you all our best and we are trying our darndest! :) Come for the bizarre key and mattress tag talk, stay for a repeat shrimp story that Sarah realizes mid-reading it! Solid gold! Blop. Have a great afternoon!

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Today: Greg is now obsessed with a new game online and he's not very good at it, giant frying pan on the road and McDonald's bathing suits, buying a boat and what to do with it, and have a wonderful afternoon dear friends! :)

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Today: Greg and Sarah got a celebrity recording thing for a friend and things go terribly awry, what must he think of Sarah, The Room and it's history with FER, Tommy Wiseau and oh hai doggie, and have a wonderful weekend all! :)

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Today: Everyone is hanging on by a mental thread, Greg's movie recommendations, today's the day, old tortoise, terrible blind date, Portland is on the map for a very Portland reason, Lisa Gail update, and have a great afternoon! :)

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Today: Listening to books and trying to focus, the end of the Truman show and what would happen, Waterworld and Labyrinth 2, Sarah sent a message to Lisa Gail on Greg's behalf :), and more - have a great afternoon friends! :)

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Today: An exciting opportunity has proposed itself to Greg and Sarah is trying to convince him it's a good idea, learning dance moves and 2012, tall bikes and for some reason more about Pokemon, glitter fight, and have a great afternoon friends! :)

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Today: We are back from the weekend, going to a casino and might not be the greatest idea, expensive houses and Pokemon cards, and have a great afternoon all! (also here is a funny sign I saw this weekend, haha) :)

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Today: Greg is getting inspired to get back into karate, what is your thing for your midlife crisis, buying what you want, giant ball of hair, dog birthday party, love billboards, and have a wonderful afternoon - we love ya! :)

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Today: Greg got the runaround from the Jeep place so Sarah picked him up and they went on a morning-venture to Oregon City, the Municipal elevator and jokes, twins and robot marriages, and have a great afternoon friends! :)

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Today: Greg went home and found some home videos from when he was a kid, wrestling moves and kitten fights, raining fish and work-out hamburgers, shirtless confusion, and have a wonderful Monday everyone! :)

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