Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Wally World, Groundbreaking, KENNY B and his diet, Greg Jobs, Sales People, Buddy Partner, Cougar Powers In San Antonio, Myq Kaplan Rocks, Crying With Kenny, Ball Talk, Wade Kick, USC Spoiled, Home Alone Debate, World Of Crazy, DNS Love, Nintendo Incident, Bottles Of Love

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GUEST: MYQ KAPLAN, Shameful Shoes, Dexter For Shoes, Mean Tacos, Kenny BDay, Catholic Church Mass Is Loud, Guitar Guy, Onesy Monkey Pajamas, Stuffed Heather, Ball Talk, Chad Ocho Tape, Duhammel Tebow, Bowl Game Quiz, MYQ KAPLAN, Comedy, HANG OUT WITH ME, Myq Is AWESOME

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GUEST: DEE SIMON, End Of The World Not, Nibleristan Vs. Sarah Cult, Lookie Loo, Weird Xmas Gathering, PLAY SOMETHING DANCY, Sick And Wrong Podcast, Sorels, Jolly Kielen King, World Of Crazy, Broken Member Update, Hard To Get, Super Mario Groping, Bones In The Eyeball, Happy Holidays

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GUEST: SEAN PATTON, They're All Gonna Laugh At You, Kenny B, Sonia, Regression, ALEX WREKK, PORTLAND BUTTON WORKS, Brothel Upstairs, New Thai Bars, Punched By A Kid, Tallies, SEAN PATTON, Irony, Enjoy What You Do, Floor Love, Sean Is Awesome

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GUEST: MAHK THE BRIT, Greg Is Larry, Nostalgic Bus Rides, Royal Family, Celebrity Stalking, Greatest Scientific Study, Hillbilly Love, German Addictions, Ball Talk, Catholics Vs. Cousins, New Orleans Rougarou, Lin On Me, SORELS, Mincemeat, 5 Worst Christmas Covers Ever, Cracker Jokes

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GUEST: RICK EMERSON, Pajama Pants, No Shoes In Public, No Scent, High School Myths, Acid In The Laboratory, Sniffer, Scratch And Sniff, Wooden Spoon, Ricks Firm, Jail, World Ending No, Finding Bigfoot, Motorcycle Gangs, Squatch Sounds, Shield, Lifetime Logo, Hand Fart Master

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Turbulence, Back From Vegas, Cowboys, Boot Padding, AARON DURAN, Dexter For Shoes, Impersonators, Sarah Blocks Greg, Blue Eyed Hobbits, Playing Craps And Getting Yelled At, End Of The World, Soltice, Nibiru

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GUEST: GARY GULMAN, Medieval Shows, Asked To Leave, 6 Bottles, Vegas Date, Monique, Angry Dwarf, Clubbing, Cheap, Hobbit Hits On Hooker, SOREL'S, GARY GULMAN IS SO AWESOME, Ball Talk, Texans, Biggest Stick, Spartan High, Center Center For Centers, WOC, Pepsi Chicken Chips, Google Filter, Dances 4 The Needy

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GUEST: MATT FROM THE SECRET SOCIETY, A Message, Twitter Links, Sarah Wagener And Creepy Dude, World Of Crazy, Late For Wedding, Throwing Stuff, Hall And Oates, Special Airport Search, MATT,, Gifts For The Holidays, The Gift That Keeps On Giving, Great Local Drinks

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GUEST: RICK EMERSON, SOREL'S ROCKS, Pool Rules, Bad Swimmer, No Speedo, RICK EMERSON, Beards, Celebrity Deaths, Webster, Yoko Ono, Spandex, New Dog Best Thing Ever, Willard, Neighbor Offenders, Rapid Fire Rick Questions, Rick Plays Outburst, General Cow Information, Moo, Rick Is On AM Northwest

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GUEST: AARON DURAN, Driving Miss Dylan, War On Rats, Klingon Death Metal, Clown Pranks, Dominatrix Clown Improv Night, Portland Jumped The Shark, Clown CW, World Of Crazy, Mother Daugher, Monkey In Ikea, Owning A Battle Monkey, The General

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GUEST: KIELEN KING, Cars Are Fun, Smells Like Gas, Mail Hoarder, Dry Burgers, Crackhead Fight, Squatch Hunting, KT And Normfromtexas, Norm Vs. Courtney, Kielen Plays Outburst, Soul Food, 1984 Racists

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Life Changing Pie, Sweaters, Rich, Climbing Saddle Mountain, Flying Fear, Drunk Sweaty And Chatty, Rules Of Armrests, Establishing Your Space, Stake Your Claim, Enjoying The Flight, No Shoes, Travel Space, Ball Talk, Kobe 30K, Pants, Countries With C

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Stripping When Stressed, Old Man Dreams, Sauna Stretches, DMV, Public Rubbers And Meth Couples, Green Monkey, Talking Too Much, World Of Crazy, Angry Flashing, Chinese Monkeys, Marrying Cardboard, Rat Attack, Ball Talk, Pelicans, Wizards Exciting, Johnny Football

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Greg and The Task, Coffee Pick Up Lines, Ball Talk, Bynum, Tebow Call, LA Tech Fail, Lachey Kicked Out, Rodman Experience, Johnny Football Songs, World Of Crazy, Pizza Perfume, Bremerton Meth, Denny's Wedding Chapel, Brain Fluid Nose, Things That Stink

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Santa Madness, PDX Button Party, Aaron Duran To The Coast, Greg Starts Trouble, Eunice, Is Greg Haunted, Exorcism, Famous Mexicans, World Of Crazy, AVN Octomom, Setting World Records By Yourself, Never Hassle Klingons

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GUESTS: JOHN MULANEY, JESSE GRAFF, Dead Air, Kenny B, Sign Issues, You Got Me, Spock, Trek In The Dark, Santa Con, Kenny Issues, Southeast Asia, Teaching Overseas, Termites In The Car, War With The Rats, Jesse Ghosts, JOHN MULANEY, Getting Old, SNL, Tennesee Camp Comedy, Stefon, Bill Hader, Helium Comedy Club

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