Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

GUEST: BRENT WEINBACH, Great interview with comedian Brent Weinbach, winner of the Andy Kaufman Award. 90's awesomeness, timeless people, Ewok Backbacks, Night Hulk, World Kaleidoscope and....Brown

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400th Episode!, Trip Down Memory Lane, New Boots, Special Guest, Tuggin Away, Hot Neighbor, Meth Neighbor, Reality Shows, Ronnie And Sammi Return, Kielen, Chester And Anita, Karaoke

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Heavy Gait, Boots, Auditions, Voiceovers, Accents, True Blood, Ball Talk, Lorenzo, UFC Rocky, Wrestler CM Punk, House Of Yes, MATCH.COM, World Of Crazy, Sheen, Asteroid Earth, Monkey's In Space, Kayaker Bridal Veil, Power Of The Lord

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Storm A Comin', DJ Troubles, Frisbee To The Face, BarFly Party, Stripper Petting Zoo, AARON DURAN, Tito Tarantula, Who Is Darker, Encyclopedia Brown Mysteries, Smug Bastard, Ball Talk, Jimmer, Tony Parker Sir, SaveLenny, Midnight Alaska, VISTA PRINT, Tuggy Warcraft Expert, World Of Crazy, Engorged Condom, Rotting Flesh, Boob Assasins

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GUEST: ARJ BARKER, Too Much Coffee, All Over The Place, Sportlandia At Fan Shop, Camera Etiquette, Cornhole Tournament, Interview With DJ Sarah X Dylan, Ball Talk, Draft, Riggleman, Soccer Piercing, ARJ BARKER from Flight Of The Conchords

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Not Bald, Twitter Posts, Consent, NuNu Texts, Religious People, Cult Leaders, Ball Talk, Kardashians NBA Stars, Metta World Peace, Astro Glasses, World Of Crazy, Plane Rant, Plane Pee, Heart Attacks, Porta Potty, Cornhole

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No Bears, Sunlight, Girdwood, Disturbing The Relatives, Crazy Shuttle Driver, Hope, Mooses, Weed Lady, Game Of Thrones, Anchorage, Darwin's Theory, Gifts, Working Out, Ryan Dunn, CASSIDY, Sportlandia, Crazy Ladies, Bugs

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Vacation Episode, BEN BAILEY from Cash Cab, SKLAR BROTHERS

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Alaska Trip, Special Vacation Episode GREG PROOPS

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Red And Moist, Terrible Attendant, Face To Fight, Tripping, Maintenance, Iris Dreams, Middle Of Nowhere, Ball Talk, Vancouver Riots, Boston Is Lucky, Too Much Coffee, AUDIBLE, World Of Crazy, 34 49, Blue Lady Boobs, My Airplane, Coffee?, Game Of Thrones,

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GUEST: PAUL MOONEY, The Man, The Myth, The Legend, one of the best interviews ever

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Bears Attacking, RICK EMERSON, Squirrel Attack, Encyclopedia Brown Quiz, Roof Adventures, Ball Talk, DeShawn Bender, Shaq Sex Tape, Kenny Powers Golf, Face To Face

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Special Voice, Alaska, Alaska, Plane Crashing, McDonald's Issues, Aniston Not Number One, Justin, CASSIDY'S, Ball Talk, lil Wayne, Pryor, Ochocinco Rapper, Baseball 15, Lucky Guy, Frisbees, World Of Crazy, Rapture Problem, 95 Million Woman, Encyclopedia

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Broken Ears, Bremerton, Game, Fear Of Kids, Sailor Hunting, Soy Un Hombre, AARON DURAN, Blades Are Awesome, Alaska, Hick Wedding, Ball Talk, Dallas Mavericks Win, Cuban Celebration, Honorary Ohioans, Jock Dame Dork, Aggressive, Happy Birthdays

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Madonna Book, Partyin' Fun, Fleet Week, Sportlandia, Bosnian Bread, Sext Quiz, New Advertiser Announcement, DAN BOZYK, Ball Talk, Dallas, LeBron Sucks, NFL Public Urination, World Of Crazy, Computer Watching You, Naked Body Poses, Molesty Ewok, Skidmark Dress

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GUEST: KYLE KINANE, Happy, Happy, Happy, Coffee, Ball Talk, LeBron Sucks, Warrior V. Hogan, Kyle Kinane, 90s Bands, Lizard Guys, Much Hilarity

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Babies, KELLY CLARKE, Greg Is Uncomfortable, Tax Problems, Kenny B From Costa Rica, Balls Talk, World Of Crazy, America Funny, Stealing Deodorant, Subway Weed, Man Punching Self, Woman Grabs Buttocks

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Worst Story Ever Recall, Graduation Day, Old Or Not, Graystone Church, Ghost Town, Old School, Ball Talk, People Getting Things They Shouldn't, Finger Biting, Kid Scholarship, Lost Ring, AUDIBLE, Not As Bad As You Think, Excor.

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White Devil, Seattle Is Full Of Crazy, Dresses, Gay Bar Tour, Camping, Wrestling Match, AARON DURAN, Diabla Blanca, Rosary, Stigmata, Arquettes, Area 51 Tales, AUDIBLE, Ball Talk, Dallas Loses, USC Screwed, CJ2K, Ray J Kim K

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Father And Mermaid, Sportlandia with Bob, Bus Rides, Angry Lady Stinky Man, Futurama Sound Bytes, Ball Talk, Miami Loses, Shaq Is Out, A Taste, Shaq Diesel, Danny Smells Cups, AUDIBLE, World Of Crazy, Bieber Fanatics, Bears Our After Me, Stabbing Yourself, Obama Condoms, A New Bit Making Bad Things Good

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GUEST: BOB MARLEY, Hilarious, Oakleys, Malt Liquor Limit, Bob Marley, Directions, TV Shows, Parents, Willem Dafoe, Guiness Book Of World Records

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GUEST: BILL OAKLEY, Makeup On, Attack Dogs, Bill and Rachel Oakley, Simpsons, Rich Man Legs, Cell Phones Will Kill You, Area 51, AUDIBLE, Ball Talk, Shaq Retires, Nude Beaches, Black Chris Farley

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Can't Talk, Sportlandia Thanks, B Lee Night, BBQ, Apocalyptic Dream, No Gravity, Cult Leader, AUDIBLE, Area 51, Ball Talk, Terry's Superstitions, Tressel Travesty, Sober Timbers, CASSIDYS, World Of Crazy, Jellyfish, Blackbeards Anchor, Stereotypes, Stock Twitter, Crazy Cat Lady Rant

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