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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

The saga continues today, as more is revealed about the history and inevitable decline of Wall Man, the person Greg believes to be living in the walls of Sarah's apartment complex. There are some dark turns today, as the paintings that have been appearing in the basement have revealed. Greg just insane. Also, a man tells Sarah that world is ending, outside of the grocery store. Thanks to Rose City Comic Con for sponsoring today's episode!

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New developments at Sarah's apartment complex, have lead to a resurgence in the theory of The Wall Man! Is he communicating again? The paintings lead us to believe so and the story is sad, yet inspiring. Or something. Part 2 is tomorrow! In WOC: Japanese Ads, McDonald's Money, Pooperintendent. Ball Talk: Lawson Craddock. Thanks to ROSE CITY COMIC CON!

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GUEST: BOBBY LEE. Today we had our long time friend, Mr. Bobby Lee in studio! Bobby is funny, successful, weird and all of the things we love. He's gives us secret information, takes a call and so much more. Seriously...he's awesome. Check him on Splitting Up Together and this weekend at Helium Comedy Club! Big thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES and ROSE CITY COMIC CON!

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After a day off, Greg and Sarah recount the excitement and dangers of floating down a river. Greg also believes he has a superior stroking technique, compared to Sarah's 'front stroke'. In World of Crazy: Stink Sack, Toad Lick, Judgement Free Zone. Ball Talk: Vince Carter. Also, follow a strange personal drama that unfolded on Facebook (not us). Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE, BLACK'S PEST SERVICES, and ROSE CITY COMIC CON!

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GUESTS: LINDA YOSHIDA and STACI SIGALA. We are joined by Linda and Staci at the top of the show, to talk about the Soulful Giving Foundation! It's an incredible event with 100% of the proceeds going to help fight cancer. Plus....drinking on an estate, so it's magical! Then, Sarah receives some SHOCKING news. She's had an identity to herself, her entire life. But now...she finds out she isn't exactly who she thought she was. Will she have to change her diet and holidays?

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Sarah is imploring Greg to take a break, because he's stressing out too much. What that means is she wants him to go to a pool to doesn't work for him. Also, a contest has begun! Details are in the show, but we NEED YOUR HELP. In World of Crazy: Blood Moon, Cat Mayor, Spaghetti Bandit. Ball Talk: LeBron DMV. Big thanks to Rose City Comic Con!

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Today: Greg fell off of the juice wagon today and was in full juice effect, Sarah is working a wedding and Greg wants to try to go, faking bartending, Costco sausages, Godsister is confusing, anchor in a chicken fight, and more - have a great weekend all!

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Sarah is super duper excited to maybe meet Kyle Maclachlan again today at a wine tasting, how do you act and what do you call him, being an extra and an actor, Powerball win, Brady Bunch house, interesting coffin, got yer nose, NBA soap opera, and more - have a great afternoon! Also a huge thank you to our new sponsor, Rose City Comic Con!

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GUESTS: BERNARD and DEREK. Sarah starts the show off celebrating her very special occasion: National Hot Dog Day! She delivers a plethora of Hot Dog Facts to celebrate with. Then we are joined by Bernard and Derek of BLACK'S PEST SERVICES! They are our wonderful new sponsor, who explain the fascinating world of ants, the gross world of rats, the incredible world of pats and are all around awesome people!

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After seeing a posting on Nextdoor, Greg is convinced that he has what it takes to join forces with a neighborhood superhero group. Would The Raven make an excellent vigilante addition? Or is her more peeper, than helper? In WOC: Arizona Man, Squirrel Burglar, Heat makes you dumb. Our new sponsor BLACK'S PEST SERVICE is announced as well!

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GUEST: JAY LARSON. After a recap of Sarah's first day at Tropical Summer X: Return to Stripper Soup and the shocking way she snitched on herself, we are joined by Jay Larson! You know Jay from his standup comedy, The Crabfeast podcast, and his TV and movie appearances. He's at Helium Comedy Club this weekend, so get your tix now! 

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Sarah is excited about the 10-year anniversary of her fake-living at an apartment complex! From Stripper Soup to Douchebag Stew, we cover the depths and history of the infamous Tropical Summer pool. Will she finally get caught? We run through some scenarios of how she can maintain her ultimate grift.

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A change at Greg's house means he's either having a crisis, or a new era has begun. A name will be needed for his new shed thing that will define who he his. Will it be The Nib-Hole? Las Gregas? Ratio? We'll see. Also, Greg and Sarah apologize for eating the Mediterranean plate last night.... In WOC: Nature's Bag. Ball Talk: LeBron Pizza Party.

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A day off at the Oregon Coast has given Greg some insight into what has and hasn't changed. Coasties are the same, but what crime DID the guy commit?!? Also, a stop in Astoria leads to a visit to the Flavel House Mansion in Astoria. The museum itself is fascinating, but what Greg can do with the person is a whole different deal. We'll be judges for Portland's Funniest Person competition at Helium Comedy Club tonight, as well! Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE, our fine sponsor!

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The plot is rapidly thickening regarding the neighbor issues. Is there a bigger conspiracy at work? Who is behind the madness and should Greg pursue this any further? All this is discussed and we need your help, as the story of the Rat Trap unfolds!

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A shocking revelation from a new law in the UK has Greg under the impression that his "incredible" idea for snitch tickets has been stolen! It's obvious and only a phone call from the Queen and some kind of Duke or Knight title will suffice. Sarah also discusses her strange past of sweat remedies. In WOC: Fireworks, Hot Dog Record, Time Warp. Ball Talk: Joey Chestnut, World Cup. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

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Happy International Greg Day!'s Greg's birthday. Other than that, we give a complete wrap-up of what it's like to experience Bremerton as an outsider! From malt liquor in cars, famous twins, to attending Sarah's 20-year High School Reunion, it's pretty insane. Big thanks to Next Adventure for sponsoring FER!

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