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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Today: Sarah is back from her real estate adventures, Greg and the video footage - should he post it or not?, garlic bread tasting job, meth-laced bean dip in Albany, metal detecting makes some money, and the most world of crazy craziest story I've had in awhile :) Have a great afternoon all!

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A change of plans today, leads us to this very special best of episode. With an original introduction, we present the full playing of Romancing The Spammer. Whether you've heard it before, or this is your first time, you are in for a ride as we revisit the special romance between Chester Huntington III and the spammer known as Anita Kipkalya.

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Sarah is off on her Real Estate adventures, but Greg is joined by our good friend Dan Bozyk! Discussion ranges from talk of Greg's new makeup tips, to the Pittsburgh Steelers, to where one would go if they are on the lam.

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Today: Huge thank you to everyone that came out for the Fourth Annual Brewer's Cup - it was a huge success and we were so happy to get to spend the day with you! Also today - Sarah is getting ready for her first listing and is planning an Open House, what to do and what should she make, how to look like a Realtor, and more - have a great afternoon! 

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Today: It's two days until the Brewer's Cup and we are super excited for it, Greg has a big meeting and can't lose his voice so he decided to invest in a megaphone, oh dear lord, update on Storm Area 51, meth couple calls cops on themselves, new sexy Halloween costumes, and more - have a great weekend, and hope to see you Sunday at Landmark Saloon!

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Today: Greg is becoming obsessed with the Area 51 festival thing, what is going to happen there, get paid to watch Stephen King movies, Cheese-It pizza, Aliens do actually exist, and more - have an awesome day everyone, and we hope to see you all this Sunday, September 22nd, at Landmark Saloon for the Brewer's Cup Cornhole Tournament!

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Today: Greg randomly became Twitter popular today because of a post from an ex-coworker, what is Twice and why is Greg now referred to as a baby Once, K-pop fandom and how do we bottle some of that sweet sweet obsession, and more! Have a great afternoon all! :)

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Today: Sarah is very excited because she ordered her first house post and that is a thing that companies actually do, Greg and his new sports equipment, how soon till spandex, back of a police car, Jason chasing you in a campground, don't open your mouth too wide, and we are just FIVE days away from the Brewer's Cup - hope to see you there!

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Today: Mexican MTV is amazing and we are both addicted to it, the story of the disturbing video, Greg went to Comic Con and the people he met, American Gods and weird dancing, Saved by the Bell and Showgirls, Chicken weddings are now a thing, being too nice to your spouse, and more - have a great afternoon all!

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Today: It's a full moon and also Friday the 13th, the best horror movie villians and the worst, Greg has never seen Poltregeist, the tale of the Candyman, and more - have a wonderful weekend all!

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Today: Sarah has joined some Real Estate groups on Facebook and the heirarchy and commenting is strange, weird men writing her direct messages and what the heck is a Realtor, locked in a coffin for money, cheese conveyer belt, Florida man with nunchucks, don't steal Dollar General meat, and more - have a great afternoon friends!

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Today: Greg went to an Iron Maiden show over the weekend and it changed his life, Metal is super dorky and amazing and I (Sarah) really wish that I would have gone to the show, Ed Force One and being awesome, Real Estatey stuff, calling Police on yourself, don't burn your own house down, Squatchwatch, NFL gossip, and more! Have a great afternoon friends! 

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Today: Sarah has some super duper exciting news happening in her life (and no it's not menopause!), what it's like when it finally happens, Florida men doing Florida things, and Greg finds out something that has happened he was unaware of that might change.. everything - DUN DUN DUN!!! Okay have a great weekend! :)

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Today: Being a series completist, knowing something is going to end and do you watch it or not, Sarah had an interesting night at her cater waiter job, the old man and the bourbon, the old woman and the painting, a school decides to ban Harry Potter books, Texas actually does something right, Loch Ness monster news, and more - have a great afternoon, and be sure to save the dates - Sunday, September 22nd & FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 15TH!!

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Today: Sarah has become kind of obsessed with the new The Hills and now she's graduating to a dating show, past shows and the Rock of Love, pretending to be your own daughter to get out of trouble, fussy eater blindness, pole dancing robots, and more - have a great afternoon you wonderful people!

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Today: Sarah keeps getting random email reciepts from some British Sarah that keeps using her email address, who is this person and what are they doing, Laser Tag record, space gel on the dark side of the Moon, Botox Bandit is still on the run and has struck again, and more! Happy Tuesday friends!

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