Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.
Funemployment Radio Episode 133

Gary Coleman, Big-Ass, Birthdays, Alice, Email, Audible, TV Theme Quiz, Ball Talk, Zach Randolph, Stripper, Chugging, Headbutt ,World Sex, KELLY CLARKE FROM WILLAMETTE WEEK, Colt 45, Drink Guide, Books, Romancing The Spammer

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Funemployment Radio Episode 132

Creepy, Big-Ass, Geek In The City, Meetings, Dreams, Camping, Goonies Quiz, Ball Talk, D-Wade, Shaq, MLB, Joe West, Andy Call, Entertainment News, Lindsay, Hoarders, 50 Cent, Beeber, Stories 


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Funemployment Radio Episode 131

Gloomy, Under The Weather, Running, Vitamins, Heat Pack, Smoking Baby, Awkward, Birthday, Parker Posey, Westboro Baptists A-holes, Pass Out, Ball Talk, D-Wade, Violations, Nascar Blunder, Hulk, Cruise, AUDIBLE, Entertainment News, Jesse, Vodka Eyeballing

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Funemployment Radio Episode 130

Sex, E-Mail, Dreams, Quantum Leap V. Sliders, Listener Party, Lisa And Brian Wood, AUDIBLE, CARI CARTER FROM MOTOKITTY, Courage, Deco Distilling Rum, Ball Talk, NFL Secrets, Adults And Kids, F-Bomb, Entertainment News, Jesse, Joe Francis, Tila, Britney, Mojitos, Mullets In Love

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Funemployment Radio Episode 129

CASSIDY’S, old men, Battlestar, Lost, Bar Fly Bus, 2 Javiers, Eating Stuff, Forum, AARON DURAN, TV, Ball Talk, White Sox Fight, Worst Stories Ever, Wichita, Entertainment News, Jesse James, Lindsay, McGraw, Pieces of Thundercats, Happiness Pie


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Funemployment Radio Episode 128

White Wine, Beard Growing, Softball Game, Barfly Bus, Voiceover Gig, The Rikers, Flag Football, Thank You, Ball Talk,  Hockey Faker, World Cup, Local Bands, Entertainment News, Lindsay, Jesse James, Pornstars, Romancing The Spammer


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Funemployment Radio Episode 127

Flight, Fancy Beer, Century Club, Bowling, Gossip Girl, FORUM, Crazy Dreams, T-Shirts, Dooshbag Radio, Not Gay, Ball Talk, Jackasses, Soccer Fire, Entertainment News, Lesbians, Art, Lindsay, Ronnie And Sammi

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Funemployment Radio Episode 126

Almost Accidents, Movie Set, Running, Bathroom Falls, Ball Talk, Twitter, Mascots, Run In, Happy Birthday, JEN LANE OF BARFLY, Entertainment News, Lingerie, Cage Animals, Octopus

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Funemployment Radio Episode 125

Video, Filming, Embarrassing, Poker, Battlestar, Listener Call, Ball Talk, LeBron, Walking, Mooning, Entertainment News, Morning News Show, Lindsay, Spider Bites, Secret Tunnels

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Funemployment Radio Episode 124

DIO, Drinking on Friday, Softball, Tyler, Listener Party, AARON DURAN, D&D, Theories, Powell Butte, Ball Talk, Celtics, MLB, Softball, Soccer, Sex, World Cup 2010, Bow Fighting,  Entertainment News, Gene Simmons, Spencer Pratt, G-Spots, Happy BDay, DIO Karaoke


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Funemployment Radio Episode 123

LISTENER PARTY ANNOUNCEMENT, Special Guest Talk, Timbers, Road Beers, BBQ, Jets After Greg, SPECIAL GUEST 1, SPECIAL GUEST 2, SPECIAL GUEST 3, Ball Talk, LeBron, Entertainment News, Romancing The Spammer


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Funemployment Radio Episode 122

My Girl, Bees, Jen Lane, Dantes, Homeless People, Tire, Ball Talk Magic Bats,  CASSIDYS RESTAURANT AND BAR, Ball Talk, LeBron, 420 League, Montreal Riot, World Cup Spam Party, Team Names, Bats, Happy Birthday, Entertainment News, Lady GaGa Boy, Heidi And Spencer, Tiger Penis


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Funemployment Radio Episode 121

Phone, Video Games, Softball Fight, B-SIDE TAVERN, Magic Bat, Lost, Romancing The Spammer Part 2, Ball Talk, LeBron, Charles, False Identity, LT, Golf Carts, World Cup 2010, English Anthem, KELLY CLARKE FROM WILLAMETTE WEEK, Talking about everything, Food, Romancing The Spammer Part 3



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Funemployment Radio Episode 120

Gasoline, New Mic, Ambulance, Turn Signals, Meth Head, Ball Talk, LeBron, OSU Drinkers, Hockey Fight, Stalker, MMA Streaker, DROY, World Cup 2010, Entertainment News, Sorority Fights, Jewish, Sioux City, Make That Bitch Itch, Big Penis Sweatpants


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Funemployment Radio Episode 119

Seattle Drive, Punk Rock, Washers, Hiking, Vandals, AARON DURAN FROM GEEK IN THE CITY.COM, Scotch, Gifts From Aaron, Ball Talk, Baseball, Hockey Testes, Golf Slip, Entertainment News, Mothers Day Stories, Courtney's 12 Gauge, Francis Bean, Sarah’s Costumes


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Funemployment Radio Episode 118

Coffee, Mothers Day, Voice Over, RYAN WHITE FROM THE OREGONIAN, Ball Talk, Gilbert, Soccer, LT, Will Ferrell, Indians Rant, Babcock Speech, Entertainment News, Penises, Poles


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Funemployment Radio Episode 117

Tequila, Mexican Food, Scooter Talk, Fan Picture, Ball Talk, L.T., Danny Ainge, Amare Tweet, Fake Persona Basketball, Entertainment News, Lotto Winner, Bank Robber, Baby Manicures, Piggy Back Rides, Vampires, Genitals, Romancing The Spammer


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Funemployment Radio Episode 116

Cinco De Mayo, Mariachi Music, History, Lasagna, America, Orygun, Mr. Anchor Splash, CASSIDY'S RESTAURANT AND BAR, CORT AND FATBOY, Sex, Vaginas, Creepy Laughs, Ball Talk, Los Suns, Dwyane Wade, Taser Copycat, Soccer Death, Big Bens Grey Penis, Scott Stapp, Entertainment News, Wilson-Phillips, Heidi's Boobs, Halle Berry, Cinco De Lebowski

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Funemployment Radio Episode 115

Fan Art, Hot Radio Chicks, Male Pageant, Tuggy Fan, Butters Is Fat, Ball Talk, Shakira, Hockey Teeth, Red Wings Speech, Phillies Tasering, Kentucky Derby Chicks, Entertainment News, Star Wars Day, Lindsay Lohan, Giant Boobs, Sound Effects, Band Submissions


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Funemployment Radio Episode 114

Sarah’s Back, New Orleans, Movie Set, Harassments, Airports, Oil, Hawking, Sweating, Happy BDay, Ball Talk, Hockey Dad, ND Song, Mindy McCready, Derby, Entertainment News, Bullock, Asian Swamp Eel, Breast Milk, Willie Nelson Karaoke On The Road Again


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