Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Greggy And S-Dogg Morning Show, Queen Of The Night, Take A Picture With Greg, Santacon, Outburst, World Of Crazy, Lilo, Jail Phone, Angry Woman, Bacon Face, Kim Is Sexy, Gift Subscriptions, Greg Helps Solo, Egg Beating, Football Excitement, 10 Famous Dwarfs

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GUEST: TAYLOR GUTERSON, Weirdness At The House, SCOTT DALLY, Exact Address, Walter And Eunice, Buried In The Yard, Bed In The Walls, Dead People In The Backyard, Never Happening, TAYLOR GUTERSON, Old Goats, Bainbridge Island, GREAT INTERVIEW

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GUESTS: CAMPY DRAPER and NIC GOANS, Sarah Is Sick, Liz and Dick, Fifths of Vodka, Miserable, Strange Dream, Mine, Go To The Address?, CAMPY and NIC, Dirty Pants, Mustaches, Bidding On Men, Great Charity Work, Movember

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Cyber Cyber Cyber, Thanksgiving Recap, Country Problems, Goose Cannon, Bremlo Harlot, Orient, Lotto Commercial, Breaking Bigfoot News, Press Releases, World Of Crazy, Chris Brown Twitter, Dollar Coupons, Happy Ladies, Ball Talk, Apple Cup, OSU, Fireman Ed, Bald Cheerleaders, Hooper, Johnny Football Cougar, Ugly Lady Terms

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Thanksgiving Show, Sarah Xmas Rules, Thankful, Bathroom Etiquette, Mens Not Womens, UA1 And B-Town, Bremelo 4 Life, World Of Crazy, Video Game World Record, No Ladies, Taser Pants, Cloggings, Ball Talk, Civil War, Pokertox, Wallace Is Sarah's Love, Tebow Dinner

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GUESTS: IAN KARMEL & SHANE TORRES, GQ Man, Photo Shoots, Creepy Pick Up Lines, Greg Is In A Commercial, The Story, Sarah Rolls Her Eyes, World Of Crazy, Terrifying Stories, Never Ever Ever Date In Thailand, IAN KARMEL & SHANE TORRES, Ian Is On Vicodin, Getting Old Bum Foot, Funny Over Everything, Shane Is Scammed By An Old Lady

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GUEST: JEFFREY OF TUNA CHRISTMAS, Sarah Issues, Hot Water Bottle, Squatch Hunting, Bobo, Squatchie, Terrible Sorority Movie, Tuna Christmas, Texas, Plays In Portland, PCPA, Ball Talk, Oregon Oregon State, Bowling Injury, Westboro Protest, Canadian's Without Hockey

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The Twinkie Apocalypse Has Happened, New Form Of Trade, Ding Dongs Are Better, Kenny Is Doing Great, Which Is Disturbing, Asian Women Advertise To Greg, World Of Crazy, Rocktuplets, Public Pleasure, Thanksgiving Song, Gooey Vitamins

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Greg Has Survived Barely, The Great Kitchen Cleaning, Scott Dally Joins, Moldy Remnants, Like The Movie Seven, The Aftermath, Going Insane, Ballad Of The Avocado King, Ball Talk, Hope Solo No, Horse Fearing, Fantastic Broadcaster References

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GUEST: MATT FROM THE SECRET SOCIETY, Dog In The Road, Crazy Old Lady, What Is A Persimmon, Braving The Fungus, Fulfilling Promises, MATT, So Exciting, Portland History, Masons, History Of Alcohol Lesson, Great Thanksgiving Drinks, Secret Society Rocks

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Greg May Not Make It, Fungus Babies, The Terrors That Await, Squatch Hunters, Calling For Coyotes, Git Ya, World Of Crazy, Satan Spawn, 50 Shades Of Jewelry, Romano Guillermo, Aint Going To Jail, Wall Art, Anthony Bourdain Twitter, Nursing Dolls

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GUEST: AARON DURAN, Greg's New Voice, Sarah Goes Dancin, UA1, Aaron, Phone Hacking, Famous Mexican Actors, Goldie Hawn, Luddite, New Job, Smelly Kids, Sasquatch Versus Ghosts, Ghost Squatch

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GUEST: WHITNEY STREED, Kenny B's Bald Spot, Greg Towels Off At The Gym, Being Marked, WHITNEY STREED, Stand-up Comedy, Going Crazy In Portland, Don't Steal Cars, Riding The Wave

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GUESTS: KIELEN KING, SARAH W., Good and Bad, Our Dinner With Mark, British Slang, Old Men Like Sarah, Gym Issues, Kielen King, Star Pilot's Revenge, Crazy Facebook Guy, Ball Talk, K Garnett Hits On Sarah, Al Green Stalking, S-Dogg Rap

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Special Announcement, Awkward Day For Greg, Strange Smells And Manic Behavior, Election Day Coverage, Rove Is Nuts, Sawyer Is Tipsy, World Of Crazy, Gain Some Inches, Ball Talk, Blake Talk, Fake Twitter, Seattle And Denver High

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Election Day, Sarah Is Nervous, Nibleristan Vs. Sarah's Calvacade Of Freedom, Gym Etiquette, Cell Phone Hackers Are Watching Sarah, World Crazy, Dutch or Danish, 600 Pound Crucifix, 50 Shades Of Baby, Ball Talk, Bears Drink Beer, Ref Mic, Romney Or Obama

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3RD ANNIVERSARY SHOW: Guests Aplenty, Kenny, Aaron, Scott, Jen, Lillie, Remembering It All, Favorite Guests, Special Messages From Sharky and Chester Huntington III, THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!

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GUEST: MARK THE BRIT, Number 5 Is Alive, Click And Support, KENNY B, The Royal We, New Diet, Short Circuit, MARK, Tinkers, English Candies, Russel Brand, Speaking English, Ball Talk, Tebow, Predictions, Ron Artest, Mark Is The President

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Dia De Los Muertos, Woman As A Man As A Woman, Freaky, Peeping, Gang Trick Or Treat, Whidbey Island Gangstas.  Sarah Talks Tough, K-Mart Gangs, UA1 Filipino Dance Gang, Serving People, GOLD JERRY, One Of Our Favorite Episodes

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