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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Today: The time is finally upon us - Rick's book comes out next week! We talked about all sorts of things, common words we have mispronounced, and much more - thank you so much for listening, and have a great afternoon!

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Today: We were joined by the infamous Jason Fellman of J-Fell Presents to talk all things promotion, Harefest, how he got started, Tribute bands, working at festivals, and what to expect from the upcoming shows he's presenting - he's rad! Thanks so much for listening, and we'll be back tomorrow! :)

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Today: Greg got a phone call in the middle of the night, prank phone calls and what has happened to the children, national body piercing day and not ice cream day, terrible hotel, the tale of Marcello the ragdoll, and have a wonderful day all! 

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Today: Greg has decided that he is going completely anti sleeves, to shave or not to shave, Sarah and the bachelorette party weekend, weird grey crabs and mermaid parties, beer pong games and hot weather, and have a great day all!

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Today: We got to go on a impromptu trip to Bend, going to see a show and the last Blockbuster, bad sunburns and The Shining, bachelorette party and shirtless fisherman, crab whiskey, and have a great weekend friends! :)

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Hello friends! An opportunity arose for us to get out of town, but we wanted to make sure that a podcast was up! Today's best of is chock full of awesome, and features our talks with both Baron Vaughn and Paul Reiser (separately)! We hope you enjoy them, and we are always so grateful to all of you fine folks for listening to us!

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Today: Greg and Sarah are back from their weekend adventure in Tacoma, going to different bars and being inside the coffee pot, a fabulous wedding and an issue with a zipper, how to cover it up, and more - have a great day all, we love ya!

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Today: Greg and Sarah are heading to Tacoma for a wedding, going to have a drink in a coffee pot and getting dressed up, Tenacious D in Pioneer Courthouse Square, and more! Have a great weekend friends! :)

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Today: We were joined by our friend Rick Emerson to talk about bizarre conspiracies, uncanny valleys, why is there no lava, and much more - it's a fun show :) Have a great day friends, back tomorrow!!

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Today: Greg is convinced that Sarah is wearing pajama pants even though she is not, coffee spills and trashplants, national bath day and Japanese Pepsi, cockroaches and hockey, and have a great day all! :)


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Today: We were joined by Lily Merrill, a designer and Migration bartender who helped create the can design for Colors of Love, a dry hopped American Hefeweizen that supports LGBTQ+ organizations in the Pacific Northwest - pick up one at your favorite Migration locations today! Oh, and also today Greg can't stop accidentally killing plants. Have a great day!

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Today: Sarah is still not feeling 100% (NOT COVID) and now has a back injury, where to travel to and what fancy place would you explore, and have an awesome weekend friends - we love ya! 

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Today: We were joined by the always delightful Myq Kaplan, who will be performing this Sunday at Helium Comedy Club - get your tickets here! Have a wonderful day all, we are grateful for you! :)

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Today: Sarah is very nervous because there is someone in her apartment right, trusting and peeping, video game rides and Disneyland, giant bottle of whiskey and I was attacked by an owl, update on Stanley Cup, and much more - love ya! :)

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Today: Sarah is back from Seattle and went to see New Kids on the Block, the best Taco Time in the world and the Canadian fans, margaritas and the loudest screaming ever, shiny pants and gyrating, and more - have a great day friends!

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Today: We were joined by our friend Rick Emerson (pre-order his book today!) to talk weird Facebook ads, the creepy sleeping cartoon guy, Greg and the stolen stuff, Claire's and earcuffs, and more - have a great weekend all! :)

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Today: We were joined by our friend & comedian Jeremiah Coughlan, who will be headlining Helium Comedy Club here in Portland THIS Friday, June 3rd - get your tickets here! Also today - Greg gets accused of something he didn't do - or did he??? (Spoilers - he didn't) :) Have a great afternoon friends!

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