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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Today: It's a recap show about Greg & Sarah's trip to Palm Springs, what it was like on the plane, giant Marilyn and the famous pizza, karaoke and the tram, Dinosaurs and The Wizard, and much more! Have a great day friends, we are happy to be back!

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Today: Greg and Sarah are heading to Palm Springs in the morning, things to look at, desolate seabeds and lawless compounds, salvation mountain and bottomless mimosas, the Yucca and Joshua Tree, and have a great week friends!

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Today: Sarah and the laundry wars in her building, how many washing machines are too many to save, going to Palm Springs and the giant tram, distressed shoes and a kid from Jaws, the grey man and folklore, and we'll be back tomorrow! :)

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Today: Comedian Matt Braunger joined us in studio, and it's the first comedian we've had in in human form for the first time in forever and it was awesome, high school reunions and new babies, and more - he is performing tonight at The Aladdin Theater at 8pm - get your tickets here, and have a great weekend!

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Today: Greg and Sarah have a clumsy-off where they both try to make the other seem more clumsy and we are both just idiots, secret dog snuggling and human dog beds, woman and her zombie bride doll and it's a weird one today - have a wonderful afternoon all! :)

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Today: Greg and Sarah are going on an adventure with some friends to Palm Springs next week, things to do there and the tram looks terrifying, all McDonald's all the time, not locking your phone, burrito stick togetherers, and have a wonderful afternoon friends - tomorrow on the show: Matt Braunger! 

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Today: Greg was lucky enough to get home yesterday and find he has a new truck buddy in front of his house, random people over the years and Looper, National mushroom day and bucket list arrest, creepy dolls and have a great afternoon folks and DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!! :)

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Today: We got a surprising impromptu concert in our building and what is happening, sabering champagne, Airbnb at Moulin Rouge and a Metallica birth, time traveler updates and what is coming up, and have a wonderful day!

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Today: Sarah and Greg went out with the Sklar brothers last night and they are broken, this is a day where it's good to be a member of the FERSC because good lord there were a lot of bloopers, and have a lovely weekend all - we love ya! 

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Today: Hello we are old and talk about the youth of today, past days in radio, and so much much more - have a great day all, love you!

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Today: Aaron Duran joined us in-studio to talk all things sparkly water, King of the Bubbles, contest and a winner, Season of the Bruja and upcoming issues, and lots more - it's a lot of fun! Have a great day! :)

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Today: Sarah and Greg went to Seattle this weekend for her sister's birthday, the decibel level of little kids and seeing the troll, Yard Birds and the Quesadilla Factory, and more - have a great afternoon friends! :)

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Today: Sarah and Greg are heading to Seattle to celebrate her sister & niece's birthdays, going to a fancy bar and wearing hiking boots, wing tips and juice boxes, dino nuggets are delicious, and have a great weekend!

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Today: Sarah had quite the adventure in the parking lot yesterday with a pigeon that she thought was injured, figuring out what to do and this is embarrassing, video game hall of fame and danger touring, and have a great afternoon! Show will be early tomorrow, we will start live right at 11AM PST!

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Today: It's Greg's favorite day of the year - Star Wars Day! Have a great afternoon all, we'll be back tomorrow at our regular time :) We love you!
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Today: Greg saw a real estate commercial and is now obsessed with making one, charts and talking like a robot, mismatched socks and Admin control, board games, it's not me I'm under a sheet, Tarzan and Jane, and thanks so much for listening! We will be live tomorrow at 11am - have a great afternoon friends :)
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Today: Greg went with Sarah and Scott to see David Lynch's 'Inland Empire' in the theater, what it was like being an outsider and the sleeping guy, rabbit heads and sitcom music, going to visit the folks and knick knack videos, and have a great day!

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