Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Happy End Of 2011, Greg Phone, Negotiations, Drinking, KENNY B, Meat Arms, KIELEN KING, Lots Of Shenanigans, WE LOVE YOU ALL

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Long Drive, Rain, Sad News, LMN, Reason With Crazy People, Lover, Silk Stalkings, Baywatch Nights, Poppy, Proper Noises, Ungrateful Kids, Black iPhones Suck, Reverb, Octopi, My Tuggy, World Of Crazy, Sinead, Drug Counselor, Kindergarten Teacher, Fake Sword, Bad Food

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Back From Xmas, Kenny B Birthday, No Meat Arms, Holidays, Bremerton Adventures, Slanted Buildings, Naked Man Painting, Swill, UTFO Greatest Group Ever, Cougar Loose, Mountain Screamer, Spanx, Crazy Cat Lady, Keys, Sarah's Horror Story, The Gatekeeper, The Keymaster

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GUEST: WENDY LIEBMAN, Grinch, Free Bus Rides For All, Lunchable Debacle, Unfriended, Kenny B, Ebenezer Dylan, WENDY LIEBMAN, Tech Difficulties, XMAS Nerd Facts, Uncle, Shame Baby, Topless Coffee, Special Song

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Squatchez, Melrose Place, Poor Man's Guttenburg, White Xmas, Hat Posting, Bird Lady, The Wartz, World Of Crazy, Lesbian Vampire, Naked Rawring, Coke Changing Table, Terrible Story, Greg's Lounge Act, Applicants Need Apply

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Sarah Learns Something About Herself, Women's Bathrooms, Greg Angers Sarah, Food, Todds, Ball Talk, College Education, Coach Pays, Kim Jong Il Bowls 500, Romancing The Spammer Version 2, Is Greg Crazy?

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Back From Vegas, Searched, Metal Face, Metal Butt, Wanded, Hot Dogs, Great Flight, Annoying People, Dueling Banjo Stomach, Soliticing, Hooker Hair, Ball Talk, Bad Year For Kobe, Tebrew, SNL, Packers Practice, Nevada, French Candiens Hate English Speakers, Courtney Stodden Tweets

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GUEST: STEVE BYRNE, Sarah Is Going To Vegas, Own Agenda, How Much Booze, Flying, STEVE BYRNE, Gaping, Tours, Hockey, Playboy, USO, Audience Pooper, Strip Clubs, Ball Talk, Jamal Crawford, Evander Ray J, Tebowing, Bears Drugs, ECU Virtual Bowl, Top Ten Bowl Names

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Building Falling Down, Buttons, Checking Out, Vegas Dress, Muggings, Meatball, 5K, Those People, Beards, World Of Crazy, Silicon Injections, Light Saber Assault, Fraternity Survey, No Mr. Perfect, Angry Woman

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Stagnant Air, Scientist Greg, Sarah's Big Day, Batman Premiere, Subtitle Movies, Sarah Big Day, Ball Talk, Tebowing, 1-800-REALITY, Hoosier Hooters, Ukraine Prisons, South Park Quiz

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Woke Up By Attorney, My Name Isn't James, Old Timey Radio, Morning Shows, Jesus Christ Show, Country Eyes, Splinters, Airport Screenings, Vegas, Titanic Display, Ball Talk, Mr. Kardashian, Russian President, Tebow Mania, Cheating Saints, Memphis Messup, Jeter Gift Pack, Marathon Garbage Water

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Sarah Loves Arcade Fire, Crazy Weekend, Joey Greco, Confirmation, BAS Party, Skateboard Incident, AARON DURAN, Strip Clubs, Terrible Stories, Xmas Songs, Freeway, Kiefer

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Xmas In The NW, Sarah Traditions, Spray Tans, Portland's Snookie, Cougar, GUEST: MARK HENTY, aka Mark The Brit, UK Holidays, Worst UK Xmas Songs, What Makes A Knight, Boxing Day, Mark Speaks American, Return Of Romancing The Spammer

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GUEST: JON DORE, Press Buttons, BAS Party, John Lennon, Julian, Knocking On Wood, Reggae, Meat Arms, Hunting, Deep Posts, What Kind Of Bitch Is Sarah?, Ball Talk, Pujols, Lindsay Vonn, Un-Paralyzed, Poacher, Buffalo Teachers, Rick Perry, Drunken News, Sklars, Bridgetown, Pregnant Teens, Ottawa, Surgeries, NES, Jokes, Announcement

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In A Nutshell Computers Suck, Snow, SOA, Dog Paintings, Pwn Toney, GUEST: KIELEN KING, Two Grumpies, Little, MCW, Ball Talk, MMA Robbery, Mind Reading Bike, Tebow Cosby

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Surprise!, Confrontations, Bikes Vs. Cars, Stop Signs, Rules Of The Road, Card Games, Short People, Gentle, Music Facts, Flow Rider, Courtney Twitter, Slippery Sleighs, Merry Christmas

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Show Full Of Completely NSFW Material!  GUEST: AARON DURAN, Santacon Recap, Ball Talk, Predictions, NCAA, Ndamukong, Suh, World Of Crazy, Courtney, Rosie O'Donnel, Terrible Stories

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Number 2, Greg Music, Mommy Love, Grannies, Kenny, Drag Show, Burning, Kim, Kookster, Kenny B Balls, GUESTS: STEVE AND KENDRA, Santacon Vet, Bus Ride, Four Fucks, Bananas, Santacon vs. Anticon, Cacophony Society, Brides, Fakes, FB Updates, Ball Talk, Pac-12, Red Sox Fans, Wet Biscuit, Bulldog Hype, Wet Biscuit, Predictions, Twitter, Nerd Facts

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GUEST: RHYS DARBY of FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS, King Of The Hill People, Scrambled Egg Lips, Bigfoot, Squatch Horders, D. Baldwin Twitter, Blessings, Psychic Stripper, RHYS DARBY, Monty Python, Gorp the Idiot, Flight Of The Conchords, Murray, Yes Man, Sideboob, Skogg, Sharky Death

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Eggs And Eggeaters, Classy Winter, Glasses Club, Butters And Glasses, Gym Locker Rooms, Ball Talk, WSU, Tressel, Peeing Kicker, Roy Rant, Brady Hater, Kenny Powers, World Of Crazy, Burrito, Thanksgiving Dinner, Faking It, Squirrel In Pants, Hooker Daughter, Live Frog, Sarah's Ringtone

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