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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

We had Portland's own Matt Braunger in for an interview to talk about his shows at Helium Comedy Club this weekend! We discuss traveling for Xmas, comedy specials and a whole lot more. Matt is awesome, get tix to see him!

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In our last show of 2017, Greg announces he is traveling to the wilds of Vancouver, WA, with his nerd herd, aka The Butterman Crew. For some reason, Greg's ideas of the world all take place between the 1980s and 1995. Also, Sarah fills everyone in on some New Year's Traditions from around the world. Thanks everyone for listening and thanks to Next Adventure!

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A new marketing and branding opportunity awaits Sarah, as she has received the greatest name ever, from her Niece. Greg explores the opportunities and how to capitalize on what is sure to be an international sensation. Also, we play through some listener-submitted songs for Ball Talk. In WoC: Bad Barber; Mermaid; Tiny Clams; Taz Toupee. Ball Talk: Steelers Are Angry. We'll be at the I, Anonymous Show at Curious Comedy, presented by the Portland Mercury, on Wednesday, 1/3/18!

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A bar in Bremerton and a drunk man named Joey licking a window, were among the highlights of Sarah's trip home for the holidays! Also, an ice storm causes chaos, a van slips off of the road, Greg spends the Xmas Eve with the Dally's and much more in today's recap. Thanks so much everyone!!

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While it is a frequent holiday party standard, the White Elephant Gift Exchange is something that Sarah has never participated in. Greg has been a frequent 'competitor' in these and has all the advice to help you "Win Christmas". In World of Crazy: Nick Nacks; Axe Throwing; Rage Party; Hair Gimp Work; Alien Love; Nude Dining. Ball Talk: Dump Truck Pool; Predictions. Thanks everyone, have a great Holiday!!

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GUEST: DAN WEBER. Dear David is an internet phenomenon that Greg has finally read. This is the kind of rabbit hole that he frequently goes down before going to sleep, including Black-eyed Children, John Titor and UFOs. We are then joined by Dan Weber! Reading The Bible With Dan will be live at Helium Comedy Club on Wednesday, featuring the story of Samson, the man who apparently killed 1000 soldiers with a donkey bone.

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A stroll through a very sketchy neighborhood in Portland by Sarah, has now received an almost movie like re-imagining, by Greg. Between 'Switchblade Guy', packs of wild dogs and a chop shop, it's sure to be a number one hit. In World of Crazy: Long Noodle; Christmas Pickle. Ball Talk: Brady Belichick.

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Greg saw Star Wars (NO SPOILERS) and really liked it, Sarah found an Olympic jacket at a thrift store and now wants to pretend she is an Olympian, what sport would you play, free house but you have to move it, Star Wars salads, Greg's predictions, and more - have a great weekend friends! Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE for their support of Funemployment Radio!

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Funemployment Radio has garnered some new found internet search fame and coincidentally or not, Sarah receives an invitation to apply for a very fancy radio job. We discuss it on-air, walk through her possible 'exposes' and basically create a demo tape live on the podcast. Also, Greg is seeing Star Wars and has theater rules to cover. In WoC: Flying Car; Beef Jerky; Xmas Decorations; Cheetoes Popcorn

Thank you to NEXT ADVENTURE for their wonderful support!

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The Last Jedi premieres tomorrow and Greg is excited to join the Nerd Herd and see it! Sarah, on the other hand, feels that she does not actually need to see any Star Wars movie, to know what the entire premise is about. Her synopsis is....troubling. And hilarious. 

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The Disaster Artist is becoming a hit movie and Sarah reminisces about her original love of The Room. Funemployment Radio interviewed the one and only Tommy Wiseau years ago, resulting in the strangest interview ever, some incredible liners and....Tommy trying to hit Greg in the head with a football. In World of Crazy: Uber Overcharge; Christmas Eyebrows; Bazooka Arms; Ghost Love. Congrats to NEXT ADVENTURE and their new Sandy location!

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Live from the 1st ever PDX Podcast Festival! It's Funemployment Radio, introduced by the one and only Kenny B. It was a wild night and we're already looking forward to the PDX Podcast Festival 2018!

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GUEST: STEVE HERNANDEZ. Sarah is on her way to a fancy 'rich-person' party and may be woefully unprepared. Greg walks her through his expert tips on how to blend in, in high society. Then we are joined by Steve Hernandez! He is a fantastic comedian from LA, in town to record his first album, Sex God. The conversation is wonderful and honestly, unlike any other that we have had on this show. 

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A parking attendant that Greg sees every day, thinks his name is something else. So, Johnny Goodtimes, Greg's new alternate persona has been born and he has....a very mixed past. Leather jackets and "polishing off sixers" are involved. In World of Crazy: Ren Fair; Cheese Glasses; Scrooge Squirrel. In Ball Talk: Coaches; Rhonda Rousey. NEXT ADVENTURE'S SOCK GIVEAWAY IS THIS WEEKEND!

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The wonderfully entertaining and informative people behind the Twitter account @PDXAlerts have remained a mystery for many years here in Portland. They have now broken their silence, but not their anonymity, by appearing on Funemployment Radio for their first interview ever! Jiles and Jeeves explain to us the origins of the account, how it all works, what some of their favorite tweets are and how they find a balance between being serious and finding the funny in what they report. It's incredibly intriguing and all an exclusive here on Funemployment Radio. Thanks @PDXALERTS!! 

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It's official, Portland now has it's own Podcast Festival! The 1st Annual Portland Podcast Festival #pdxpodfestival went down on Saturday night. We are so thankful to everyone that came. This show we discuss the behind the scenes of organizing something like this, what #itshisfault means and much more. Huge thanks to Small Town; Not Your Father's Mountain Ale; Not Your Mother's Iced Tea; Toko; Sweet Cannabis; Jayne; Guardian Games and Voodoo Dougnut for sponsoring!

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With all of the incredible feedback we've been receiving for the Portland Podcast Festival, there are always going to be some naysayers. The Willamette Week in Portland seemingly went out of their way to NOT mention Greg, Sarah, or Funemployment Radio. However, our good friend Jason Lamb of Minority Retort did receive some accolades, which leads to proclaim it Jason's Podcast Festival. Big thanks to Small Town Brewery, NYF's Mountain Ale, NYM's Iced Tea, Toko, Sweet Cannabis, Jayne, Guardian Games and Voodoo Doughnut. See you all tomorrow!

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As the PDX Podcast Festival gets ever closer, all the work that Greg and Sarah have put in is starting to take it's toll on their bodies. Now Sarah may have to take a drastic step after a rubber band incident. Plus a ridiculous list from Google. Big thanks to SMALL TOWN BREWERY, NYF MOUNTAIN ALE, NYM ICED TEA and TOKO STAGE PRESENTED BY JAYNE.

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In preparation for the PDX Pod Festival with sponsors Small Town Brewery and Toko/Jayne, Greg and Sarah were interviewed on a OPB! They discuss what it was like behind the scenes, how strange it was going back into a radio station and everything in between. In World of Crazy: Buddhist Temple; Upside Down Christmas Tree; Scrimps. Ball Talk: Eli Manning, Russians.

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After watching a documentary on Ventriloquists, Greg is now convinced that third "character" is needed for the show. Sarah reminds him that she is already the resident ventriloquist, bringing up a terrible memory from the history of the show. In World of Crazy: Japan Bus; Skunk Pet; Florida Fireball; NASA Record. Ball Talk: Conor Gangster; Stolen Canadian Truck. Thanks to SMALL TOWN BREWERY for their support for the PDX PODCAST FESTIVAL!

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Bremerton, WA is a special place and Sarah may now be it's honorary Godmother after a bizarre comment at a local bar. Greg imagines it as a fairy tale style 80's movie, while the reality is...a bit different. In World of Crazy: Olive Garden; Spaghetti Burrito; Rocket. Ball Talk: Shania Canada; Steve 'Snapper' Jones. Get tix to the PDX Podcast Festival! Thanks to SMALL TOWN BREWERY and TOKO/JAYNE!

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Special Guests, Kielen King and Scott Dally join today, while Sarah is on her way to Bremerton! In this exclusive episode, we delve behind the music of the infamous Butterman and Mr. Pancakes aka Flap JACK! Along the way, Scott gets a nickname, we get grossed out and a massive 'bit failure' occurs live on the show. Get your tix now for the PDX Pod Festival!

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A potentially awkward Thanksgiving situation awaits Sarah this weekend and we attempt to figure out the best way to either exacerbate and deflect, or simply bore the participants into a lull. In World of Crazy: Air Travel; Cheeto Turkey; Loch Ness. Ball Talk: Predictions; Bol Bol. Big thanks to MOUNTAIN ALE and to TOKO/SWEET CANNABIS and JAYNE PDX for sponsoring the PDX POD FESTIVAL!

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The signs are pointing more and more to the possibility of a Cult moving into Greg's neighborhood and his paranoia is at an all time high! Or he is imagining things and they are perfectly normal. You decide! For World of Crazy: David Plowie; Investigation; Big thanks to GUARDIAN GAMES, joining the list of sponsors for the PORTLAND PODCAST FESTIVAL!

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With the PDX Podcast Festival about 2 weeks away, Greg has just now decided to get into shape for Courage! However, the stress is not doing well for him, but leading to entertaining results for everyone else, with his weird old man in the attic dreams. In World of Crazy: Invisible Bagpipes; Meatball Road Florida Toothbrush; Navy Sky. Ball Talk: Predictions! We also introduced our new PDX Podfestival Sponsors, JAYNE PDX, SWEET CANNABIS and TOKO!

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The world is full of wonder for Sarah X Dylan and while shiny things are not the object of her obsessions today, the sense of amazement is still there. Chili is not the object of fascination and her and Greg are attending a Chili Jamboree this weekend. Naturally, Greg needs to figure out a way to take advantage of the situation. In World of Crazy: Car Wash; Cop vs. Cop; Stolen Pizza; Coolio. Get your tix to the PDX Pod Festival and your free beer from Mountain Ale!

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It's finally happened, Sarah is now on Greg's level of being marked at Gym for her behavior. We'll discuss what she did and how they are now both probably on "the list". In World of Crazy: Clean Your Fridge Day; Cards Against Humanity; Sticker Ball; VR Theme Park; Greg's Snapper. Ball Talk Music; Loser World Cup; Shocking Tom Brady Lame Confessions. Get your tix to the PDX Pod Festival and a FREE BEER from Small Town Brewery!

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Is Greg an old person, or is the slang used these days going too far? Defo brill convo on the sitch. In World of Crazy: Scrimps; Thanksgiving Pants; Fake License Plate. Ball Talk: Bills Game Shock; Jerry Jones; Hockey Love; Phoenix Mascot. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE and be sure to get your tix to the PORTLAND PODCAST FESTIVAL!

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Greg is convinced that something is up next door to his house and it's clearly his responsibility to figure out what's going on with a possible cult (or a DRAMATIC over reaction on his part). Sarah discusses what it was like on the panel for #Siren Nation! In World of Crazy: Everyday Objects; Smallville Cult; Flat Earth Conference. Ball Talk: Ball Family. Plus...a special surprise at the end of this episode...

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Sarah goes to the suburbs and it appears she may have been casing joints. Discussions also range from what the food-sharing rules are, whether Santa said something to Paddington Bear in a commercial and how Greg may become a Sugar Baby. In WOC: Mermaids, Paper Airplanes, Little Debbies. Huge thank you to NEXT ADVENTURE for their continued support and of course for SMALL TOWN for their support of the #PDXPODFESTIVAL!

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GUEST: MYQ KAPLAN. Our buddy Myq Kaplan stopped by today! Myq is incredibly hilarious and discussions range from socks to his extreme anger issue (which he does not have at all). He'll be at Bunk Bar in PDX tonight, so get your tix! Before that, we discuss Sarah's dumpster diving tendencies and Greg's ordeal with the "actors". Get tix to the PDX Pod Festival and you'll get a free drink from Small Town Brewery!

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A troll has swung at Greg and it appears that he is a "Dirtbag". However, Sarah has to begrudgingly admit that, despite her constant taunts, he is actually right about something! A new business may be launched and Sarah may be a 1/8 cook. Big thank you to NEXT ADVENTURE and to all of you supporting the Portland Podcast Festival by picking up tickets!

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Sarah X Dylan has been asked to be part of a really amazing panel this weekend. She has many, many, years of experience in podcasting, but not a lot in being on a panel. Greg runs her through the gauntlet, to see how she handles various situations... Big thanks to our fine sponsors, NEXT ADVENTURE and introducing SMALL TOWN BREWERY as a fine sponsor of the PDX POD FESTIVAL!

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We continue on with the Country PI's Case of the Missing Shoes! There is an update, the investigation has advanced, yet mysteries still remain regarding Sarah's poor, sweet, shoes. In World Of Crazy: Lego Air BnB; McDonald's Ice Cream; PBR Weapon; Church Sign. Ball Talk: Winston. Also, we welcome The Mark and Toddcast to the Funemployment Radio Network!

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Weird neighbors seem to be attracted to Greg, or is it the other way around? A crisis was initiated for him, as the potential of new "van people" roommates was looming yesterday. It only adds to the strange history of a strange man. In World of Crazy: Sam Adams; Expensive Taco; Whiskey Deodorant. Follow up on Squatch Tales.

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A very, very, hard truth has finally come to Greg, regarding his prediction abilities. His entire sense of self has been turned upside down and a new life must begin. A much, much, cooler one. In World of Crazy: Forest Gump, Forced Complaints, Chicken Bomb, Head Biting. Ball Talk: Astros. Also a BIG PDX POD FESTIVAL REVELATION!

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A mystery is truly afoot, as Sarah is missing her shoes. They were last seen at Greg's house, events transpired and now....there is a problem. Obsessions, pauses, conspiracies and possibly foul play? We try to get to the bottom of it, but we need your help. Also in World Of Crazy: Floribama; White Wine; Tap Dancing. Ball Talk: World Series Prediction; Cleveland Brown.

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An attempt to tell "scary stories" on today's show, leads to a contest between Greg and Sarah. Also, Greg has to decide whether to be the "cool neighbor" or the one that lectures children, when they show up at his house. In WoC: Diagon Alley; Suing; Beanie Babies.

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A great debate has erupted on FER, over what the greatest sitcom theme song of all time is. Greg knows the answer, Sarah disputes it. Also, a shocking rumor has circulated that Greg must address, over whether he is a big baby. In World of Crazy: Penguin Costumes; Mannequin Meth Heads; Beer Cooler; GOT Burgers; Florida Man. Ball Talk: Astros vs. Dodgers; Home run thief. Get tix to the PDXPodfestival!

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A video has surfaced of a reporter interviewing a robot, that is incredibly creepy. Greg decides to make his stand against "the robots" and will clearly be marked for destruction when they take over. The concept of a Robot Dog, may change his mind... In WOC: Alien Ranch; Deer Signs; Flight Concerts. In Ball Talk: Nationals were robbed; Predictions.

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GLOP has started to take off and now it's actually going to happen! Well, people are going to dress up. Will Betty Blush actually wrestle America's Sweetheart? Also, Old Lady Perfume has taken over the FER Studios. We discuss this, Greg's Halloween costume and how often you should wash your pants. In WOC: Blue Burger; Free Whopper; Grilled Cheese.

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What do you read before you go to bed? What you probably shouldn't read about are aliens, earthquakes and men in black, but Greg doesn't seem to realize that. Sarah also fills us in on her new obsession of a New Zealand show called Filthy Rich. In WoC: Nun Chainsaw; Laundry Issue; Wedding Crasher. Ball Talk: Colin; Video Games; Squirrel. Get your tix to the #PDXPodFestival Now!

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After scoring great tickets to Depeche Mode, Greg is now convinced that the universe is trying to tell him something. Or he is going crazy. Or maybe it's both? In World Of Crazy: CC Music Factory; Chocodilla; Vaseline; Alien Ranch. Squatch Confessions continues with another round. Also big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!!

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A heartfelt public service announcement is made by Greg, concerning his issues with a certain breakfast food and how long they should be in the refrigerator. Also, it's been 8 years to the day since we were "let go" from Commercial Radio! A crazy religious leader is sending more gifts to FER, as well. In Ball Talk: Congrats Thorns, Timbers; Bills Parties. Also, get tix to the #PDXPodFestival!

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An obsession has taken over for Greg, as he cannot get a phrase out of his head, meanwhile torturing Sarah with his new found energy. In World of Crazy: Trainy McTrainface. Ball Talk: False Marathon; Lonzo Fails; Predictions. A DOUBLE Squatch Watch! Also....tix are on sale for the #PDXPODFEST!

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GUESTS: PORTLAND AT THE MOVIES. Today, Greg is less sick, but more crazy, as he re-visits his plan to make Portland better with Snitch Tickets. Then we are joined by Todd the Corpse, Brian the Nuclear Physicist and Brian the Unipiper of the FER Network podcast, Portland At The Movies! They have an incredibly vast amount of knowledge regarding movies that were filmed in the Portland area and also...they're a lot of fun. Check our their podcast and seem them live at the #PDXPodFestival on 

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The fog is starting to clear from Greg's sickness, but his way of relaxing...needs work. A spreadsheet has been created to apparently keep track of the former felons from his house and neighborhood... In World of Crazy: Pizza Shoes; Spider Fire; Drone Burritos; Fake Plane. Ball Talk: Gordon; Baseball to Portland; Beer Cheese Poutine. PDX Podcast Festival

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Sarah has decided that since Greg is still sick with The Plague, that today should be a Best Of. Today we have the saga of Sarah and the Granola Bars, Larry Amtrak's adventures and the true story of the musical Wicked! Thanks for tuning in everyone!

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It's official, Greg has now caught the Plague that is going around Portland, yet refuses to stay home. Sarah makes fun of him for this, naturally. In addition he has found out more details about the ongoing mystery of the house origin and a famous/infamous landmark is connected to it! In World of Crazy: Szechuan Sauce; Meat Pants; Extra Cheese; Aliens. Ball Talk: Ron Burgundy. Sasquatch Story Followup

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GUEST: DAN CUMMINS. Our friend Dan Cummins stopped by the studio today! He is at Helium Comedy Club tonight and tomorrow. We talked about 90's music, his podcast Timesuck, the Mandela Effect, Serial Killers and a whole lot more. It was fantastic, be sure to check him out! Big thanks to our sponsor, NEXT ADVENTURE!

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Sarah is half-way back from being sick and braved the world to come in and do a show today. Greg is unconvinced she doesn't have the plague, but she walks a through a day in the life of Sick Sarah, including the terrible shows she watches. Thanks so much for tuning in and we're back tomorrow with a packed show!

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Sarah is out sick today, so Greg is joined by the Rip City Bad Boys, Kielen King and Tristan Mayer. Discussions of what Vancouver actually is and how every town has that other town that they make fun of. Then Greg attempts to solve Tristan's neighbor "problem" that he did not even know existed.

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1878.mp3
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The epic day is here, as Sarah enters the latter part of her thirties! Today we discuss trivia for 1980, some gifts for her and Greg tells her what it's really like. In World of Crazy: Tombstones; Japanese Poodle; Tiki Torch; Menopause Beer. In Ball Talk: OSU, Predictions. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE for the fine sponsorship!

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Today: Sarah is going into an audition that Greg already applied for, tips on reading a teleprompter and the tale of Dr. Hamburger, Wisconsin man knows how to party, Greg makes his predictions, and more - have a great weekend everyone!!

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1876.mp3
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GUEST: Tom Papa. Greg heard something weird at his house last night, is it in his head or what is going on, you can get a Guinness World record for basically anything, new type of Japanese theater, abducted man warns of impending alien attack, and we talk to comedian Tom Papa about his show this weekend at the Aladdin - have a great afternoon all!

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1875.mp3
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A dream that Greg had involving Sarah has disturbed him and now he's worried about what she has done. Also, since listening to his Audible book, he is now constantly narrating everything he sees. In WOC: Lottery, Teddy Bears, Doomsday Prep. Ball Talk: NBA All-Stars, Alex Morgan, NHL Stanley Cup Prediction. Dec. 2nd will be the 1st Annual Portland Podcast Festival, also!

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1874.mp3
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We are so pleased to announce that on December 2nd, we will putting on (along with Jason Lamb) the first ever Portland Podcast Festival at the Hawthorne Theater! We hope to see you all there! Also, Greg is addicted to an Audible book called Ready Player One and Sarah is upset about people invading her Bremelo territory. In WOC: Forever 21 & Taco Bell; Yoga Mat Drugs; Unicorn Cheeto; Colorado Springs. In Ball Talk: Geezers at Caeser's.

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1873.mp3
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GUEST: TODD GLASS. We were joined by the delightful Todd Glass (who will be at Helium Comedy Club all this weekend - get your tickets here!) - we talked about his upcoming Netflix special, going on tour, and his Tour Bus Dreams which will soon become a reality - he's great! Have a wonderful weekend all, we love you and big announcement on Monday!

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1872.mp3
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A misplaced bag caused Greg to breakdown over the phone to his Gym. Now, he may be placed on the "that guy" list and needs to figure out how to handle his drama. In World Of Crazy: Russian Burger King; Marry Yourself; Cheeseburger Bandit; Poop School.

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1871.mp3
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Past Sarah has left Present Sarah many gifts over the years. Now however, Sarah is just discovering past technology and the world is a magical place in her mind! Also in World of Crazy: Dirty Cups; Cream Waffles; Eyes Wide Shut. Ball Talk; Pitino. Then we have the continuing saga of Squatch Confessions.

Direct download: FunemploymentRadioEpisode1870.mp3
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Something sinister is afoot at Sarah's apartment complex, as the laundry room has become a battleground for righteousness. Also, Greg creeps out someone visiting his house....again. In World of Crazy: Spokesperson; Flat Earth Society. In Ball Talk: NCAA Basketball; Patriots Water; San Diego Tacos; Aaron Judge.

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A burned leg and a busted ankle are the returning issues after a weekend away for Greg and Sarah, but they survived both Ricketsfest and the trip to Yachats near "Newport Bay" (wherever that is). In World of Crazy: Gay Sea Lions; La Croix Champagne; Meeting A Lot Of Crazy Travelers; Slipping Down Stairs. Squatch Love. Thanks NEXT ADVENTURE!

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Today is the day that Greg heads to the woods for his ridiculous camping trip, where they throw rocks at things. Sarah is heading south along the Coast to Newport and will enjoy the new phenomenon of Trash Snacks. In WoC: Pumpkin Spice jumps the shark; Swedish Model; Christmas Tree; Showgirls Pt. St. Lucie. Ball Talk: Utah prank gone wrong; Westbrook clothes; Brady's balls. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE for the fine support!!

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The crazy that has riddled Greg has broken like a fever and today we learn about the evolution of his career with a new teammate, lessons in cell phone use and the weirdest dream ever. In World of Crazy: Oktoberfest; Planet X; Amazon; Chocolate Spill. 

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GUEST: DAN WEBER. Today, Sarah gives a personal etiquette guide to fancy functions, from the standpoint of a cater waiter. Key points, samples are fine, glitter is NOT. Then we are joined by Dan Weber, to talk about Funny Humans vs. The Wheel at Helium Comedy Club! FIn World of Crazy: Taco Bell Bar; China Sharing; Rapture Weekend Ball Talk: KD Twitter; Marshawn dance. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

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GUEST: JULIA SCOTTI. Greg has been having some strange stuff happening because duh it's fall and that's when stuff starts to get weird, it's probably a giant racoon, comedian Julia Scotti joined us to talk living in New Jersey, being glitter-bombed, and participating on America's Got Talent (she's great!), plus a giant vat of guacamole, and there is a new nuisance on the loose in Colorado - thanks for listening, and thank you SO much again to everyone who came out for our Brewer's Cup Cornhole Championship! Congratulations to 1st place: Lagunitas Brewing, 2nd Place: Founders Brewing, 3rd Place: Backwoods Brewing and the People's Choice Champion: Worthy Brewing! Also a huge thank you to Monkey Shoulder Scotch for sponsoring our FER Live Show!!

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The big day is Sunday and Greg and Sarah may have just found their calling as Academic Encouragement Troop. There is apparently a big market for it and Engaging The Machine might be the way to cash in on kids. Come out to the FER Live show with Monkey Shoulder Scotch and the FER Brewer's Cup with Elysian, Worthy, Rev Nats, Ninkasi, Occidental, Sierra Nevada, 10 Barrel, Backwoods, Lagunitas and Founders Breweries at the Landmark Saloon on 9/17/17!

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GUEST: JESSA REED. For some reason, elevator etiquette becomes a hot button issue on this show, as we explore the phobias that we didn't even know we all shared. Also, Greg is sweaty and awkward in them. Then we are joined by Jessa Reed! Jessa is incredibly funny, has two shows in the Portland area and then will be appearing on Comedy Central's This Is Not Happening!

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The FER Live Show with MONKEY SHOULDER SCOTCH and Brewer's Cup is almost here and Greg and Sarah discuss a Glop-up, their potentially intro songs and the devastatingly shortist Randy Newman. In WOC: Not My Pants, Eyelashes, Denny's, Toy Museum. In Ball Talk: Opening MLB Pitch. Thanks to Backwoods Brewing and Founders Brewing for joining the FER Brewer's Cup!!

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A photo shoot for a friend, turns into a hand modeling experience for Greg and Sarah. The only problem in the situation, was their hands. Also, stress dreams of accountant wrestlers, beach bartenders and tales of snow sharks and killer bees on Mt. Hood. In World of Crazy: 

The FER Live Show and FER Brewer's Cup is this Sunday at Landmark Saloon! Monkey Shoulder Scotch, Elysian Brewing and Reverend Nat's Hard Cider will all be there!

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It happened. It really, really, happened. On today's show, Greg recounts an epic tale from Rose City Comic Con, as Sarah shares her indoctrination into glorious nerddom. We are then joined by a "super-secret guest" who shares some awesome stores from the Con, an amazing costumer and said guest's new book "The Forgotten Tyrs Book 2" is available on Amazon! Big thank you to MONKEY SHOULDER SCOTCH, NINKASI and WORTHY BREWING for their fine support of the upcoming FER LIVE SHOW and FER BREWER'S CUP CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT!

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Rose City Comic Con is today and Greg is super excited about the slight possibility of meeting one of his idols! Also, Sarah gives him some "help" for one of the panels he will be moderating and.....we'll see if he can pull it off. Don't forget the FER Live Show and Brewer's Cup is coming up on 9/17 at LANDMARK SALOON with MONKEY SHOULDER SCOTCH and a ton of amazing Brewers!

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More shocking revelations abound, as Greg finds out more about his house as he visits the ladies at the records dept; felonies abound! Sarah also attempts to give Greg some lessons regarding a panel he will be moderating and the In World of Crazy: Lonely Goldfish; Tooth Fairy; Ocktoberfest Shoes; Bird Poo Bandits. In Ball Talk: Super Bowl Prediction! Don't forget the FER Brewer's Cup Cornhole Tournament and Live Show is 9/17 at Landmark Saloon w/ Monkey Shoulder Scotch, Ninkasi, Worthy and more!

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A mystery was answered and also started when Greg received an unexpected visitor over this last weekend! Tales of birds, decks, french doors and a whole lot of strange things. Also a 'computer incident' leads to some terrible sound effects. In World of Crazy: IT Prank, Lotto Winning, Stuck In A Window. Don't forget the FER Brewer's Cup is 09/17 with great Breweries and MONKEY SHOULDER as our fine sponsors!

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First off, our thoughts are with everyone dealing with the Fires ravaging Oregon right now. It's our home, so naturally it's close to us. However, we also discuss Greg's new innertube getting 'tagged', floating the Clackamas, snagging crawdads and much more! In Word of Crazy: Money Stealing; Golfing; Bad Owls; Port St. Lucie. Thanks everyone and excited to see you on Sept. 17th for the FER BREWER'S CUP!

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GUEST: MARK NORMAND. The inside of Greg's head is disturbing, as he recounts the last possible haunting at his house. Or more realistically, he's just crazy. We are also joined by Mark Normand! Mark is hilarious and is at Helium Comedy Club tonight and tomorrow! In Ball Talk: Houston Texans, JJ Watt, The Predictions. We also have a BIG SAVE THE DATE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

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Sarah recounts an incident she witnessed, in which World Of Crazy came to life before her. The details are.......eww. Also in this episode, Free Burgers, The Gopher Made Me Do It and Angry Clowns. Plus, Sarah attempts to usurp Greg in his expertise regarding a certain hairy beast. Big thank you to Bike Gallery once again for their incredible sponsorship and don't forget the FER BREWER'S CUP is on 09/17/17!

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GUESTS: RYAN from NINKASI, TIN CAN DAN, DREW. Today we start off with Greg revealing that he was in fact an Explorer Fire Scout when he was young, however, possibly for not the noblest of reasons. In World of Crazy: Black Widow Spiders; Sunscreen In The Eyes. Then we are joined by Ryan, Danny and Drew to talk about Ninkasi's amazing Funds For Firefighter's program for the month of September! In Ball Talk: Sneaking into the fight. Thanks for listening!

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Sarah is going on an adventure so of course Greg tries to ruin it for her, floating and what it entails, watch out for river lobsters, setting clothes on fire, Florida man on the loose, and we have a special guest join us to tell the tale of something that happened to him - AND IS STILL HAPPENING :) Have a great day friends! Big thank you to our friends at Bike Gallery (use the code Funemployment Radio for 10% off) and don't forget to save September 17th for the #FERBrewersCup!

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Greg discusses his unfounded fear of being framed for some reason and how he has his escape plan all mapped out. It involves a Grizzly Adams scenario. It is also determined that Greg is a Runner, but Sarah is a Framer. In World of Crazy: Vodka Sandwich; Chuck E. Cheese; Secret Rave. Ball Talk: Mayweather vs. McGregor. We also announce the FER BREWER'S CUP!

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GUEST: ANTHONY DEVITO. Greg gets a lesson on Twitter and how people work on it, while discussing what should or should not be a spoiler. #nospoilers. Anthony Devito calls in to talk about his new comedy album! In WOC: Drunk Florida Woman, Cat Estate, Lotto Woman. Plus, we have followup to the Mystery of Tristan's Basement, with new developments!

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Guests: Small Souls. A mystery is afoot today, as we discuss what was found in our friend Tristan's basement! As he dug and dug, we attempt to put the clues together as to what happened and who the bone may belong too....Seriously, police are involved. Also, we are joined by Brian and Brian from Small Souls! Big thanks to our fine sponsors Next Adventure!

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The Total Solar Eclipse which just occurred over North America, was one of the most incredible experiences of our lifetime. We had NO idea going in, but we cover our recap of it, Sarah's new Countryfication, Wild Animals of the NW, Greg's Country Name, Independence Oregon and much more! Big thanks to BIKE GALLERY!

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The Total Solar Eclipse is on Monday and Sarah will be heading to Greg's homeland in the country to get a good view of it. This will clearly be a shock to our city-self, but Country Rules and tips are provided. After that, we cover some Eclipse facts/rumors and maybe an appearance from Dr. Science.

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GUESTS: JIMMY and KYLE from THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. The great eclipse of 2017 is on it's way and Greg has some ideas of how to make some money off of it. We are also joined by THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE! They have some great shows coming up! Plus Portland At The Movies and much more.

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Dreams do come true! Two weeks after very scary surgery, Sarah was able to meet someone that she has always wanted to, while on the set of a locally-produced TV Show. We discuss the excitement, what she did and the behind the scenes account of being an Extra. Big thanks to Next Adventure, as well!

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After a trip to small town Oregon, Sarah shares what it's like to see the backwoods. Greg reminisces once again about being a possible "hero" by stopping a bully and receives some corroborating accounts from an email. In World of Crazy: Jersey Shore Reunion; Florida Man Walmart; Scooter; Lizard Men. Ball Talk: Khloe and Tristan; Mayweather bet; Rally Cat. Thanks to BIKE GALLERY for the fantastic support!

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Old Timey Greg recounts his tale of 12 years old at the dock at the reservoir and the battle of the bully. In World of Crazy: The Eclipse Baby, Alcohol-infused meat, Pizza accident, Pop Rock Burritos. Big thank you to everyone who came out to Courage yesterday and thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE and BIKE GALLERY!

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GUEST: EMIL DeANDREIS. Today, Greg breaks down the wall and reveals the "magician" tricks, while Sarah is living in a whole new world, as she is recovering from her surgery (shiny objects). Then we are joined by author Emil DeAndreis, as he talks about his book Hard To Grip! It's a seriously fascinating tale of overcoming an physical obstacle and still finding the humor and desire to enjoy life and find a new passion. Tonight, Greg will be at Landmark Saloon for an impromptu Courage show!

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GUEST: JOSH JOHNSON. Sarah is still struggling a bit, but she is powering through on today's episode, as we discuss the possible formation of her own popup restaurant! Then Greg interviews comedian Josh Johnson, who's new album, I Like You is out now on Comedy Central Records!

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Greg is having an identity crisis because he has to uncover a personality from years ago, Courage is getting together to play an acoustic set this Thursday at Landmark (!!), don't live in North Carolina, University of Georgia pick your own grades, Metallica concert, fried chicken beer, the hunt for sesame seeds, Squatchwatch Eclipse Watch, and more - have a great day all! Big thank you to Bike Gallery and Next Adventure!

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After a couple of days off, we are back with the harrowing tale of what happened to Sarah. The surgery scare, the ER room and whole fiasco is detailed. Thank you so much to everyone for your well wished and incredible support!

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In this special Funemployment Radio Interview, we are joined by Linda Yoshida and Staci Sigala of the Soulful Giving Foundation! Every year, they hold a wonderful charity event on the Yoshida Estate called the Soulful Giving Blanked Concert, which donates proceeds to Randall Children's Hospital and Providence Cancer Research Center. In addition, the Boss of Sauce himself, Junki Yoshida will be there and Linda shares some amazing stories about the origins of the amazing sauce!

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Greg has an obsession and is starting to figure out something mildly disturbing about himself and his food habits. Then we discuss the continuing fascination with Elvis impersonators and who we would if we could. In World Of Crazy; Joey Chestnut; Miss Mermaid UK; One-armed Clown. In Ball Talk: Olympics, Bicycle Cheating; Steve Bartman. Big thanks to BIKE GALLERY!

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GUEST: AARON DURAN. Today we are joined by the fantastic Mr. Aaron Duran of Geek In The City and the Author of The Forgotten Tyrs Book 1 and....well you'll have to listen to find out! Also, Sarah worked an Eastern European wedding, Greg has neighbor updates an we debut a new segment called #LameConfessions. 

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GUESTS: JEREMIAH COUGHLAN and SUSAN RICE. After a whirlwind trip to Seattle, we recount the adventure that was the Neil Diamond concert. From "Rhonda" to wearing the same shirt, to suddenly becoming "internet famous" because of a picture, there is a lot to tell. We are also joined by Jeremiah and Susan! They have a show on Monday, that is going to be fantastic!

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One more birthday present awaits Greg, as Sarah purchased him a ticket to see Neil Diamond in Seattle, with the VonDylans. There is information on Diamond, how many cougars will be encountered and a debate of whether Greg should wear the shirt Sarah made. Plus in WOC: Felony Pink Beer; Ball Talk: Lucky Whitehead; Kyrie Irving. Squatchwatch. Big thanks to BIKE GALLERY!

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It turns out that attending an Irish wedding is...amazing! Today, we'll recap what happened, what we learned about Irish traditions, some feats of strength and then get to the mystery of Sarah and her secret baby. Yup. You'll find out a lot on this one! Also, in Ball Talk: Kyrie Irving; Draymond/McGregor. Thanks everyone!

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Everything keeps coming up Sarah, as she is celebrating National Hot Dog Day, covering all of the conspiracies of her second favorite food. Also, we discuss some of our shameful purchases and some interesting ways to keep yourself from buying them. Let's just say that 82nd Avenue comes up a lot. Also, in Ball Talk, OJ may be getting out. Big thanks to our sponsors, BIKE GALLERY and NEXT ADVENTURE!!

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Sarah is attempting to consult a list to determine if she is "ladylike". Also, Greg has received two more pieces of mail and a VIP invite to something that he should probably not go to. In World of Crazy: Florida Men; Suicidal Robot; Sawing Wood. In Ball Talk: Tebow; Minor League Names; Larry The Snail.

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