Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Dentist, Bad Mouth, The Woods, Sanatacon, Deface Our Faces, Black Friday, Long Lines, Negative, Ball Talk, LeBron Chants, Take The Money, Timbers Jerseys, Derek Anderson Laugh, World Of Crazy, Alcohol and Cigarettes, Drunk Driving Not, Nicotine Fit, Hangover Helpers, Alcoholic Whipped Cream

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Songs, Thanksgiving Weekend, Scary Drive, Hand Cutting, Hitting On Heather, Hot Tubs, AARON DURAN, Bottle Blowing, Ball Talk, Blazers, Buffalo Bills, Thank God, Nebraska Snub, Predictions, Aaron Leaves, Geek In The City Comics, Paltrow Hot, Cee Lo Green Cool

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Fancy Pants, Pearl District, Nice Room, Cowboy Spritzers, Forum Talk, Gregs Looks, Flashers, Peepers, Ball Talk, Przybilla, LeBron, Predictions, Baseball Boogie, AUDIBLE, World Of Crazy, Sword, Breast Implants, Plumber Clogs, Metal Underwear, Happy Story

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Icey, Missing Gloves, The Descent, Stigmata, Dressing Fancy, Monica, Diet, Ball Talk, NBA Strike, Roethlisberger Punch, Missouri Song, Tommy Wiseau Liner, World Of Crazy, Thai Hooker, Coffins, Clown Toilet, iTunes

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New Liner, Cold, Snow, Weekend, Hot Chicks No, AARON DURAN, Potter Tag, Potter Porn, Clue, Ball Talk, Predictions, OSU, Bills, Silence Of The Lambs, A2M

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Eye Prong, Snowpocalypse, Plumbing Problems, Twitter, KELLY CLARKE FROM WILLAMETTE WEEK, Tweet, Hooty McBoobitty, Stud Goats, Costumes, Ball Talk, Oden, Rudy, Artest, Asian Games, NFL Porn, Science Facts Nerds

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Wow, Coffee, Plumbing Issues, HAL SPARKS, Helium, Twitter Giveaway, Kenny B Nerd Facts, Awkward Phone Calls, Interruptions

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Head Full, Coffee Kid, Sarah Angry, Bizarre Dream, Motorcycles, Phone Call, Feelin Better, Ball Talk, Blazers, Tony Parker, Shower Camera, Faking Injuries, World Of Crazy, Hollywood Publicist, Cowboy Bob, Vehicular Masturbation

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Remembering Songs, Dog Paintings, Butters, Dog Park, Ke$ha, AUDIBLE, Ball Talk, LeBron POY, Redskins, Eagles, Spitting, Jeff Reed, Floyd Mayweather, Soccer, Quiddich, Free Beer, World Of Crazy, Bed Bugs, Urinating On Police Car, Ring Swallowing, Podcast Awards

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The Weekend Bet, Shame, Victory, Cougars Beavers, Spotlight, AARON DURAN, Ball Talk, Blazers, Special Olympics, Bills, Predictions, CASSIDY'S RESTAURANT AND BAR, World Of Crazy, London, Bucket Of Urine, Terrible Video, Opening

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Just Make It Happen, Sickness, Napping, Tomei, Paying Up Bets, Ball Talk, OKC, Pierce Tweet, Bosh Sucks, Mississippi Coaches, Steelers Cops, Predictions, AUDIBLE, The Talisman, World Of Crazy, Curtis Got Slapped, Toothless Mugshot, Williamsburg Smokes, Excorcists, Raps, Eating Your Own Beard

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Making Friends, Coughing, Terrible Story, Fernet, Car Problems, Mechanic Friends, Snot Rockets, Stinky Kid, Friends, GREG BEHRENDT, Nerd Facts With Kenny B, Science Fact Nerds

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Hot, Sarah Sleep, Carrieres, Kelsey Date, Naughty Bingo, SOA, Ball Talk, Roy Problems, Tebow Sue, Sponsor Ad, World Of Crazy, Closet Masturbator, Cricket Testes, Sexy Drive Through, Mouse Man, Sandler Rules

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Facebook Comments, Nom Nom Nom, New Place, Discerning Judgement, Cosmo, Sex Poll, Ball Talk, Blazers, Seattle Fans, Murder Suspect, Diamond Encrusted Money Bag, Cam Newton, Washington Apology, Cowboys Website, AUDIBLE, World Of Crazy, Testicles, Work Spanking, Vomit Testing, Sperm Hunter

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Wet And Cold, Friday Was Cool, Seaside, Pools, Happy Hour, Sunday Football, Dead Walkers, Screaming Girl, Gizmo Vs. ET, Ball Talk, Blazers, Betting, Lorne Green, Spitting, UO Court, TCU, Genitals, AUDIBLE, Coughing, World Of Crazy, Madonna, Hemherroids, Biggest News EVER

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1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW!  A whole bunch of stuff.

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GUEST: SKLAR BROTHERS Peter Brady Voice, Sickness, Forum, Nerd Facts With Kenny B, Voiceover Work, SKLAR BROTHERS, Hot, Portland, Fake Boobs, Sarah Voice, Stand-up, Nick Kroll, Bridgestone, Jon Hamm, St. Loius, Mr. T, Helium Comedy Club, Thanks Everyone

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Greg is out sick! But, in honor of our 1 year anniversary, here is our 100th episode!  Tech Issues, Cort And Fatboy, Big-Ass Sandwiches, Delicious, Favorite Memories, Aaron Duran Geek In The City, Custom Cosmo, Ball Talk, Brandon, Tiger, Santonio, Big Ben, Favorite Moments, Crotch Kick, Van Pelt, Entertainment News, Jesse James, Tila Tequila Rap, Karaoke Second Chance

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Proud, Voting, Dog Painting, Teeth Dreams, Steve Mason, Ball Talk, Congrats SF, Blazers, Oden, Asbestos, Transgender, OSU Worries, Roethliscock, CASSIDYS, World Of Crazy, Candy, BB Guns, E-Smokes

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Rainy, Costumes, Halloween Recap, Candy Is Spendy, Ball Talk, Maurice Lucas, Blazers, Randy Moss Out, Deion Bathroom, Predictions, High School Crazy, World Of Crazy, Perry Brand, Taylor Swift, Lion Taunting Gone Awry, Testes Shot, THANK YOU, AUDIBLE

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