Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Diamond Day, Dress Like David Bowie, No Sleep, Vampire Diaries, Frenchie, Whipits, Little Person Marilyn Manson, Bike, MATT BAUNGER, Ball Talk, CLAUDIAS, Kenny B Hitting On, Gold Coast, Tour De France, LeBron, Ochocinco, Kid Bronc, World Of Crazy, Snookie

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Biking, Cornholing, Scott From Vegas, Sleeping In, Dead Things, Dexter, Ball Talk, Oden Drinking, Expensive Dinner, Playoffs, Moose, World Of Crazy, Sister Wives, True Blood Gay, Pumpkin Porn, Police Station DUI, Christmas In Jail, Wooden Phalice, Acorn Condoms, Happy Birthday

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Sleep, Counterstrike, Dreams, Pink Gloves, Free Sunglasses, NKOTB Cards, Funky, Boy Bands, Ball Talk, Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, Samurai Swords, Junk Grabbing, Larger Monkeys, World Of Crazy, Sex Toy Hotel, Mouth Son, Bongo Jesus, Penis Fire, BUY COSTUMES.COM

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Ooooh, Aussie Rules, Cougar Hunt, Motorcycle Party, AARON DURAN, Sunny D And Rum Yum Yum, Rats, Ball Talk, Rudy, JJ Rap, MLS Mario, Predictions, AUDIBLE, World Of Crazy, Titanic Lady, Peeing In Lightsock, Cheese And Underwear, Alien Ambassador, Paranormal Kit

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Dirty Dress, Puzzles, U8A22, LDS In D, KATU, Pizza Dream, Drivebys, BEN FROM BAGDAD, Ball Talk, Carmelo, NBA Tech, MLB Record, iPhone App, Tampa Blackout, WSU, Sunny D And Rum, World Of Crazy, Lilo In Jail, Exploding Sandwich, Dental Undressing, Twilight Sucking, PA, Preacher Man

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New Job, Special TV, Cornhole, Strip Clubs, Bar Dancing, Mystery Video, U8A22, Ball Talk, CLAUDIAS AUSSIE RULES FOOTBALL, Pac-12, Jersey Shore Athletes, Predictions, World Of Crazy, Drunk Tweets, Finger And Flash, Cell Phone Hoax, Cheap Boobs Explode

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Sarah From New York, Cornhole Palace, Naughty Bingo, Kiss On The Mouth, Leonard Skinner, Greatest Lady Ever, Ball Talk, Poor Mo, Stealing From Kids, Big Gay Larry, Joe Torre, Blue Field, Poison, World Of Crazy, Kutcher, Facebooking, Mail, Yoga Ticket, Red Sky

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Surpise, Feet, Sores, Legs, Aussies, Presents, Ball Talk, Carmelo, Shaq, Common Wealth, PAC-10, Braylon DUI, Fantasy, Rams Song, World Of Crazy, Lindsay, Crack Cocaine, Mac N Cheese, Skulls, Banks, Worm Eye, Out

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Torture, OSU, Beavers Game, Avery Park, Worlds Collide, Bowlers, Campus, Seattle, Wii, Rain, NPR, AUDIBLE, AARON DURAN, Magic Stick, Vista Bridge, Ball Talk, Shaq, Heart Attack, Bed Bugs, Predictions, World Of Crazy, Alien Insurance, Humping And Driving, Swiffer Attack, Cop Whiz, Recycling Mayhem

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Great Thing, Cornhole, KELLY CLARKE, MFNW, Ball Talk, Bret Magic, Pee Wee Exposure, Lions Cheer Leaders, NFL, Fantasy, NCAA Predictions, Cougars, Beavers, Shirts, World Of Crazy, Breaking News, Maggots, Naked McPoyle, Feet Stink, Tow Truck, Happy Birthdays, BUYCOSTUMES.COM

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Dooshy, Kid, Mad Hatter, Jets, Kenny B, Chops, CHRISTIAN FINNEGAN, Crazy Dreams, Africa, Celebrity, Ball Talk, TWolves, China, Bret Hair, Shannon Sharpe, Togo Fake, Boats, Boats, Boats

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Starting, The Show, Jell-o, Salad, VIP, Falling, Bees, Tuggy Recap, Ball Talk, Reggie, Pittsburgh Drunk, UO, Azteca Ines, Shaq, Pushups, World Of Crazy, Casey, Joaquin, Drunk Woman Pigs Feet, Kim K, Porn Assembly, Joaquin Rap, Ronnie And Sammi True Blood

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Forums, Cornhole Injuries, Bad Service, D.A.R.E., Assemblies, Central Rap, Hepatitis, Ball Talk, Texting, Pole Dancing, VolleyZou, AUDIBLE, World Of Crazy, Chelsea Handler, Hilton Coke, Aliens, Penis Heads, Birthdays

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Ok, Beards, Family Reunion, The Gories, Punk Show, Stripper Soup, Giant Beachball, Hiking, AARON DURAN, Romulan Ale, Ball Talk, Artest, China, LJ, Defecate, Timbers Awesomeness, Predictions, Super Bowl Champ, World Of Crazy, Lindsay, Four Loko, Klingon Opera, Worst Story Ever, Greg House

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Kielan Song, 200, Greg Proops, Book, DAWN TAYLOR, RICK EMERSON, and the debauchery continues from there.

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Greg Proops of Whose Line Is It Anyway and a billion other things joins Funemployment Radio for a discussion about anything and everything

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  • Weird, Car Ride, Gas, One Finger Wave, Being Erica, Porch Whistler, Dreams, SOA, Butters Growling, Bumble Bee Cave, Naked Methheads, Water Bugs, Plantimal, Ball Talk, Rodman Sex, The Anvil, Lacy Thongs, AUDIBLE, World Of Crazy, Britney, Sister Wives, Cow Urine, BC Children
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Ominous, Frozen, Stripper Soup, Football, Hunting For Dead Things, Bumble Bees, Fantasy Football Party, Tuggy Shots, Hippies, Methhead Tales, Ball Talk, Shaq, T.Ocho, Mildly Incorrect, Lingerie Footbal, Aaron Rodgers, World Of Crazy, Closet, Butthole, Naked Car, Nipples

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GUEST: TODD GLASS, Results, Methheads, Dead Things, Jenny, Ball Talk, Predictions, Big Ben, TODD GLASS, World Of Crazy, Randomness, Guns In Pockets, Fishing Reel In Pants

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Happy 90210 Day, Malt Liquor, Quiz, Twilight, Dentist, Annoying Chick, Worst Audio Ever, Yoko, Ball Talk, Twitter Problems, Stalking, Lakers, Steve News, Timbers, College Football Starting, Random Lawsuits, AUDIBLE, World Of Crazy 90210 Day, Pubes For Breakfast, Road Modeling, Doll Girlfriend, Smoking Baby, Florida With Trees, 90210 Quiz

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Free Coffee, Special Stuff, Crazy People, Private Number, Laughing Boy, Facebook Unfriending, Ball Talk, Golf Fire, Masoli, Drunk Lion, Browns Gun, Manny, World Of Crazy, Parole, Baboons, Incest Is Best, Wiffle Ball Beating, Calf Milk

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